David Icke ✪ Where Did Christmas Come From Well, Not Jesus For A Start ! #DAVIDICKE #DAVIDICKEUPDATE #ALIENS #CONFERENCE #DEUTSCH …



  1. Seeing as every child survives the devastating truth that Santa doesn't exist I'm sure they would very easily get over the truth that there's no tooth fairy ,Satan or sky God . Actually the tooth fairy maybe more of an ache I'm sure but finding out you won't burn for all eternity because you haven't behaved the way some mythical deity demands is truly something to celebrate every winter or summer solstice

  2. 37 minutes…What horseshiT…!
    Do you noT see God In ALL This?

    NoNe of His ServanTs kille with theiR Minds excepT by the TonGue of Judas IscaRioT("Judas PRiesT") as you enGLish & IRish like to quoTe;I know my laTe now heLL bound MuThaR, strange as this sounds;saw her there when I delivered Harry Carpenter;Not by my own hand nor mind…I knew noT to say to Harry take my arm yet those words came fRom myself when Filled With The Holy SpiRiT of CHRisT!

    VaniTy VaNiTy aLL abooT! SoN…

    TrusT and NeVer asK me Is There a god??

    I shaLL say YES! and never see you aGaiN reaL quicK~!

    GOD does these things here on earTh tho you and many moRe onLy see man's eRRing sciences;You canNoT undersTand the Mind of God!
    That has been man's downfaLL since tiMe iMMemoRiaL…Trying to fiGure it out!

    You caN'T!
    ALso the VirGiN BiRth and SaViouR's coMing was LONG Heralded by God's PRoPHeTs!
    ~AGaiN those you KiLLed and SToNed beFoRe!…So forgeT this maN's brain emmissions crap, Icke; God Does as He PleaseTh,…NoT foR youR enquiRies of Him; YeT buT to humiLiaTe u and HuMBLe u to askinG His ForGiVeness…IT Is SWEETEST~! Try & hold ThaT!…

  3. Hi David , Great video. The genocide Extermination of Prison Planet Earth the Great Cull of the Human beings and every living thing on the planet. Agenda 2030 for the NWO. T.H.E.Y. dont need nuclear bombs to messy they would have to stay underground for a very very long time in the vast underground cities, the skinwalkers, fallen ones, reptilians the controllers. The 5G death towers weapons system much easier less messy. Everything that has happen and is about to happen, has been planned for a very very long time. Shalom brother

  4. Did you tell the story how the Pope turned the Sabbath into Sunday as a Mark of Rome's Authority? Catholics spat in the eye of God and said "Fuk yer sabbath, we going to worship on the Day of the Sun."


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