Conspiracy theorist David Icke takes us to a local satanic execution site and discusses the plot of the secret lizard illuminati. We traveled to the Isle of Wight to meet the most iconic conspirac…



  1. I don't put creedence in the lizard people thing. But there are plenty of "conspiracy theories" of human evil that covers the gamut. Alot of these things I am sure of. Did you mention that the term conspiracy theory was weaponized by the CIA. More than half of all the evil that I am sure of is perpetrated by the spooks. And by spooks I mean the CIA.

  2. With all due respect there aren’t lizard living with us

    If you wanna know the hierarchy of our existence first there is God then the angels then the gin or Demon then the human

    God the supreme
    The angels they do what they told
    Jin they live mirror to us in different dimension and from the Jin there is Satan and his tribe they have a choice between good and evil
    Then there is the human who live on earth they to have a choice between good and evil

    There is interaction between human and Jin and Satan who seek human destruction join forces with the Jews to conspired against the human Satan promise the Jews he will make them rule the world and in return the Jews will make the human to worship Satan instead of God it’s very simple that’s what we up against

    By the way Satan and his tribe they have the ability to shapeshifter So don’t be fooled by them

  3. The audience was "laughing at" David as that television host suggested. Now David is laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of the gullible idiotic human masses. How ironic; he who laughs last laughs the loudest, well played David.

  4. David Pearce and his orgy promoting, highly immoral "hedonistic imperative" is part of the illuminati agenda!
    They are trying to force us to believe in eugenics and neoeugenics and are forcing society to believe that dangerous genetic manipulation is the only way to be happy.
    They're trying to ban chemistry, and real science, and they are trying to ban all religions so that we can be forced into atheism!
    They are peddling a gene manipulation agenda, because that's how they can CONTROL YOU!!!
    Wake up, people!
    They are trying to get modafinil and shrooms banned, but then they promote their neo-eugenics globalist illuminati agenda!
    Evil Darwinian promoting neoeugenics lunatics will LOSE! Chemists and molecular transhumanism and the molecular singularity and Christian futurists WILL WIN!
    In god we trust! Chemistry rules! Darwin and neoeugenics and evolution sucks! United we stand!

  5. lol He is a illuminati public-infomation-director his befor Gen.was Qubulik.
    Qubulic asked to spilberg movie was the 『AI』
    Now they thinks 『AI=Voice evolution?』『Smart』phone.『Brain』electronic dictionary,
    Many Examples sat
    Anyway they are all stupida crazy people.
    Shallow history.
    They have established them society May 1st in 1776!and They knew it.
    And keep been Grab and invation try to steel another old tribs temple and history-books.
    And nowaday to seek try to take a chance to replacement fale-one and real-one! lol
    Thank you for your infomation!
    So,damn crazy! lol

  6. Another nutcase he defo belongs in America 😂 😂 its mad how we get types of ppl who have visions and beliefs in there minds and they believe them so much even if they get proven wrong they'll still believe them 😂 😂

  7. I suppose the Queen of England is a wicked, satanic reptilian alien fascist pedophile as well – but then again, Icke is self-admittedly the one and only son of God so everything he says MUST be true..

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  9. poor David so close yet so far away ever think that somebody got him to say all that because it would become less believable think of it as a fall guy to get people far from it

  10. What seems more likely lets be serious. Some terrorists using a 747 to battering ram the world trade center to try to collapse the stock market? Or an international multiple thousand person covert operation to bring America to its knees in order invade the middle east to collect oil that we left a large majority of when we pulled out? Tin foil off guys plzz. Blowing up an airliner in the sky is way more efficient if you wanna start a war, in fact that was to plan for invading cuba.


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