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  1. I just went to a Queensland Police Academy graduation and they take an oath and swear allegiance to the queen of England- and yes I realize Australia is still part of the UK to some degree

  2. Hi, If I may share something about human reptiles I know something about.
    I was born in Africa and currently an American. I did not ever listen to this man before nor did I watch more than 5minutes of this video.

    I grew up in Africa hearing about the 2nd people (we call it jin) they exist. We can't see them but they can see us. We saw sometimes hyenas eating something with a bloody mouth but no one can see what it was/is they eat. We say it was the Jin and their livestock. In many African cultures some say there are people that we think are normal people like you and I but are actually lizards or shape shifting. Some normal humans have the ability to see these shape shifters. These guy I know has such abilities and swears up and down that he points and say so and so think his wife is a normal human but shape shifting reptilian.

  3. I don't know why, after years of having non stop pedophiles in power, that David can't give credit to Trump where credit is due.. the Washington D.C network of pedophilia has never been under attack the way it has since Donald J Trump came to power…I know that's simplifying things a bit, but it looks like Trump is the only man so far that is un bribable when it comes to accepting Soros Money. Also I'm not saying he's perfect in every way, but surely credit where credit is due… The fact that one pedo has fallen is great, but the amount that have actually fallen is surely something to acknowledge, instead David sounds exactly like the mainstream narrative in trying to throw shade ( for want of a better term ) on Trump.

  4. If you want ancient alien spacemen look up Eric van Daniken..maybe old fashioned now but at least you'll find links to serious researchers that don't think we living in an episode of Dr.who

  5. Here he goes with his reptiles again.. And now he has a name for them. Archons.. Would recommend him as a writer for Dr who but they already had the t shirt.. 😀

  6. +Kyle Christman, suicide will only bring you back to worse than ever. Check out Ron Amitron to learn how to use the NOW time and defeat the buggers that are making you depressed. Your depression is not who you are in the heart nor what you are in the heart. Ron makes it very simple and do-able to defeat the Archons. You can enlist if you want, enlist your Spirit to do the right fight in the light. I really implore you to check him out and then Robert Stanley's work for more motivation. Boot yourself up with mega B vitamins, 3-6-9 oil for brain and Calcium, Niacin flush free about 1500mg should up lift you in about 20 minutes time. Take on full tummy though. Ron Amitron the most direct answer/solution ever. Wish David Icke would look into this also. Time for solutions to reign.

  7. super psychopat tha got famous using idiots… very funny hes History Channel , fake to the bones … HES THE NEW TAXIL … i believe in UFOS, species, but hes TAXIL …

  8. Same old thing with a guy giving us all the bad news, with no solutions. you can cheer him on as a messenger from God or what ever, but he does not problem solve or encourage. He sucks energy from you. I leave these videos feeling anxiety and drained. Thats is his agenda. Seek the people who are making changes, even if they are small steps.

  9. If david icke is such a whistle blower and so against the Rothchild's and their nwo plan to take over the world and how they're already the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet, how on earth is David icke still alive?


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