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  1. Great show Alex. I've a huge fan of David Icke since the 90's. I would bring his name up in conversation's and constantly get called crazy. We'll now there seeing this man wasn't crazy at all.

  2. Sir David Icke
    Thank you for sharing important information to all of us, keep up the great work.
    Please do a video on this question I ask of why does the "Serpents of all kinds no longer walk on their feets , that continually slither on their belly, even though under the scales are none functional feets?
    I worked with snakes, they all have none functional feet, and this scripture back this as live proof.
    May we all walk with the "Creator Heavenly Father" blessings.

  3. Why ppl are saying Alex Jones is one of them? Just because his wife is from israel? Come on. Have u ever seen the infiltration he made in the bohemian groove? Just because he is alive, it doesn't mean he is one of them. They just couldn't touch him yet without making it sound like an accident you fools!

  4. DR BLAYNEY'S AWESOME Asclepiian single serpent staff vs double serpent "death merchant" caduceus explanation.

    WHO REALLY RULES THE WORLD? Reptilians have been worshipped worldwide since the beginning of time. These "crafty" shape-shifters are exposed in Genesis 3:1 (A human-sized bipedal Troodon).

    THE WORLD HAS ALWAYS BEEN UNDER THE POWER OF THE "CRAFTY" ONE. Humans are the "newest kid on the block" and tend to be naive, superstitious, prolific, and competitive posing a threat to the Anu-nagi (Ananaki) by virtue of their numbers (THUS, WE HEAR THE "OVER POPULATION" MYTH PARROTED BY THE MINDLESS MASSES in the service of the Naga).

    Overpopulation is not the problem. Misallocation of resources will always be the problem even if only the elite reptilians are left. These highly social Naga pack-predators subdue their human prey by deploying deception & a Nagalase "wounding tooth" venom.

    As an environmentalist I can say any Naga attempted "population control" invariably stresses the population into forced extended overpopulation. It is historically proven that only the beauty and grit of an efficient productive society producing a healthy economy that will stabilize and gradually reduce population. DO NOT BUY INTO NAGA PROPAGANDA! THEY ONLY WANT TO DISABLE & ELIMINATE YOU. When vaccine jihadists "NAG" you you will know where they are coming from. Many doctors are being executed for DISCOVERING NAGALASE in the blood of humans and vaccine "wounding tooths".

    RIDING THE HEARST MACHINE. THE PATTERN IS CLEAR: THE REASON GCMAF AND CANNABANOIDS ARE BANNED – PRIMARILY IN THE US – IS BECAUSE OF THEIR POSITIVE HEALTH EFFECTS & DEFENSE AGAINST NAGALASE THAT IS BEING INJECTED AND DEPOSITED VIA CHEMTRAILS. The Naga are immune to Nagalase and probably thrive on it. The Naga run the pharma, drug, & bank cartels that run your government. You vote for their pawns in consent. The chains that bind you are the ones inside you. No amount of evidence is going to change anything. YOU ARE SLAVES IN A ZOMBIE-LIKE TRANCE as vultures circle above you. LOOK ALIVE!

  5. Vote to check off all parties..so that they can not do a thing, you have voted but to check all of them ..that is our power
    to say FUCKING NO!! We choose to have parties to work together not against another…those that refuse are for self service and should be put on a list.

  6. Excellent work from both David and Alex. These guys are awesome. May God keep you and strengthen you in your courage. I pray for the Grace of God to wake up mankind to take action for freedom. We are talking about CHILDREN for heaven's sake. How can we keep on letting this happen. Child sacrifice? Come on mankind this really must stop already! We need to snap out of our complacency.

  7. i wouldlike to hear him explain about rothschild zionism to A.jones…. Who called #billcooper a NUT for putting his findings and interveiws on Area-51 in his #beholdapalehorse book. LMAO… sigh… he says in the start of the book that the UFOOLOGY movement is a psyop… But the book would never b published without the UFO chapter… New Age "shills" who know nill abouit the compartmentalized info they barley get a hint about… OH WELL … this is total BULLSHIT
    as i see it.. check and its what u must see? googlwe the jones cooper "feud" ..lol

  8. I was once walking to the shop it was 8pm winter beginning so it was just coming into the darker blue sky. I looked towards the trees and a small bush moved so I thought ok an animal moved then I seen an alien or reptilian which was translucent in a similar way to when the alien in the movie predator turns invisible. Alien demon all same thing.

  9. I salutDavid, the Sheep don't have 90 pounds to wake up.Unless you are just trying to wake the middle classes.But we are all the 99% please don't let us downe you both but same goes to you Alex aswel as this this

  10. We can't prove McCartneys dead even though ringo and Barbara admit it openly and the new one is 2 inches different with 18 plastic surgeries in one year.., we can't prove that but Kubrick fucked them up with the shining!!! Well done Kubrick they can't refilm that movie hahaha! Thank you David I don't trust Alex he worships at the altar of Russell brand 💕💕🐳🐳🐳🐳❤️️❤️️🐳🐳🐳🐳


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