1. Israel: Is the key to the cornicopia that is Africa. Pyshopaths have held the reigns of power in europe for thousands of years (most natural europeans are good people and none of this has anything to do with Jo public), and they were behind WW1 and WW2 and now WW3. They broke Israel down and waited for them to lose reason, and now Israel is full of checkpoints and looks like the death camps the migrant jews were murdered in. Obviously Israel has had the rich elite psycho's up her arse for many years and needs rescuing as much as her Palestinian counter part/neighbours/brothers and sisters.

  2. You are right for the dedication people like you Mr. Icke, and alternative media, people of the world have been awakened. There is not way to go back. The baby is born and there is no way to be returned. I am awake. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Leon Britton wearing nothing but a Tu-Tu with a naked boy sat on his left leg at the Elm Guest House – this was a picture that was on the Net around 1991 ….. nothing was done about it. Sick bastards

  4. Appreciate your work. Always fascinating to listen to your intelligent analysis. All makes so much good sense.However, I would be interested to know your thoughts about Matt Rogers Skywatcher because if he is right everything else pales into insignificance?

  5. 9/11 buildings were on market for decades by NY Port Authority. Sold for about $80 million to  Jewish businessmen, Lowy (Westfield) and………… Unsaleable. Full of asbestos. Huge amounts of loose asbestos were in that dust. And they let so many people into that. No concern. Got huge insurance payout for these near worthless buildings running into the billions. Biggest insurance scam in history? Just a couple of weeks after purchase. 3,000 dead. All goyim of course. No matter. Offering for Satan.

  6. Somehow, I was kicked off the "subscribed" list, which I just renewed. Blasted censorship! There is no doubt in my mind that the 9/11 attack was a controlled implosion, there was a video shortly after the "attack" showing this in detail!


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