1. Depopulation started. Haarp and chemtrails and now we have disaster all over the world made by fukin illuminati whores. Hurricane one by one , earthquakes. After that fema camps and fake help. Fuck rotschilds whores. KILLUMINATI FROM POLAND. MUCH LOVE BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

  2. The world went to shit when I installed one of those world radio apps so I could listen to some authentic multicultural music, and all I got was American top 40, no matter what country I tuned in to. How sad.

  3. mr Icke. Hello from Peru! we here still have theses groups of people fighting over football, its so common here we call it "barras bravas"("brave supporters" or something like that). Its obvious to many – not to all – that their minds are being nurtured by social media to create that fascist paradigmatic way of

  4. Soon the robots will take our jobs and we will become indentured servants of the power structure. They will give you 'immortality' in exchange for 500 years of servitude.

  5. Americans are possibly the dumbest smart people ever, they'd eat shit just wrap it under American flag. BTW soldiers have choice as an individual, they can plainly refuse to drop bombs, so it'd not just establishment, everyone has a choice to walk out.

  6. There is no money in peace. WAR IS MONEY. Forget left and right, this is about GOOD AND EVIL, plain and simple. You cannot 'make the world a better place' through information. What about the people who don't give a toss about your information, and just want ALL THE MONEY???? Well, if you want 'peace' you'll just have to BOMB THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE!!!! So in the end, you always end up back at square one, which is violence and death. The Bible tells me the problem is SIN, and the inherently wicked heart of man. What is the 'cure' for sin? The Blood of Jesus Christ. HE is the ONLY hope of making this world a better place, because He is LOVE. Love does not want to take that which belongs to someone else, and at the end of the day isn't that what war is really all about? Jesus is returning soon to this world to rule and reign for 1000 years, and those who believe in Him will rule and reign with him. Then AND ONLY THEN will there be the peace we so desperately long for, because the devil, who is the instigator of all the war, will be bound up in the bottomless pit. However, you can have peace RIGHT NOW, even when the world is in such turmoil, because the peace He gives is not dependant on your outward circumstances, but comes from your RELATIONSHIP with the Creator of the universe. When He is with you it doesn't matter what happens, YOU CANNOT LOSE, and even if you die you have the assurance that you will be with Him forever, where there is PERFECT JOY AND PEACE. Now that really is GOOD NEWS!!!!

  7. What's the plan people ask? We are going to arrest the deep state and put them in the FEMA camps they built for us. We will have trials and then public beheading with the Guillotines they built for us. These pigs gotta be dead! Now we just need to get the US Constitutional Militia's to do it and we can all join in! The NWO is going down! How about Oct 13th? Same day Knights Templar bankers were killed! Sounds like a good historical day to arrest them!

  8. I'm a positive draco reptilian ancient incarnate as a human being. However in this human form I am still capable of leaving my body and entering higher dimensionality, because I have significant life experience to draw on and quite honestly have been through all this before many times. However, I also experience the same challenges you do in many ways because I am in a human shell, and life is always difficult in this shell. Though that is changing. You are in a time of awakening. We see it unrolling on the other side, but here it seems to pass slowly. Keep in mind that there are "good" and "bad" (positive and negative) of all types of beings, including humans, and often that judgement is placed based on how they interact with mankind. So blaming a species is wrong b/c there are positive and negative of all, and even reptilians and intelligent dinos native to Earth that predate humans that have let you develop. Most of them are neutral. There is a small group that manipulates you of many different types of beings including non-incarnate astral humans, and sadly it doesn't take many to control humanity. It is higher dimensional lower astral energy manipulation. The 3d minions of that control system, usually unaware, enact that energy and keep humanity in chains. There's no reason to get angry about this. You asked for it and incarnated here willingly. However, mankind is also getting tired of it and asking for a change, and that change is manifesting, very slowly, but requires each of you to play your part. You don't need to blast your horn in 3d since that's not where the manipulation is. Instead, there is no power that can control you if you become aware of your higher energies. You only need to open your minds collectively, your awareness and awaken. Awaken to the 4th and 5th dimensional energies from which this experience is controlled, become aware of your higher self, talk to your soul, unlike your psychic abilities, go inward. Do not have fear, and do not doubt yourself, and do not get overly frustrated. If you open your 3rd eye, you can see the energies. If you learn telepathy, you can talk to beings. If you learn to ground, you can balance your energies. Open your kundalini and sexuality, in a responsible manner, and do not submit to the control of your kundalini. You know all these things. They are locked in your soul, in your subconscious, so connect and bring it forth. Good luck, humans.

  9. A 20 year solder doesn't care about the agenda of the government there looking for pension witch will not do them any good globalists  control the food and that is all it take to control the masses hamburger shutting down Philips CT x-ray plant in aurora IL that's was making money ?

  10. David icke is wrong about the football hooligans.I grew up in Sunderland where we are football crazy.I know alot of the football hooligans new and old school and they are the most passionate supporters of the club they follow,ask them any question about football and they will know it. Football hooligans in England will not attack ordinary fans of the game.The firms only fight each other sometimes far away from the game itself.David you tell us to research and look at the bigger picture, you failed to do that on this occasion.I know you played the game professionally and I remember you, but I was a proper fan through all the 70s,80s and the 90s and still am.You are wrong about the hooligans they are the the most passionate and full of knowledge of the sport.Your views on the hooligans are the made up bullshit stories of the press and media.When muslim grooming gangs and jihadis are roaming the streets of Britain its a well known hooligan that exposes them.When the muslims think they can take over it will be the football hooligans on the front line stopping the bastards! Seaburn Casuals Firm Sunderland afc.

  11. There will always be good men and there will always be evil men. In the end we will destroy ourselves with or without the fucking reptillians.If I was a reptillian Id be shit scared of the human race everywhere on this planet there is evil what is a good man supposed to do?

  12. trump has nukes funny how this retard says how everyone who has one is evil that is the problem no one should own a nuke that is the ultimate evil how sad people go along with a twisted evil

  13. There could be two people left on the planet and eventually they will fight , it's just how we are wired Now add religeon, ideology , race it doesn't matter . They will fight , so you will always need a military. Just be some what appreciative that someone does what you can't or won't. I know lots will scoff at this statement but when has our history ever been at peace ? Nice thought just never a reality, I'm all for peace , no boarders diverting all moneys that go to war to free housing for every person on the planet, but it will never ever happen. We will always fight each other for no real reason sad but true. And yes I was in the army for many years all the way to the special forces and it shocked me how cruel man can actually be

  14. I'm sick of opinions of people like this David icke, where's your solutions, ideas or reason? are you capable of more than criticizing everything. you are the perfect contradiction. what a load of dribble!


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