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  1. Amazing that adults believe someone who preaches conspiracy theories forever without any proof/evidence.

    Nothing concrete all abstract nonsense!

    Please show us something substantial..

  2. The Martian Jew Mafia KKK Scumbag that goes by the name David Icke or DI is, in fact, a Billionaire not a Millionaire and that should make you think twice about listening to what this non-educated BBC flunky has to say about anything. I do not like the way Bill Cooper labelled DI as a fake, a fraud, and a bullshit artist. No, I would not have said it in that way. If Bill Cooper had called him a Martian Jew Mafia KKK Telepathic Scumbag hunting Human Gentiles by putting on a front of a conspiracy theorist__then I think Bill Cooper would still be alive today. So, DI is a Billionaire? But where do the Icke(s) there are more then one of them, get all that money from? From hunting and killing Human Gentiles via his Jewish Mafia front of a conspiracy theorist. And, unless you know there are more then one DI you will never be able to catch the Martian Jew Money Making Machine! Killing a Human Gentile via injection of "Jew Hot Sauce" or poisoning their "Burger and Fries" or pouring the same evil stuff on their food in the fridge__death by Martian Jew Cancer is still Murder and it's like winning the Jewish Power Ball Lottery! Millions and Millions and even Billions if you knock off a Human Gentile that might have changed the world and made it harder for the Jews to take over!
    David Icke is a BILLIONAIRE! Holdings in corporations, stocks, bonds, real estate, and ownership of companies but you cannot find the connection unless you are educated in how the Jews hide money__lots and lots of money. So, look at the conspiracy theorists that we know of? Hmmm? I don't really look at their crap but there are only two since they knocked off Bill Cooper__that would be David Icke and Alex Jones__both Billionaire Martian Jew Mafia KKK Scumbags! They are Collective Shit and they actually work for the Mass Jew Media. So, with that said why not try and contact David Icke by phone or mail and force the old goal keeper or Gold Keeper to do an interview with Dr. Madonna Manzo from the NASA Lewis Research Center. David Icke would say that he never heard of me and if he did acknowledge me he'd say something like "That fool is nuts"! Ha Ha Ha! Yeah, Dave you call them Lizards and I call them Martian Jews so what is the difference. You say they control the world___I say they are exterminating Human Gentiles and they look like you and me and we are too stupid to say, hey if they are here and don't like Human people__I think they are killing people! No, I don't have the historical knowledge of DI but all that history is Jewish Propaganda__nonsense! With that said it would be an interesting interview. Maybe we can talk about why a flat footed Human Gentile should not play soccer or why Human Gentiles are deformed to have flat feet by the Martian Jew Mafia! Finally, I revised my website that is censored and included a copy of my NJ Birth Certificate and it sheds some interesting light
    on how and why I ended up working at the NASA Lewis Research Center as an Aerospace Engineering PhD___the job to end all jobs! Jewish Mafia Scumbags control and own NASA and they don't, as policy, hire Human Gentiles__so why did they hire me? As, Icke would say, to throw your bloody ass out of America and blame it on the government when the real culprit is the Martian Jew Mafia Telepaths that have taken over the government turning America into a huge Jewish Empire of Telepathic, Collective, PsychoPaths that rely on a very corrupt form of Commy Union Ism where Jews get Trillions in free benefits and the stupid Human Gentiles who still think they must work for a living__get the shaft and exterminated.

    Of course, I might be suffering from a serious mental illness in "Witch Case" just ignore
    my ramblings and have a beer or smoke weed and say "Everything is fine, just fine" over and over again! Ha Ha Ha!

    From Hell LA,

    Dr. Madonna Manzo, PhD
    310 980 5058( I can't answer the phone surrounded by Martian Telepathics )

  3. The governments fear "conspiracy theorists" the most because they break the illusion, they tell the truth. They joke at us but why do the always go on about conspiracy's and feel the need to eradicate those who speak. If the conspiracy's really were jokes they wouldn't feel the need to censor them.

  4. I'm going to assume that this is just more counter-intelligence noise since it's hard to believe that David Icke's level of intelligence is so low that he can't see the relationship between the production of conspiracy theories and the labeling of 'undesirable' parties who happen to exhibit 'negative psychological traits' as mentally ill.

  5. David Icke is Brilliant..i haven't met many people in society that think as I do on such matters. Everybody listen to what this man has to say and it may give u a completely different outlook on the way things are and what life really is. Ive thought like this since I was a child and I didn't understand y people don't question things when there r obvious other ways of thinking. Many people seem to only look one way when they cross the street these days on simple or complex subjects and It eats at my soul. Lets jus do what everybody else does because we all know humans r not capable of making mistakes lol

  6. Yeah, those muslims are certainly being persicuted. It's not like they come to the u.k just to claim benefits. They can move over here, then immediately apply for child tax credits for there 500 kids back in durkadurkastan. They have Muslim patrols in certain u.k cities and towns, trying to scare non Muslim's into conforming to their beliefs. They expect us to integrate with them instead of just getting on with everyone no matter who they are or what they believe in etc, etc. I have some really good Muslim friends and even they get pissed off with that kind of behaviour as it gives all if them a bad name, when clearly the majority are decent hard working people who will help out anyone in need and respect the beliefs of others.

  7. This is the stuff I think about after smoking the old whacky tobbacy. Everyone should smoke weed and the world would be a better place. Weed is the way, weed is the future of humanity.

  8. Hey Jose, nice to Michu, meet me at Dea Gea bar and take one in the Mirallis, then we can have Baines on toast for supper. We can have some Xavi doggers for desert, and then chamakh my pitch up

  9. HOW do we overthrow the corrupt gov't and global hegemonies?
    Easy, walk out of the work on Monday or Thursday nationwide unanimously for one day.
    2nd choice: No one files tax return on April Unanimously.
    3rd choice: Don't pay IRS – A company demands our blood and sweat pay the interest to Federal Reserve that loan the money to our government.
    4th choice: No shopping for 3 days nationwide.
    That is sure way to bring down the 1% once for all. New World Order will be eradicated instantly without fire a bullet.
    Not convinced? Takes a shot.
    Of course, the fringe benefit is that David Icke will be set free.

  10. In the main, politicians are paid to lie. Journalists are paid to repeat the lies. Most are too thick or corrupt to want to find the truth. Pathetic hopeless weak idiots. They certainly don't earn what they get paid.

  11. BTW, HOW do we overthrow the corrupt gov't and global hegemonies? In short order, perhaps nationalists will disappear, and global corporations will wave new flags of pride? Will this relieve us of the perverse megalomaniacs and obscenely greedy that have infected the executive ranks of power? Or drive it into business and secularism? Yikes! My yarmulke is so yesterday! We're fucked…

    Long Live Conspiracy Theorists!!

  12. Cerealogists (sp?, or crop circle researchers, do what, exactly? They should be working with mathematicians so we can respond by creating our own graphic responses to them.

    Love the Icke!

  13. Mr David , speaking of dissin the SRA thing , have you seen this latest Hollycrud shite called REGRESSION ? Its a prime example of disinformation and diversion. Starts by stating its a true story , which it probably is too , but that's just a example of the weakest evidence. I can see a lot of high ranking nonces having a good wank over this one , though in terms of da Babylon it only reaches the porkers.
    There will probably be a few like this in the next year or two.
    Good stuff as always Mr David , succinct solid and in yer face ABC style. I'm sure we all have the right to forget this. Peace !

  14. What if you're a conspiracy factist , or a critical thinker ? I know for a fact that David Cameron is cool with such people. And how do I know this ? Its simple man , he likes the Smiths ! Not only that , his favorite album is The Queen Is Dead , because he hates the Monarchy !
    Shut up , relax , take your special pill , everything is fine.

  15. In Britain we have a tradition of embracing the eccentrics and the slightly mad individuals like our Dave. Even if you are one of the vast majority that piss your sides at the mention of shape shifting reptilile aliens including the Royal family and the usual suspects. Haven't we got room anymore for the likes of our Dave?. Usually it's the Americans that dominate in the world of the weird and wacky, but our Dave went even further than our Colonial chums. He's managed to single handedly put Britain at the top of the world league of high strangeness and i for one say
    he's pretty good entertainment and watching him stride the stage like a younger brother of Christopher Biggins is a genuine treat, and he shows great bravery in his championing of the pink shirt during his live shows. I believe he has quite a large gay following but that's not suprising as many gay men and women are open to anything…. Here's a little song i wrote earlier.

    Oh David we think you're cool you were the bestest in your school. Then you left to be a goalie but in your heart they found
    a holey but you said i don't care cos i'll make money talking phoney. So said Terry the now dead Wogan who laughed at Dave
    who looked so lonely in his shell suit all thin and boney. I'm the son of god oh yes i am and our Terry he looked aghast at our Daves latest rant. And in many homes the people giggled, Icke's
    gone mad and Terry' is laughing. Now Terry's dead and it's Icke that's laughing cos his fans don't care if he's wacky and they shell out big bucks to keep our Dave in baccy and some say it's the wacky one. Buy my books and my DVD's i need Jam butties to feed the kids, but's it's more likely steak if my fans do me proud no more jam butties for this here clown.

  16. The problem with conspiracy theories and theorists is, that they present logical facts mathematical AND scientific EVIDENCE  and make more sense than the msm and the government official narrative. That's why the ruling class opposes them so vehemently, because the conspiracy theories are closer to the truth than the official narrative of a lie.

  17. Arrogance and ignorance are intertwined. You can't be one without the other. It all stems from dismissing offhand the possibility that somebody might know something unexpectedly without taking the time to thoroughly investigate the data… hey, I just said that…

  18. Crop circles are astounding. I stop mentioning them as even people I thought were open minded respond in all seriousness that it's done with rope and a board!!! I don't personally know how they are made but it's pretty obvious to me that a rope and a board would be totally inadequate! They are clearly created with the highest level of technical skill and knowledge. The images made are beautiful and mysterious.

  19. David Icke is a fucking lunatic. He's the one doing the preaching and making money for that matter. Think for yourselves instead of this idiot. Dangerous lunatic

  20. conspiracy theory is merely oftentimes an alternative theory of how the world works..in politics people with power always conspire to bring about ends they want either openly or in secret..this is not controversial. turning the word into a dirty word is suggestive that there is some truth in the claims

  21. David, Lots of people in he U.S.government deny global warning.There is no suppression of that idea. Half the U.S. Congress denies climate change. How about the whole fossil fuel industry. ? Are they being oppressed?


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