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  1. Is he really Illuminati Pablic Information Director Devid Icke?
    He looks got used make people brainwash with reveal trueth and combine hide airtightness.
    In Japan young genelation already have a memberlist of Illuminati 300 olymians,33ground masters,and more 6+7=13degree Mason name list and its composition.
    Poor David Icke.
    You doing is shallow trick with poor knowledge
    How many times real God and White ghost had been kept try to help you guys hiding evele societies?Me(We)was a one! lol
    Them history of socity is shallow had established May 1st in 1776.
    Not a Royality brood line, they are Loan shark at the slum in Germany(Rothchild).Some of them were slave master obey to black Royality (Bush familly brood line).We knew many already.It’s ridiculous!What a fool people.
    They try to involve The Real royal brood line people and there many native brood-line with statistial-magic ! what a crazy people ! lol

  2. i think the fact that 43 of the 44 presidents of the us are related and are also related to king john so basically the royal family and they are o- blood type which only 7% of the american population has makes the things he says more believable

  3. That so-called "music' detracts from the value of the program. Wether or not, you agree with David Icke, he stimulates thinking; that "music" deadens the brain.
    –R.T. Thomes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  4. While Icke thinks it is aliens/the Reptilians taking over the earth, Christians believe in Satan and his dominion who are using the Illuminati and the elites to drive the whole world away from God and Jesus. Revelations of the bible mostly talks about the endtimes when Jesus comes to stop this and rescue his followers and Israel, those who did not fall in line with Illuminati/Satan followers. The mind control, manipulation, sleaze, etc. all leads to demon possessions. Demon possessions equal what look like Reptilians. 

  5. This is the problem with Icke -He presents real facts and real problems then goes off the deep end with all his bullshit about reptilian aliens and Satan.

    He is there, in my opinion, to make people who talk about the REAL problems look bad. People hear him talk about reptilian aliens and know immediately that's a crock, so they think that every other thing he says is bullshit too. That's the problem. Some of what he says is of real concern.

    Consequently, the average person cannot tell where the bullshit ends and the facts begin. People can no longer tell fact from fiction. I'd like to take this money grubbing fat fuck and launch him into space where he can hang out with his reptile buddies.

  6. No offence but if David Icke is so preceptive and revolutionary  why isnt he dead by now after  all of this. or no threats on his life. I do love his teachings. But seriously  if John Lennon died for his songs. Why not kill this bloke

  7. i Believe there is a Elite society but the reptilian thing is a bit too much for me to comprehend, although i will agree there is other parallel or other dimensions that is out of our wavelength or factor frequency. 

  8. Euzübillahimineşşeytanirracim Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

    Quran »38 / SAD – 85 La emleenn minke and mime to hell I'm minha Subscription tebiak ECMA (ECMA A). Verily, hell with all of you and I will fill them fits you


  9. Euzübillahimineşşeytanirracim Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

    Quran »38 / SAD – 85 La emleenn minke and mime to hell I'm minha Subscription tebiak ECMA (ECMA A). Verily, hell with all of you and I will fill them fits you


  10. Stupid video with stupid music, what a waste of time.  All it seems, by all the ridiculous videos on youtube, seems that the GWBush broke or disobeyed Illuminati and now they are ruining his reputation just like they did with MJackson until they killed him because they could not put him in jail.

  11. Stop your CULT obsession with famous people. Stop being programmed to worship celebrities and mainstream culture. This culture was created by Military intelligence agencies. Get invovled with your community. Support local musicians and non-commercial artists. Watch alternative news media. Support local farms. Boycott the Illuminati CULT and all CULT activity. Even religions can be cult activity. Thank you.

  12. I agree, to say there is an evil spiritual entity that is controlling people is a crazy, abstract disrespect to David, he says a lot of true, real things about the global elite, but reptilian shape shifting is just going overboard..

  13. DAVID, YOU ARE A COMPLETE ILLUMINATI FRAUD!!! SAY HI TO ALEX JONES FOR ME. If you make MILLIONS off your information, then you are a FRAUD! Illuminati always have their peeps who pretend to tell the truth. Dead give away – watch David do all of his Masonic hand signs.

  14. And place that storie next to you bible and you see the stories are a look alike only the bible say there is one god and he created us the annunaki says multiplied gods as aliens who created us as slave by dna minipilation sorry for my gramma i got dyslection the point is these stories gives you more sight of possible in all accient world you see the same idea the same storie of the annunaki visitiors over and over again… years later the greys and the reptilians came across and i believe it

  15. Few comments below me… jezus christ you say… please search the annunaki history not just by using the internet or tv just go the modern iraq to the worlds oldest population called sumarian search for the storie annunaki you migth open your eyes these are stories one of the oldest books of men kind older that any holly book there is because all holly books are related to one storie called the annunaki its not about reptillians its about those who came from the heavens sky means annunaki

  16. Yeah except who are these so called "commoners"??…. You do know Will and Kate were related before marriage right?.. She may appear "common" but she is related to Diana! She's a distant cousin through the Gasgoine family, through that gentry family which also connects her to the Queen Mother and even to George Washington in America! She is a 14th cousin once removed to Prince William and she is a 15th cousin to the queen!

  17. David Icke is a New Age pawn getting media coverage by the group of people he is allegedly uncovering so he can indoctrinate people into the Occult and New Age religion to come (this is also Jordan Maxwell's job). He also is pulling the wool over your eyes by claiming reptilians and the like are Aliens when the fact is they are DEMONS/DEVILS. This is all done to manipulate the masses for the coming great deception and move people away from their creator and the savior of humanity Jesus Christ.

  18. According to David Icke's theory the illuminati keep things in the bloodline because royalty marries royalty but modern Royalty is increasingly marrying commoners. That tends to undermine his theory.

  19. the biggest deception is done by the manipulation of our true history. with partial records and political power influencing it, we don't have any unbiased sources to refer to. there is no way to discern the absolute truth . but we are still conviniently being manipulated to live in our comfortable bubbles, until we open our eyes and search for ourselves, the nature of reality. thats where the scope of researchers like icke comes in.

  20. Maybe when he started presenting his theories, he did it without getting eyes on him. Maybe he didn't get killed cause it would be so obvious/suspicious if he just "vanished", and would make people more aware of illuminati.

  21. The pope is the anti christ who will force a new world goverment on behalf of satan


    The pope has the power to do this because his jesuits control all the satanic secret socities on this earth

    like the masons and illuminati

    the popes jesuits are the bosses

    the popes jesuits gathered the leaders of the world and put them in such groups

    only to use them to bring their one world order under the pope

    this is what christ told us satan would

  22. You can't really believe anything that's been said. Don't you think that if the goverment really controls so much, they wouldn't let Mr Icke say such things and upload them to the internet? Even though you may think he's right, cause he is, the things he say may already be altered. 😐

  23. I find that things about our nature and the world we live in, become much clearer at night. This is mainly because the noise and light are reduced, leaving more space in the mind for the things more important than superficial human life we are exposed to during the daytime.


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