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  1. In Germany a law has been proposed, in order to not specify the gender of newborns. The deadline to pass the law is 2019. So…they are killing us using silent weapons. Greetings from Uruguay

  2. Can anyone take a sample of these chemtrails when you find one and send it to some independent labs for testing. That's what we should do – take action and find out what exactly it is.

  3. Has anybody been bitten by these nanobots yet? I have several months back, on my arm. I healed it with Apple Cider Vinegar. It always comes in the form of looking like a pimple or a rash. Mine looked like a rash…like having impetigo. I knew it was a nanobot bite from the sky. I hope we get it together soon and free ourselves .Everyday you become more suicidal living in this sick construct. I really don't know how much more slavery i can take. As an indigo i always knew this place was never made for me. I've been seeking liberation from this regressive Alien simulacra my whole life. THOSE WHO WANT OUT WILL BE FREED!

  4. One of the idea's put out by the Harvard Chemtrail guy is that this is being done to keep the planet from warming. Does that make any sense with these chemtrails seeming to be fairly low altitude. I would think that would cause warming by way of greenhouse effect. Is the planet headed for big cool down?

  5. Geoengineering of our weather.chemtrails. Spraying of toxic chemicals on us by aircraft on a daily basis. People they are spraying us and killing the planet slowly. David Icke is telling the truth. This has to stop. Now!!! We have no time here. ⚓

  6. I agree with everything David is saying but I also believe big oil has a hand in it aswel. Apart from the smart dust & other assorted chemicals its full of aluminium which is reflecting UV straight back out of our atmosphere hence making solar panels more redundant as time goes on. I'm glad I don't have children & have no plans to have any. Who do these "people" think they are..

  7. Exactly i agree in 100% everything you see in public arena technological development is 200 or 300 years backwardness for what they are doing backstage like Rauni Kilde said

  8. Talking TRUTH, David! I would also add that they are blocking out the sun as well, in an attempt to delay the mass collective's rise in consciousness (corresponding with the sun's own rising frequency)… Thank you, David.


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