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  1. Seems to me that Syria is the place called Armageddon. Just about every army of the World has had something to do with this conflict over the last few years, barring North Korea.

  2. They'll come after our guns next, and they won't get mine. Got 15 mags per 9mm Beretta PX4 and will use them. No one will put me in a FEMA camp. US is a consumer nation with low unemployment but wage growth stagnation. We live in a TECHNOCRACY and when you tell people what they want to hear they'll go along with it. Bernie rocks. Hell run agin in 2020 and the goddamn media run by two companies will block him again. Come after my 2nd amendment and get ready. What's next are concentration camps for North Koreans or all Muslims. You watch. We did it before with the Japanese. Sick.

  3. So what is the way forward?. concluding that Trump represents the hidden hand that control things we witness, will not change the fact that the so called inevitable global control will fruition in whichever way. We will love David , to tell us how mankind can change this vicious circle!… this gory picture of things to happen, is not helping!. give us a bearing!

  4. Dumb Americans fall for these clowns every election year. They vote for the people that are gonna destroy them. They gave a standing ovation to the most evil man of the 21st century on their beloved superbowl sunday mind occupying game. America deserves to fall because Americans vote for it.

  5. If sparkly eyes mean ‘to see the light’, I think to experience the divine visual augmentation of eyes turning black, is to say “this person ‘does not see the light’”.

  6. The reptilian race as observed, is a psychic divine and therefore artistic way to describe humans with a particular personality. The divine language is without words. God will convey information on personality without using words, and instead use forms. What attributes might reptilians metaphor of human personality?

  7. Love u lions den and my crush (lol, true), David. I'm new to your channel. I see many titles are "hot new" @ one near 2 hours – are they all brand new / hot off his tongue or. ..? thnks!! oxo

  8. You  tell em David; the United States is in major trouble;  a consumer nation,  all those FEMA camps cost a heck a lot of money to put them on line and they are going to use them. I believe Turkey will be a key player in starting WWWIII; they want the Ottoman Empire back and Islamic radicalism is just the push they need; there is no way the West and the EU walk away from Syria; pipelines that get rid of Russian natural gas in EU will happen.  Funny how Saudi Arabia never says a word when it comes to the world stage.Trump, great businesses I guess, but the people around him are bankers and NWO; Korea,they will invade and make it a ground war…South will attack, China and Russia from the North and America will stopped them in the oceans, but I wouldn't be surprised if the leader of North Korea wasn't assonated by his own people….people like money and powerand it wouldn't be the first time, after all I am sure the dictator has offended many of his own people.


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