1. I was a fan but non of this seems likely. Russia and China are friendly with Trumps America. Nothing is happening. I liked it better when he talked about love and everything is going to be ok. This stuff causes fear and is not going to happen

  2. “ And so, Son Of Man, prophesy against GoG saying thus; GoG IS A GAY CLOWN AND HE LOOKS LIKE DOBBY THE HOUSE ELF” Russia is number 134 on the Democratic Index. Next door is Finland, number 9. Putin is the devil. The seven countries that the US ‘take out’ will be a Greater Israel called the New Jerusalem. The people creating this place are not psychopaths. They are heroes, mate. Russia will not exist!!!

  3. FSA is just a euphemistic term for the Syrian Brotherhood, the only opposition in Syria. They'd been coming to Britain for decades to acquire the support they needed to oust Arab nationalism but they overstepped when they tried to accomodate the other Salafists, because the Brothers will stand for election and are perhaps not as influenced by Imam Achmed Hanbal. Still it wants a Caliphate eventually. Islamic history is fascinating but a minefield
    Turkey has always been a through route for the Muslim world, as was Syria. In 2014 I was in Atturturk airport in transit from Lebanon for about 7 hours and the Turkish authorities were vetting people attempting to get into Britain.
    Up until the invasion of Iraq in 2003, people could travel through Syria into the Gulf but then many of the left in Britain began accusing President al-Assad of letting Sunni Islamists through the border at Abu Kamal to join in the Iraq war.
    I was at that passport office in 2005, Deir Azzor and the people applying for papers were ordinary families, I was the only European needless to say, but it was quicker than applying in Sham and I was given a very long visa extension.
    I believe there was a drive, around 2015, to get lots of refugees into Europe but more to casualise labour that anything else but who knows.
    Colonel Gaddafi wanted an alternative economic system but I believe Ben Ghazi was a Sufi stronghold. I only follow Syria but was involved in supporting Iraq until 2005 when it was obvious it was disappearing, then I went to Syria. Colonel Gaddafi was an icon of mine for decades but the thing with the left is it always condemned him and Saddam Hussain because it doesn't know enough about the Islamic world and is too absorbed with the west and is sucked in by the propaganda.
    Britain went to Yemen not Syria, it sent a fleet, it has America to bomb Syria for it. Britain has been involved in Syria for centuries make no mistake, and it owns Aden, it wanted it back simply and now some of the administration is moving back there. Remember South Yemen was communist in the 1970s.
    No one is yet acknowledging it was Muslim nationalism that the west objected to, ironically if they'd waited another 5 to 10 years Syria would have capitalised as the communist old guard of President Hafez would have died out and Madam al-Assad is a merchant banker.
    I think they went in cos Syria is instrumental in the restructuring process of the Levant and Turkey and Western Europe, thus the vote to leave Europe. Century in, century out they seem to operate the same. In 2005 the Syrian people expected to be bombed but Mr Cameron was too clever to make the same mistake as Mr Blair and used mercenary forces instead.

  4. In April 2017 most of west Syria was at peace and the govt was issuing tourist visas to Chinese tourists, just 2 days in Sham. The taxis were going from Tripoli, Lebanon to Tartous, an Alawite stronghold, just 3 years after the nightly gunfights between the Lebanese Alawite and the Sunni radicals had stopped, they lasted nine years from 2005, when President al-Assad withdrew his troops following the assassination of Rafik Hariri.
    My friend visited his sister in Sweida as well, he's a Druzes.
    You are frightening me more than mainstream by implying its all began again.
    Maybe this was recorded a long time ago.

  5. Its posturing, I've been listening to the same stuff since the 1950s, on radio, when I was just a little girl. Russia wasn't accused in July 2005 was it? Turkey and Russia have been fighting for centuries as well and Turkey controlled Syria for centuries and they are always at loggerheads.
    Admittedly the weapons are bigger now though but are they ready to blow each other up?, no-one will survive
    I support Russia cos of what its done to help state socialism in Syria and I liked it before cos I'm a communist. I have a soft spot for President Putin because its re-instated Russia as an alternative to Britain (or America as you call it) but they are in it together when it comes to the restructuring of Syria. I have no idea why the alternative media now throw themselves wholesale behind Russia. Why didn't you support Russia during communism? then the monopoly game would not have fluctuated. I know why I chose the side I chose but why did the rest of you?
    They are just returning to the situation that was prevalent pre 1914.
    There is a big Turkish population in Halab but they may not want to be part of Turkey again and loads of Turkish people are ashamed of what their govt are doing.
    IS doesn't have far to retreat into Turkey, Halab is next to it, so they can bob and weave.
    Turkey did all that in 2011 at the outset. No the Kurds have not been fighting IS, they were dealing oil with them up to 2015, when they moved into Kirkuk illegally and the Salafa were in Mosul. Then Britain did its usual thing with Kurds and began promising more oil if they fought for them. Additionally they began working on the Turkish and Syrian Kurds and promising them a part of Syria like they did in 1990 in Iraq. The Kurds sport militias who will drive all the Arabic people out of North East Syria if they get their way, they are doing it already.
    Support for the Kurds by the British green anarchists was born out of nearly 30 years of grooming by the British state. Like the British anarchists the alternative media is keeping its options open by sanctifying a bunch of Kurdish militias, who the Arabic people are terrified of.

  6. I wonder where the United States, and the rest of these Nations, are to get their parts, and supplies once in battle with China considering they provide almost all manufactured goods going to them.

  7. trump and Netanyahu are that small part the demons who enjoy suffering humanityeven they torture their own families except trump who loves ivanka in a bad way

  8. the west corporations and CIA will terrorize every nation that do not submit to demonic capitalism with the shock doctrine. Read book, The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. This book tells u why most nations want America dead. nukes could do it. the puppet masters r in Ephesians 6:12, wicked spirits. read book


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