1. INTERVENTION DIVINE: Is indubitably, here upon planet MAATRIX MOTHER NATURE EARTH. Listen up very closely and pay attention to this talented theme tune, soulful spiritual song mp3. Vocals + Instrumentals – Poetic Lyrics: INTERVENTION DIVINE; For thine is the kingdom beauteously sublime._”Thy kingdom come” perfectly here right on time; To contain the whole creation of humankind; Black-white, red-brown-yellow skin pigmentation not colorblind; To redeem the spirit soul body and mind; And to save healthful life here on planet Mother Earth I find._ A global climate change; And warming and cooling to rearrange; By force of circumstances compelling mankind to change; Which is no secret mystery weird weather being strange.__

  2. Great video ! Seriously, put me in a great mood , as I recall , say , having read Carlos Castaneda´s books as a teenager did … that sure woke me up to a very different reality to the one I was struggling with at the time . On the other hand this video worked as a reminder of that , an update of sorts even . Cheers, Dave !

  3. illusion = is what you want to bear, here comes the beginning of meaning, are you ready for that? do you want a thing or not? if you do not want anything and it's a big mistake. depends what you want. do you want to be something or just a spectator, a simple passer? the key to existence is what you want to do next, if you can fix the mistakes you think you've done is even better. you creative creator put light together with the thought and you will see what self-knowledge and your role in everyday life means.

  4. if you want to see more things and learn to separate good from evil, I will write to you a little secret, make the difference between the sounds you hear, sit for a moment in silence and try to listen to all the sounds from where you are at at a time and you will see a difference in nuances in the buzzing sounds. then you will notice something finer than you think. your mind is shrinking, better filtering, good example I can tell you that your hair is actually a bioenergetic antenna and its length can do wonders in getting the energies. perhaps not accidentally, most women have that sixth sense of para-normal.

  5. Does a flashlight cast a beam of light in outer space? No. Light waves are invisible. What we see on earth is the effect of these electromagnetic waves on molecules of air causing them to light up creating daylight. The behaviour of light waves provides the vital clue enabling us to unravel the nature of gravity:

    Gravity is the elastic reaction of one material passing through another oblivious of the presence of the other.

    We are already familiar with this concept based on the behaviour of electromagnetic waves that we call light. Radio waves, i.e., electromagnetic waves, of shorter and longer wavelengths than light pass right through solid substances, as if this material did not exist. The elastic resistance during their passage is insufficient to make these waves spring back. Electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of light waves cannot penetrate substances and are reflected back giving us vision, enabling us to see our surroundings.

    A similar principle gives material its properties, which makes the space it occupies mutually exclusive so that one substance displaces, mixes with or bounces off, but cannot penetrate another substance in a corresponding vibration range when brought into contact with each other.

    That radio waves pass right through is not surprising considering that material is 99.9999% empty space. In a relative sense the electron of an atom is more distant from its nucleus than the furthest planet is from our sun. So solid material is comprised almost entirely of nothing.

    It is not electrons spinning around the nucleus at a tremendous speed that gives substances their material properties. Material properties are the result of their rate of vibration. A difference in the rate enables a diverse assembly accounting for a range of distinct elements.

    Is outer space that we erroneously believe to be a vacuum in fact a solid material vibrating at a different rate than our 8 Hz fundamental frequency here on planet earth? Vibrating at a different rate we are unaware of its existence. That is why visitors to our planet have an impossible time maintaining a visible presence.

    The only clue that we have that the space surrounding our planet is an undetectable solid substance is its elastic response when we attempt to leave earth. As we ascend upward from the surface of our planet this invisible and otherwise undetectable substance stretches like an elastic fabric or compresses like rubber that springs back into position when the force that keeps or propels us upwards is released slamming us back into earth.

    That is gravity.

  6. If the world only exists in your head then why make videos and do lectures? The prison and cage of perspectivism reality is the vehicle and medium for many perceptions of reality to exist simultaneously,separately connected, effected and reliant on all perspectives for any perspective to have any substance. Every" perception deception" is another infinitely blossoming dimension of reality that is created by all beings collectively not just one. Does not a tree have life and senses? Cannot the resonating effects of electromagnetic pulses be felt and heard by the Forrest of similar engery fields?No man is an island,love,wisdom, and faith, are concepts that can only be resonated from one being to another.the senses,and borrowed learned mechanically driven senses we all use to navigate the presented reality are a testament to the notion that intelligent life and higher understanding of consciousness of many realities can resonate and be felt outside of oneself even if one is to blind or stubborn to acknowledge it…we are all the excrement of our the manure that feeds the plants that feeds the food chain, it takes an entire ecosystem of positive individule energy to make any life a sustainable reality, not just one negatively charged electromagnetic piece of shit.

  7. Many thanks David for your video, I read a lot of comments over the years on videos about archeology and exterrestrials. People in general seem to be a lot less sarcastic and ridiculing (apart from trolls though) and they are so eager now to know the truth about everything…you can feel their frustration because the globalists want this knowledge kept under wraps, such as the ufo disclosure. People are fed up trying to weed through whats truth & lies and move on!!!! 😣 if that's evolving, well I think we are.

    I heard there are many dimensions…not just the 4th, (spiritual) so I wonder whats in those? one thing that REALLY puzzles me, is the Bible stating that psychic's and mediums and seeing dead people is an abomination! a child of the age of 4 can be born with this gift! the child cant help being psychic, but the Bible saying this is evil and it stops anyone from finding out about what's on the other side of the veil.I cant make this out, because contact with deceased loved ones helps us that are left behind on this physical plain. Also people are getting curious about other planets and calling themselves lightworkers or starseeds because their soul doesnt fit in on this planet and wish they werent here. Also what is wrong with finding out about our past lives. Some people that have had near death experiences have been sent back into their bodies and told 'it isnt your time yet' and 'you have a mission to do' in that case, why are they sent back just to be part of this prison planet again? why hasnt God intervened yet? we are getting SO SICK of being kept in the dark!!!!! 😢

  8. its a bloody good theory tho isnt it! i agree with most of davids stuff, apart from the reptilian bit, he really fucked up with that one lol..but then again he could very well be right! the queen does look slightly reptiliac, if there is such a word? aha!


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