1. please do not call me moon or america or mars just because i'm thirty second to mars or whatever my names are …do not call me heaven do not call me hell do not call me by planets names earth cities states countries lands nor for any of my family members and relatives …

  2. About the Manufactured illusions and Conciousness experience,within the decoding of the Moon Matrix and our sence of perception ,by tapping from the Cosmic Information ,which can free us ,from within,.. I totaly agree whith mr.Icke ,before becoming a Philosophical Zombie..!!

  3. Sorry, I've heard so much fallacy from David Icke that I've decided not to listen to him anymore. It's hard enough trying to split fact from fiction while staying receptive to new info, so when I detect a lot of fiction I just cannot afford to spend time there anymore.

  4. David believes the moon is a super computer spaceship/ hollowed out planetoid creating a false reality on earth with no evidence of this at all !
    Evidence is required to make such bizarre, maybe delusional statements. Eg “we know there are non human bases in the earth; the moon is a computer” etc. He thinks Saturn’s another machine, part of the broadcasting control. He thinks there reptilians and grays in the moon.
    He’s convinced but that means very little really. Is it schizophrenia ? There’s measured winds on Saturn of over 1000 mph! Saturn has been measured to be mostly made of gas. These things have been measured over and over again.

    Where’s these “shocks and surprises” ?

  5. I've read most of David Icke's books, and have been following him since the 1990's….  But Eric Dubay makes more sense to me, and the moon is NOT what David Icke thinks it is.  That's why the evil entity allowed Icke to continue: while he is right about most things, he is wrong about the most important things..


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