People (including innocent children) are being molested, raped, tortured and killed at the cloning centers. These cloning centers are located in Deep Underground Military Bases. For example, Area 51 (which is located in Lincoln County, Nevada), Dulce Base (which is located in Dulce, New Mexico) and Montauk Base (which is located in Montauk, New York). Many of these bases have a cloning floor and that cloning floor is called a cloning center. Some cloning centers are above ground though. There’s an above ground cloning center somewhere in western Canada, which Queen Elizabeth owns. She knows where the cloning center in Canada is and so does the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin and high-up Chinese people pretty much RUN the cloning centers. In addition, Kevin Sullivan (ex-pro wrestler) is a rich, satanic cloner with a lot of pull with the Illuminati. Please help free those that are trapped at the cloning centers.

    When one "sells their soul", it means that they agreed for the Illuminati to use a clone of them at the cloning centers for sex (or whatever) while they're asleep in exchange for fame and fortune.

    Illuminati Secrets: Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, Parasited Hosts Of Vril (aka Drones), The Soulstone Microchip and Chipheads.
    Vril type 1 lizards (terrestrial aliens) are parasitic, carnivorous and malevolent. They’re about one to two feet tall. Their head resembles the body of a king crab and their body is covered in red diamond-shaped scales. They dwell underground. They’re dumb (and are able to talk) but smarter when they turn a human into a host (drone). They have a proboscis (called the Quill), which is located on the top of their head. The proboscis (which looks-like a chocolate chip) contains everything that the lizard is (its consciousness). Their lizard body is dead once the proboscis leaves its body. They can only do this once in their lifetime and if they fail (turning a human into a host), they die. The human that is about to be bodysnatched is either unconscious or restrained. The proboscis enters the human’s eye and spirals around the optic nerve. It then proceeds to go to an area of the brain (driven by taste) that tastes like butterscotch to them. Then, they do a feeling of holding your breath and pushing outwards. Finally, it does what's called “Sweating the Quill” (at the tip of the proboscis), which excretes the parasitic cells that take over the human body. This kills the human and replaces their consciousness with the Vril lizard’s consciousness. The Vril lizard becomes that human (after about a month’s recovery time).

    This transition from Vril lizard to human is what’s called "Droning". Once a Vril lizard becomes a human, they are then known as a Drone, Host of Vril or a Parasited Host. A person that has had this happen to them, may be referred to as someone that had been possessed by a demon. This is what demonic possession is. In addition, some hosts of Vril (drones) call themselves “walk-ins”, in which they describe how an alien consciousness or soul took over their body.

    The slit-eye videos that you see all over the web are fake. The Illuminati put these out intentionally to mislead everyone into thinking that one can tell who is a “reptilian” (Vril lizard and a host of Vril aka drone) by checking to see, if their eyes turn to slits. This doesn’t occur and they cannot do this. However, the eyes ARE one way to tell… Sometimes, there may be an eye that pops outward (or inward) due to the droning process or it makes the eye stray, so it looks-like the person is cockeyed or walleyed. There is no shape-shifting either. The so-called shape-shifting is the transition from Vril lizard to human. Those that talk about “reptilian shape-shifters” are referring to Vril and people who have been droned.

    Drones (Parasited Hosts of Vril) mimic human behavior. They are willing slaves with no compassion and only care about droning other people, torture and sex. They’re murderers. They killed the human to "use" their body and live life as them… as a human.

  2. You're always waiting for David Icke's logic to fall apart. And it will fall apart. I've listened to 6-8 hour lectures. He's right, he's right, he's right… then something happens. Glamour happens, intrigue happens. It becomes a story-line. The most fascinating story-line that could be concluded from the given evidence. It's just wrong.

  3. i guess my question is , how did they (the powers that be) not get to him or is he part of their (powers that be) plan as to the society's perception to prepare us.. i question everything now …

  4. A true scam , a Charlatan ! This David is a manipulator of facts and full of shit ! Has no credibility and have not provide eny evidence of the shit is talking about ! In the history of the medieval Europe has been lots of these charlatans who have made fortunes by scamming people about the ends of times, :))

  5. I'm fed up of hearing him talk about reptilians without explaining the Galactic history. There have been 5 extinctions on this planet. There are hundreds of thousands of years of history that has been crushed and melted beyond discovery. You have to find the information encoded in your own DNA.

  6. In Revelations the Bible talks about the coming of the Beast, the best has the number 666. Always seemed odd to me that it would be a number and not a name. I think Transhumanism answers that, 666 will be one of the outcomes of transhumanism assuming there's any truth to any of it (the bible that is).

  7. David Icke is a NWO & Illuminati charlatan he pretends to be against the Illuminati, but in truth he is their man. David Duke I mean Icke is a die hard Hillary supporter which was the Illuminati's candidate & which they so arrogantly didn't even try to hide. David Icke is controlled opposition, a mole, an Illuminati charlatan, far from being against them or exposing them, David Icke is the Illuminati's man.

  8. but david… i lost my job and some people close to me died and i got quite depressed so i decided to take time out of work. i went to my local social security office and they gave me £210 per week rent (housing benefit), £250 every two weeks (income support) and an extra £220 a month for stuff like shampoo and bus fare (P.I.P aka personal independence payment)… in what level of society do we have to live in to see anything remotely reptilian, alien or feel all this deception (not that i want to). i find that when you are down in the UK you can be swiftly picked back up by the amount of social help and government back to work schemes , homeless shelters and much much more to secure an individuals return into or back into the position they were comfortable in before they hit any hard ship. mid you choose to go down these routes and chain of thought you bang on about then you will end up with demons tearing your soul apart. i know this because i have been there. this stuff is designed to thrust demons right into your head to the point you are convinced they are real and to the point you try and fight them back. i have a video of a 'watcher' on my you tube channel. heres a clue to where it is…. street tuff. if you really are who you say you are then you will recognise it in the video instantly. if you don't see it ? it is because i was convinced its was there… if what runs the world is like what you say it is then they are remarkably identical to what i would do for people fallen on hard times if i was in a position of authority and wealth, so am i a reptile or one of the other for thinking the same as them ? or are we really just human after all

  9. It's going by the book, the protocol of zion. The Anti White agenda, the Kalergi plan in action. A new holodomor is coming, brought about by the same tribe as the old one. The (((shapeshifters))) follow the babylonian talmud.

  10. The idea of 'deconstruction' is bound to attract ridicule. After all, people were blind to new ways of thinking. The alternative was never given respect. People were in positions of manipulation because
    it worked. He was very sane.

  11. I tell you what Ickeys! … Quantum Physics is the BIGGEST load of bullshit put out in 20th century! SCIENTIFIC FACT!
    (Randell Mills GUT-CP)

    Icke?… he's just a twat! I can't quite put my finger on it… but he's a twat
    (am I watching his interview? fuck off then)

  12. Right.. if David Icke was such a threat to the system, and he was speaking truth… why haven't they whacked him?
    (it's been revealed Mossad where going to do Arafat… on a commercial flight… surely Icke would have been simple suicide or heart attack? Drug overdose)

  13. You heard the man say he agrees with 90% of what David says; that is a pretty high percentage. If someone is 10% wrong (in theory) does that mean the other 90% of what he/she says is wrong? No, it doesn't. The world is very GREY. Not black and white as the Lame Stream Media would like you to think.

  14. another trick they play and its working well on the internet is DOUBLE TRUTH

    red vs blue pill <<double truth
    socialist vs conservative <<<< double truth
    flat vs round earth <<<< double truth
    religion vs science<<<< double truth
    creationist vs evolutionist<<<<double truth

    NON OF THE ABOVE STUDIES CONCEPTS THOUGHTS DEBATES HAS ONLY TWO CHOICES THERES A MILLION A BILLION CHOICES but tey got you arguing over a choice of 2 on the internet and yt comments section WAKE THE FUK UP double truth is clearly explained in 1984 they are also dumbing down are use of words NIOTICE EVERYONE OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS HAS STARTED CALLING EVERYONE GUY GUYS AND SAYING GUY GUYS ENDLESSLY IN EVERY SENTENCE no One did this 10 years ago ITS FACEBOOK GENERATION TALK CHAV TALK DUMB TALK

  15. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DAVID IKE AND US IS WE SAY THE ELITES ARE LIZARDS HE OUT RIGHT BELIEVES IT..HIS 99% RIGHT AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT and are to scared to MAN UP people cal us conspiracy weirdos when we explain the truth about credit and fiat cash THEY STILL CALL YOU MAD I WAS SAYING 50% OF WHAT DAVID IS SAYING AGED 10 IN THE 80S IT WAS OBVIOUS THEN WHAT WAS GOIN ON HOW ADULTS TODAY CANNOT SEE IT IS BEYOND HOPE its right infront of your face every country connected to the crown brought in a hate law ALL AT THE SAME TIME after 9/11 Australia UK Zealand USA Canada FUNNY SUPPOSEDLY SEPARATE STATES all added the same hate laws at the same time GLOBALLY wake up


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