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  1. Are we humans anymore? wake up work eat sex sleep repeat what is life? am i the only one bored? dont get me wrong like do we have other choices? its the only way to survive these days….. follow the flow… cant help it

  2. I see no cash accepted Sweden is leading the world in giving away control and freedom to people, imposing payments with plastic , Are you all stupid there? stop paying electronically ! use cash

  3. Pls tell, why it will have the opposite effect? Perhaps people will see me as childish just not getting him the programme? Whatever it is I have not been caught up in the system, so i'm not saying people are wrong it's just not for me! If people and materalistic stuff makes them happy and to be a clog in the wheel… Just saying, all opinions count! Debate gets people talking which is good… take it easy!

  4. Modern research reveals there was no Holocaust. For example see you tube Fred Leutcher and David Irving. The Holocaust has been a Zionist fabrication. In Germany it is illegal to state the truth I have just stated

  5. It’s true I grew up in Germany and they don’t take crap, all the more reason I wonder how they’ve been able to let this happen. It baffles me to the core 😯

  6. this ATROCIOUS interviewer should go to BERLITZ school and learn some BASIC english ! ( before he even DARES to babble about " shame for his country " ! people like that INTERVIEWER are a SHAME for their country ! (and for BRITAIN, too!) he is EXACTLY whats wrong with germany : they are too lazy and too stupid to learn ONE foreign language respectfully and correctly !!! THEY ARE AS GUILTY AS " THE SYSTEM " they so eagerly love to bash !

  7. ++ sorry David have to write that in German: An die Deutschen werdet euch endlich mal Be-wußt wo ihr ursprünglich herkommt Nordisch Germanisch, German "Speer Man" ,recherhiert doch mal selbst anstatt ständig in euren Smartphones rum zu wischen das macht euch zu Robotern. Hermann "Armenius" der Et-Russ-ker, lesen und begreifen.Die ersten Nordischen Germanen haben sich im größten Landgebiet Russland angesiedelt und von dort ab verteilt.Und die Varusschlacht 9 vor Chr. zeigt das die Deutschen auch Kämpfen können für Ihre Freiheit. Teuto-burger Wald,das Wort Teut kommt von Teuten "Deutsch" mal darüber nachdenken. Russland kann NIEMALS unser Feind sein.

  8. I live in germany and the most of them are cowards. For example they are told to pay TV licence called GEZ just for living there with no opt out, with or without a tv you pay, and guess what…The majority pay it…no fightback… nothing! There are a few guerillas but the majority just do as their told….Sad really.

  9. Free speech is our right, Gov. gives us nothing, they take things away unless we fight to keep them. Of course it’s wrong, that’s why we must fight these Zionist scum who’re using their position etc to implement censorship. Wake up and call the LIES for what they are.

  10. Australians think the same. They think they are free. But they are living in the same penal colony it started out as with a thin veil of freedom to keep the sheeple happy. They suck up every new technological prison that come along with glee.

  11. PRS , Think your homework & take full control of of your own Programming (take care of what you watch & hear & who u listen to) and always listen to your core feeling (not the words in your head;)

  12. What I don't get is how the vast number of Trump dumbies seem unable to realize how much the Zionists have seized all manner of government in the US whilst squabbling about which bathroom is okay to use. Free speech is a thing of the past and even this coversation may have to move toward a more discrete medium. You need to invest in shortwave and citizens band radios folks because you may wake up one morning to no David Icke and only one television channel or a coupe as in the UK. Find a good Pirate radio station in your locale and stay with it.

  13. the opposite of free country is not necessarily tyranny. could also be a monarchy: a benevolent one that supports free speech. there’s nothing wrong with that. in fact, rebelling against that is what is truly satanic.

  14. So sad how people are manipulated by these zionist media. Sure they are handfull but they are powerfull. And than they get angry when Erdogan says that EU is getting more more nazi like.


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