1. & we are made to worship violence through medias. We are told to feed the needy next door to us through giving a bureaucracy unlimited time, money & power. The needy die waiting while the masses watch tv mind rot, all problems get worse & the state grows & grows. This planet earth is nothing but despotic habit, that creates unlimited suffering. We must make a pact between the few of us powerful enough to hear this. Create the website that will replace the bureaucracy with self government. We could take 97% of what we are paying for despotism today right off of the cost of government by creating genuine freedom. We are the brainwashed masses, but we can learn the truth. We can change this horrific social system. Someone here create the site. Everyone here sign on to the site. Opt out of this hell. Build a functional free society.

  2. It is a challenge in the world to be surrounded by so many harmful things and still remain humble, peaceful and thankful to be alive. Regardless of what we perceive from the world we should not let it change us into complainers or finger pointers or sarcastic jokers. It won’t matter how much truth we speak or how much knowledge we have with those bad attitudes or behaviors countering their effects. But if you have peace and the truth and knowledge led you there, I want to be there with you, among others.

  3. What is meant with 'contact'? Looking at the picture of the video and this title I expected it to be about aliens. I like the content, but i do not like to be fooled like that.


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