UNILAD meets David Icke, the man who’s life mission is to expose the nature of reality, inform on what is really happening behind the news headlines and who is really running the world. Full…



  1. Man I'm all for the truth but all the years I heard David icke I all thought he was mad and still do to stupid people he sounds smart but who has a little bit of common since which ain't so common these day you can see he is a full blown jackass

  2. Honestly speaking we live in big big massive world and there r toons of evil agendas preparing for the end of days prior to judgment day as told by ALLAH (GOD). Plus the our life is just a big test from ALLAH. With that, I try my best to obey ALLAH by been a good humble kind caring person. All the other evil dramas is and will happen, whether we like it or not. We must worry about our good been and to our family and friends and neighbours prior to start exploring everything else in the world.
    Btw David Icke is awesome.
    Love & Respect from baghdad, Iraq.

  3. Great man, one of the greatest men alive.

    Booked to go and see him on the 14th of April, and now have his latest book.

    Been following him for years, big respect for getting this great man on your page.

  4. I have a soft spot for David Icke. He is an intelligent guy. However is he a victim of his own intelligence by over-analyzing how the world works. He makes reference to the proof by pointing to all of his books he has written. My point is just because you have it in print does not make it evidence. Give me some video/picture evidence. I mean come on the world is run by reptiles? It's too far-fetched.

  5. David icke is a fucking reptilian If an ancient reptilian race of elites or 4th dimensional beings really run our world our government and everything that we know as life itself don’t you think they would keep everything a little more hush-hush if everybody now is finding out about everything that’s going on it has been going on for ages then it’s because it’s over it’s the end there is no more hope just like all the albums all of the music you all listen to like drake for one let’s see “if you’re reading this it’s too late” all the movies you watch all the shows that they put in front of you on the box all the bullshit news they spew out it is over


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