1. Hmmm, just because someone, somewhere removed this when I posted it 3 days ago,,,,,,,, Goes a long way in highlighting some of what David is saying. Highlighted from within Israel, by an Israeli Jew. A 2009 Documentary about the marketing and manipulation of antisemitism and the indoctrination of Israeli children into the victim mentality.

  2. I think Dave is a hell of a guy because he's saying what we all want to say or have said but it goes unnoticed I don't understand how people don't see what he's saying good people do not use terms like anti-Semitic good people don't promote Wars you know I'm not a groupie and I don't follow other people but I do like to hear other people with good Common Sense such as Dave I have been trying to listen to his videos and he sounds like he's got a good head on her shoulders when parts of the video are not muted or altered or something's going on because other people are noticing it too

  3. We are all victims. We are controlled as we have been for 1 000s of years. There are only a few real controllers. The rest are puppets. The only way to win is not to play. Taxation is legalized theft. They have created gadgets that we want such as vehicles. In Oregon, they are introducing a pay by the mile. Soon, we will all be paying for that. We need to stop buying, and stop listening to our "so-called leaders" who bring misery to us. It is time to remove all dependency on grocery stores. We must become independent from everything except our neighbours. We need to work in small clans to survive–not to take from neighbouring clans by the way. We need to reject the Net, the phone, the latest fashions–all of it. We need our freedom. Freedom to feel and realise that all we have is the moment called now. We are living in the past and the future–what about the moment called now. The present is where the beauty and boundless love are.

  4. I've noticed lately the audio goes on Davids channel someone out there doesn't like the truth well done David keep exposing these people keep up the good work should be more like u telling it as it is

  5. Isit a coincidence that Obama is living in a rented mansion just 5minits away from the white house. It's like he's waiting to get back into power. One more thing the Simpsons are mocking the jenarul public. And your still all talk and no action wot good is that to anyone.

  6. At some point, you have to be able to prove what you are saying, if you are not carrying out a mind experiment or discussing a perspective you have. The fact is, by creating the state of Israel where it is, was always going to create huge tensions…and we see the results today, in fact such tensions and the aid in creating that state actually has Israel in the pockets of the US, not the other way round, Jews do not rule the world…even if some are rich or believed this to be true. This world has typically been rules by western powers from Europe, and the powers of the East and Middle East…

    Now, that said, I am sick of hearing bs about Zion, it childish prattle…and the reality I’d throughout the world, the UN has let people down massively; whilst also considering the realisation, that the UN cannot police the world or keep peace people do not want; this itself should infer, that the only people to blame, are the people that keep choosing conflict and refuse reconciliation in amiable terms…in fact it lizard men exist, their likely more afraid of us than we are of them…

  7. DAVID
    1. They can call me ANTISEMITIC, and I do not give a damn! My religion was founded on Israel and Christ, and the Prophet I love after God (whether he exists or not!) was a SEMITE, a real one, not fake like the Khazar Talmudists running and terrorising our world today!
    2. I am a French Citizen, and I can guarantee that France has become a "colony of Israel".
    3. I worked as the Manager of the Windsor Hotel (1975-1988) and with the Jewish Community that had a monopoly on so many services, firms, and businesses. Dealers in diamonds, fur, crystal, smoked salmon, lingeries, ready-to-wear, etc., in a district mostly owned/controlled by them.
    4. My landlady was Jewish – MADAME HESSE.
    5. My Legal Advisor was Jewish – GUY SIBONY.
    6. My suppliers were mainly Jewish – PICKARD, and many others.
    7. My butcher was Jewish – ADOLPHE.
    8. Part of my staff was Jewish – ERIC SILBERMAN (Russian), FRANÇOISE TURNOWSKI (Polish), etc.
    9. Most of my customers were Jewish from around the world, including Brooklyn – MR. and MRS. BORLAM.
    10. I worked in the district where Jews owned and controlled Sex-Shops, Brothels (Pigalle, Rue Saint Denis, etc.), where we have the world famous Folies Bergères, Crazy Horse, etc.
    11. I witnessed Lebanese Phalanges hiding in Paris with Police help after they had massacred Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila.
    12. The Police train the "Jewish Defence League" banned as a TERRORIST ORGANISATION in the USA Corporation in their head quarters paid with our tax money.
    13. I stopped going to Church with my Catholic friends after I saw Israel taking over the Churches, and a Crypto-Jew becoming the Archbishop of Paris – MONSEIGNEUR CARDINAL LUSTIGER. He wrote: I was born a Jew; I stay a Jew; and I will die a Jew! His funerals were held by Catholics at the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, and by Israel, Jews and Jew Nicolas Sarkozy outside the Cathedral. This is French MENDACITY!
    14. After I had written something like the above, DOCUMENTED TRUTH, mentioning my close encounter with Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Mayor of Neuilly-Sur-Seine who tried to assault me in his office (I did not know then that he was a Jewish with origins from Salonika where Young Turks were recruited (as well as in Paris) to overthrow the decadent Ottoman Caliphate!), a JEW threatened me on DAILYMOTION! Almost immediately, Dailymotion removed some 50 videos I had uploaded with their own permission, and blocked me, just like facebook did today and on a few occasions for writing the truth about Israel and Judaic criminality!
    15. Facebook (Jewish Power!) just blocked me for 30 days (?) for posting Pr. Jonas E. Alexis article " Netanyahu to Putin: Iran seeks to destroy 6 million Jews" (VETERANS TODAY May 12, 2018)
    16. There is a lot more, but I better stop here as "readers" rarely read or benefit from other people's efforts!
    Monday 14 May 2018

  8. People forget who financed the Bolsheviks, the Nazis, Occupied Palestine, South America like dominoes, the Mid East, Africa, 911, bringing the US down to a military fascist state, world wide weather warfare, and pretty much every nightmare in the last 150 years or so are the same people that have merged and shapeshifted over time. I don't know who's at the top but the tentacles are a lot of asses. The brazen denial and onslaught have caused a trauma based society with a tactic I call dick slapping the rape victim. The ones with all the weapons of war, cameras, costumes, and public perception information control, surveillance apparatus are NOT here to help. This is a living story and the bad clowns are at the wheel and it's time to honk the clown's nose and unstitch their unkind tapestry. SUPERLOVE

  9. Let's follow the trail shall we? Police, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Government puppets and the Zionists. There that wasn't hard was it? Easy really. What surprises me is when a government official isn't corrupt or lying!! When the police do come to the aid of the people against a government – not that I've seen any evidence for that at all, just hoping i guess – I expect corruption, lies and deceit backed by contempt by any for of governance there is.

  10. Israel won EUROVISION???
    Yesturday still 69 years old !
    Tomarrow 70 years old !
    So welcome to Israel for 70 th year selebration
    Graem Norton commented this was song number 28, after correcting sorry there is only 26 nations in it !!!
    28 is the mark of the BEAST !!!
    ISRAEL'S CODE IS 28 !!!
    Coincidence ???

  11. I was going to post a comment but im too scared now😂 Keep 'em coming David , these soppy cunts are obviously too scared of bringing their bullshit 'On Top' by banning your channel. A sparking thorn in the DAARRRKSIYYYDE. Fuck em.

  12. I love when you, David Icke, slips out of 'the Matrix we live in' – and get your feet on the floor of this little cozy room, where reality and truth have a much bigger chance than when you perform on the 'theater'. This seems to be the truth-room, while the shows goes on in the business-room. – But could this lead to a dual personality? In that case I prefer the one with his feet on the ground and his head out of the matrix.

  13. The synagogue of Satan is stirring up MORE LIES & WARS ! brother Nathaniel is right on. Trump better listen, Putin got rid of the Satanist Rothschild's & GMO foods ! You better STOP listening to these Talmudic shit swimming pool of HELL.


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