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  1. Guys like him will probably get assasinated soon due to obvious reasons, and I'm not hating or trying to make fun of the sad situation humanity is in. Always watch out what you're being told, by officials, news, friends even family. Getting brain washed is easy, seeing that you're getting brain washed ain't.

  2. Hitler wasn't put in power by anyone but himself you jew liar. The holocaust is a hoax ! Hitler and the brave men of the third reich fought for all our freedoms. They are heroes in Valhalla forever !

  3. Rothschild Bankers and Sons

    Apparently a whole lot of Jewish bankers have telepathic communications. Its how they got so rich. And when they started the Federal Reserve back in long time ago it was down right criminal what they done by jacking up interest rates to credit card levels and bankrupting the entire US economy just so as to dominate the rest of the banking sector. Downright criminal.

    Now they are forced to communicate via email and onion router but I heard them say such communications can be cracked. So now the Rothschild bankers no longer have their monopoly anymore. Jared Kushner is a stupid piece of shit. Rothschild bankers are more or less a criminal cartel. They caused the Great Depression and WW2.


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