1. Europeans. You have allowed your people's future to be f'd over by some rat faced elitist agenda. You have all been fooled, Europe is the heartbeat of the world not the middle east, the battle is for your souls and you have been fooled.
    The Earth is heating up so Europeans worry and compromise. The Earth is over populated they say so Europeans worry and compromuse and stop having kids. Some govt destroys their people Europeans compromise and give give give.
    People are starving so Europeans compromise and eat less.

    When will you realise that you owe the world f'all. Look after yourselves NOW!

    If you want to be progressive be so for your own people because by g*d your enemies are progressing their interests.

    The chickens are coming home to roost. ENOUGH, BASTA!

  2. in my twylight years i would love to think we now have a political choice sadly we dont it would be fantastic to see people say enough of this bs, just look at brexit its a total nothing its pathetic we are pathetic to allow the political lieing scum to spoon feed us utter bs for gods sake wake up, you have no choice, so sad

  3. What's up with no comments? A you-tube psy-op? Why was Trump reciting the "Snake Poem/song? Al Wilson sings and performs that song better. A replacement for Trump will make no diffference and these (paid for) protesters (everyone wants to be a star, baby) MeMEs…The mad western world is in "arrested development". 3-4 year old children in adult bodies! Myself included but IT IS TIME TO GROW UP AND STOP ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE MANIPULATED BY THE COVERT ENEMY WHO JUST LAUGHS AT YOU DOING THEIR DIRTY WORK! Divide & conquer strategy…Sad state of affairs. Stop this ball of confusion(babel) and let me get off! Thank you for this absurdity update, I think?


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