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  1. Archon Alien garbage (humans' 'gods') runs the show we don't stand a chance.. Www is one of their tools for mass social engineering..we don't stand a chance they are far too intelligent & cunning.

  2. There is not a damn thing you can do to stop any of this..all of this just adds momentum to the agenda..best thing is withdraw and exit the system.. because it won't be all that long before the earth is destroyed and unable to support life because of incessant Chemtrailing going on.

  3. The last thing I want , is 2 know all info about the world…..
    Why do i see all the horror , happening in this world on my screen??
    (it forms your perception of the world)

    SO…."ignorance is bliss"….is the way 2 go!!!

    you must care for your town , your friends and your neighbours!!!!


  4. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that in order to achieve a realistic viewpoint on ANY matter, you need to gather information from various different sources, consider them individually and then come to your own conclusion about it. EVERY piece of information is biased in one way or another because it's virtually impossible for anyone to report on anything without letting their own opinions affect their reporting, be that a book, a news report, a newspaper piece or ANYTHING on the internet. You need to bear in mind who is doing the reporting and what they have to gain from forcing their opinion onto you. They may be trying to sell books, gain income from advertising, be working for someone else, attempting to maintain their position as a self-styled 'truth sayer' or simply trying to make you support their view on a specific subject. David Icke is NO DIFFERENT. He's not an expert on ANYTHING and he certainly isn't providing an unbiased opinion on ANYTHING. I can't help but feel that if he'd put all his effort into actually trying to do something to make the world a better place, rather than simply attempting to spread his extreme case of paranoia, then maybe he'd have achieved something useful in his life.
    As it is, he is simply regurgitating a lot of spurious viewpoints that he's picked up from somewhere else, and a lot of them aren't even recent revelations. And as time goes on he's becoming angrier, becoming more paranoid and slightly more unhinged (if such a thing was possible). He's not about to fix any of these problems and he's not going to bring about any changes as a result of his ranting. And i for one am quite glad. If nutters like him were put in charge of anything then the world would be an even more messed up place than it already is.
    Please stop listening to his brand of 'the truth' and use your own intelligence to come to your own opinions about some very important matters that he thinks he's such an expert on.

  5. You are so right about the perception, but you are unknowingly a gatekeeper, even the battle between alternative and mainstraem is an hegelian battle, it is designed that you always has to choose a side, not understanding that you not have to choose any side, right or wrong are only existing because the different perceptions.
    We have to think about the perception of the creator of the universe, he has made everything probably for his own benefitt because every intelligency does, look at humans.
    I like your logics but you surely understand that it is going much deeper, it is all about harvesting energy, that is the goal of the creation i think.


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