1. it's funny that people would laugh at icke and ridicule him.. every1 should listen to this guy

    he was right then as he is now.. he doesn't hold back on any1 clever brave guy

  2. to David and His followers
    I used to subscribe slightly to David's theories – but on further learning about what reality is, I realized that David and his followers all share in one universal error – Left-brain Interpretation mixed with a confused imagination – if David fully understood what a statistical virtual reality was, he wouldn't be coming to a solution type which begins more bottoms up than tops down, and so misleading people into what looks like is the cause of our problems.
    Of course, I will be the target if you think I don't understand what I am saying, but this is only that fear-based bottoms up mentality speaking.
    Ironically though, I feel the same way about snooker – I used to love snooker until I discovered what those images are we are looking at – the green ball is only holographic with an interpretation added, and when it comes to green lizards, it is an interpretation added. It seems to fit the bill but only seems.
    I am not disrespecting David – I love him – but he has a simple observation wrong which leads to mass false interpretation.
    Don't connect dots you created yourself in the process of interpretation.
    But it is a good story no doubt! But that is only with the lizard's theory. As for the rest of it, there is no smoke without fire. So thumbs up there.

  3. I have read 2 of your books now "children of the matrix" & "The Phantom Self" david icke but i have many more bought of yours still to read i read 15 pages a night sitting on my bed before sleep reading till it all gets read. I will read all the many books of yours that i have bought.

  4. To David Icke:

    I dont share all your views, like for example the part about lizard people.

    BUT. i want you to know that you are doing a great job, and that some of it actually get real results.
    For example tha part about Khazaria, and the history about Khazaria.

    Only a couple of years ago, the only thing we could read about Khazaria, was that it was only something crazy conspiracy theorists talked about.
    But since so many people have started to discover its history and started to write about it,
    thanks to people like you, they have now given up to hide it and deny that it existed.
    To day we can read about both Khazaria as a real country, and we can even read about Pax Khazarica in Wikipedia.

    So i want to say thank you for your great work, and that you never give up.
    You was the first person who made me aware of Khazaria,
    and since i research everything that is new to me, if i believe it or not, i discovered the history of Khazaria.

    Keep up your good work, and never give up!
    Thank you again. 🙂

  5. Yes, Icke reiterates because new people are finding the truth all the time, so truth must be told; a thousand times. That's cool. However, "Conspiracy Theorist" is a person who won't get a job and, therefore, does whatever he/she can to get a "click" on his/her channel, and then: GET PAID by the Belly of the Beast; also known as AdSense/YouTube/GOOGLE/Big Brother. (Mr. Icke has nothing to do with this channel. But, hats off to C.T., for the facts get out, regardless.) Maybe C.T. is necessary. ? . Good.

  6. There's Evil rulers of the darkness of this world of spiritual Wickedness in high places. Everything is agenst One faith and people. They will lend to you and you will not lend to them,They will change your times and laws, Theyll Lay there hands on you Delivering you up to the Synagogues and into prisons. We'll be overwhelmed by black mobs and Islam. Esau's Decendent's. KJV ,The only truith.

  7. A Turkish bloke I used to work with told me 'They were filming the Twin towers 'live' when 911 happened' – I asked him; 'Do you actually know what 'live' means?' He said he did. I said, 'Maybe after the first one got hit they started filming and simultaneously broadcasting!' – But here is the kicker! 'Why would they be just randomly filming live if they were not expecting it to happen?'

  8. Hey Dave don't forget the jet motor they found , oh dear wrong plane motor not a 757 a 747 they made many boo boos … 911 Is still the Biggy …Israel did 911 – fact.

  9. As I said a few weeks ago David, I lovingly challenge you to a public debate about Christianity. You'll be owned within ten minutes bro. And for all those reading this I love David Icke so don't go falsely accusing me of creating division within truth community. I love our David.

  10. Dont forget Wikipaedia,only the prescribed narrative is allowed there,information control,just like msm etc,no
    Difference at all.Police are Freemasonic controlled
    Puppets,cant believe that people actually think the police serve them-ridiculous.wake the f up.

  11. Very, very, very good.
    Yes, I have to say I hang my head in shame born and raised in the United States. Im disgusted with all of it. I should get rid of my T.V. I don't even watch it anymore. Yeah they definitely will get us with these phones.

  12. The reason that most (not all) people are idiots and mentally retarded is because they own smartphones and tablets that connect to EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF INFORMATION OF RECORD and yet when the "enlightened ones" tell them of their reality; those with their heads up their asses take no time to research intelligently. I find that to be true with my doctor. I tell of geoengineering (for example) and she retorts that it is all conjecture – and yet I am supposed to take her advice regarding government regulated healthcare. How can a government care about my health when they are going to "5G" me while already sickening me with aluminum, barium, and strontium IN MY AIR????? Again…the retardation is just simply amazing.

  13. I agree the story the flying school and on to breaking into the cockpit with boxcutters and knows how to fly a huge plane into a building that many of therir own airline ppl couldn't do really ? They used same victims in multiple disasters you could tell I have seen demolition work bf so its crazy jet fuel can't melt steel and why were many naked? ?.

  14. LoveTruth <>These CIA CRIMINALITY is like a bad Virus,,You have limited time before it goes Pandemic, and consume Humans as Food for ,,,Thoughts,,or AI Heart is it’s Mind both are One,,,,Just like the Ultimate ReBellion of Adam and Evette, will Cause and Perform Terrible Judgements on Your Human Family, Both Nuclear and Extended, This is a Level 6 Extinction,,,,,,Process, CIA WENT TO DARK SIDE, THOSE NOW AS HYBRID AI BORGS,,,@ Madnesses, And will not bee coming back, but to Destroy it,s Perceived, mortal enemy Now Mankind, as Desperately they try to TURN IT OFF,,DISCOVER,,,THE OFF SWITH IS,,,,,,GONE,,,GONE,,,,,,U BETTR PRAYING <> LoveTruth <>Yeah Bro,,,,NEWCOOLSCHOOL,,,,,,,LISTEN <>LovePeace Cause only one Going to Save yours Now<><>Isaiah 28:16<>Listen <>Isaiah 42:9<>@Leadership

  15. David I was watching a talk show live that they had the Twin Towers in the background and I watched an explosion live 20 minutes before CNN they ordered anything and what I saw look like a big 8 foot steel disc like a round ball 8 feet in diameter fly into that building and explode there was no plane and I trying to find out how to get the film from the talk show but I was told the tape was corrupted and they couldn't make a copy but I promise you there was no airplane on that first explosion it was look at look like an 8 foot in diameter steel ball and what was really funny 20 minutes later when CNN they are dead just seem to be a plane that flew into it the second I saw it I knew it was an inside jobFrom day one I told people that this was done through the CIA the bushes and others and I was told I was crazy 10 years later I'm asked how did I know now the things I'm telling my friends house there pretty scared I hope Humanity will unite soon and put an end to our enslavement and the poisoning of our food water air Airwaves medicines vaccines and only God knows how many other ways were being poisoned!!

  16. I do enjoy your outright speech! It’s frank, honest, forthright. People as a rule are so fuzzy in their thinking, and clarity has evaded their essence,…thus Ill-defining what they perhaps believe is a potential ‘truth-conclusion ‘. Ego fear Gas a significant aspect, as well as retribution from ⚠️(IT); which IS very real. You’re fine! I would hope to Soul meet the likes of your family member sometime. The children theft & HORRORS(!!!!) disturb me incredibly! AND THE MOsT INCREDIBLE THING IS: U-Rube sent an email saying they “Removed me Children” channel-(whilewhich im not certain I had), and most ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN would have o lay been in the interests of child protection!!! Honestly, as empath, I require separation from certain info, however; 2 day after reveal of my alleged ‘children’ utube title TV announced the internet attack on child abusers: HOW DARNED TEULY COINCIDENTAL! Fricking Serious????
    Giving ThioJoe major kudos for the canines on 11:28 to announce the internet FCC vote to RESTRICT & CHARGE for INTERNET USE:(backed by cable etc..) ThioJoe gives sites to call Congresspersons. VOTE IS 12/23.
    This is another freedom issue.
    The DARK Are shooting WILDLY now, lacking insight into Human ‘Non-programmed’ behaviors.
    Keep VIBS high; Stay in nature, creativity and love and above: These are non predictable algorithms.!!!!

  17. PART 2 – When you are a high-roller in las vegas you attract the “HOOKERS” the “CON-ARTIST” the people who would spike your drinks. Many of these “HOOKERS” are paid by these casinos to seduce men, spike their drink and fleece them of all their money. Many times they don’t even have to spike their drinks because when people are getting free drinks they tend to over do it. The rich people are now being targeted by casinos that are run by mafia thugs, once you own a successful business and are making millions of dollars these casinos are going to offer you “FREE $10,000.00 A NIGHT ROOMS” okay “FREE VACATIONS” “FREE DRINKS” “FREE DINNERS” any thing they can do to get you to go to las vegas even throw “FREE CONCERTS” that’s right that’s why people went to las vegas “FREE Jason Aldean CONCERT TICKETS” well they are not really free are they? They are not going to advertise they are going to hire “HOOKERS” to seduce you and spike your drinks once you get to las vegas. Believe me they got many “TRICKS” to get the people to lose their money, it takes years for you to learn all their con-games this is only a couple of them. Las vegas is nothing but a con-game run by criminals just like the lottery.

    You got gun owners who would kill somebody if they try to steal their car, or even a $10.00 dollar lamp in their home. You don’t think a 65 year old man who was conned not only out of his multi-millions of dollars that took 65 years to save but also out of his retirement savings, you think he had some kind of brain tumor to go on a shooting spree, he’s no different than your average gun owner. With the number of gun owners who think they have the right to kill people who rob them I’m surprise there’s not a mass-shooting every day in las vegas!!!

    You're probably thinking why did he shoot the innocent victims?, why didn't he just shoot the casino owners? Because the casino owners are not going to be standing outside in front of the hotels and the people who support gambling in las vegas are just as evil as the casino owners. The gambling owners & supporters are one in the same – think about it!!!

    We are just starting to learn of the harassment of women, the Bill Cosby’s who spikes womens drinks so that he can have his way with them. Now we are going to hear about the people who had their drinks spiked in las vegas so that the casino could take all their money or rob them of a portion of their money, people were afraid to talk about it because they didn’t want to say, they don’t want to admit they lost money in las vegas because they were made to feel like losers, but once people start waking up to the fact they were “CONNED” and “ROBBED” out of their money in las vegas they are going to start telling their stories.

    As long as gambling is legal people are going to go on shooting sprees especially these gun owners who have a right to kill the people who robbed them. It’s what the CIA call “BLOW BACK” when you rob gun owners of their money they start killing people, that’s why they got guns. This is why guns need to be made illegal at the same time they make gambling illegal. Because if people can’t shoot up the hotel’s that rob them of their money they are going to be blowing up these hotels. When a gambling casino serves someone more than 2 alcoholic drinks and they lose their money the lawyers should be jumping all over it to sue that casino to get your money back. Alcohol is not only a “DATE RAPE DRUG”, it’s a “ROB YOU DRUG” used to rob people. These gambling casinos should have been sued out of business a long time ago. You don’t have to prove they spike your drinks the second they serve you a free “ROB YOU DRUG” alcoholic drink while you were gambling they were robbing you of your hard earned cash. Just like Bill Cosby who spikes women’s drinks with a “DATE RAPE DRUG” called “ALCOHOL” the only conspiracy in las vegas is the cover up by the casinos to keep you from finding out the truth of how they “ROB” people of their money.

    The las vegas shooter was well known in las vegas they comp him a “FREE $10,000.00 DOLLAR A NIGHT ROOM” they “DO NOT” do this for everybody this is why his computer hard drives were missing, those hard drives contained information about how much money the las vegas shooter “LOST”. The gambling casinos are a tax shelter for the rich, just like when you go to the bar and you know them well they will give you a bar tab, some people will pay their bar tab at the end of the night, others pay their bar tab at the end of the week. People who are well-known in las vegas are given a tab and sometimes “CREDIT” these tabs are a form of tax evasion similar to Bit-Coin if you win $20,000.00 dollars they give you $20,000.00 dollars worth of credit on your tab if you are a frequent visitor, if you want the cash then you have to pay taxes, of course if you lose $20,000.00 dollars that will be on your tab until your next visit if you got the credit. This way if you win $20,000.00 dollars you don’t have to pay taxes on it. And if the casino takes your $20,000.00 dollars they don’t have to pay taxes on it until your tab is paid. If you don’t paid your tab it may be handed over to the “LOAN SHARKS” and if you don’t pay your money to the loan shark you may have to do a “JOB” for them, may be you will have to do some illegal drug dealing, or illegal gun dealing, or kill somebody for them, this is how las vegas “BREEDS CORRUPTION” how “GAMBLING BREEDS CORRUPTION” you may start-off as a happy gambler but end up becoming a drug dealer, prostitute, arms dealer or hit man to pay-off your “TAB” don’t worry the casinos have plenty of jobs for you if you lose your money and can’t pay-off your “TAB” you want have to worry about washing dishes they will probably let you work at one of their nude strip-clubs or brothels (whore-house) until you pay your tab. Don’t worry if you are gay they probably have gay nude strip-clubs or gay brothels (whore-house) this is how they get very attractive women into prostitution, let them run up a big tab so that prostitution is the only way for them to pay it off. Gambling breeds corruption! The las vegas shooter may not have just been a patsy he may have very well have had to do the shooting to pay-off a multi-million dollar “TAB” he probably figured his “TAB” would be paid off after the shooting, but casino owners know that some people are losers who have to be killed after they do a job for them.

    Guns are not going to stop these shootings, the more people who have guns and who have figured out that they have been drugged and rob at the gambling casinos the more shootings there are going be, so a happy law abiding gun owner yesterday is going to turn into a mad mass-shooter tomorrow when he finds out he was “CON” out of all his money in las vegas.

    People looking for motive of the las vegas shooting are uninformed. In America, people own guns to kill the people who try to rob them of their hard-earned cash. The las vegas shooter was a gambler who admitted in courtroom documents, that it was not unusual for him to be conned out of $1 million dollars a day. The only time he called his friends was when he won money. This is a trick Las Vegas uses on people. Nobody calls their friends to tell them they lost money, because people are brainwashed into believing that people who lose money, are losers. People who lose money in las vegas are not losers, they are called victims. They are people who were robbed and conned out of their money by con artist, thieves and crooks. They are drugged with alcohol, unknown drugs and seduced with prostitutes posing as virgins. When people wake up to the fact that they were robbed in a gambling casino, they get angry, then they get even. We all know about the banksters who rob us, who would’ve thought that casinos are robbing us?


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