1. David is correct. Everything is nothing more than a mental perception- nothing has an objective existence. Whether the planet is either spherical or flat is really irrelevant as it's only a mental perception.

  2. to this day there is not a real photo of a globe earth, all the images you see are nothing more then images there not real. just like the so called syrian gas attacks there not real. wake up.

  3. Draw a circle 8" in diameter that represents our planet at a scale of 1" = 1000 miles. Place a dot 1/4" above this circle to represent the position of the international space station that is 250 miles above the surface. Draw an equilateral triangle with the apex touching the dot. The base represents the amount of surface that can be photographed with a camera with a sixty degree lens pointed downward. Results may likewise be computed for lens of a wider angle. Have you been conditioned to believe that the earth looks like a ball from that height? Even though you were told it was a composite image produced from several photos?

  4. Unless you send a rocket with a 360 degree camara with a reliable source does it really matter what shape it is there more going on in the world that we should be focused on


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