An updated version of David Icke tearing into the facts behind the events of 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings. This series is taken from David Icke’s 7-hour presentation at the Brixton Academy…



  1. je suis greque je parle seulement la langue greque je ne peux pas comprendre l'anglais malheuresrment si vous aimez l'humanite venez apprendre la langue la greque parceque je suis sure que vous la trouverez partout

  2. U.S. Govern't should Not even exist!!! Those White Demonic racist are with the Devil!!! Baby & children murderes! With 0 respect for its own citizens.. Always planning wars against weak Nations. Its a very sick regime with "INSPIRED DEMONIC THOUGHTS"… Just listen to horrific future planning! Américans get rid of these political pieces of Yale shits!! Thinking that they are leaders of some world? I don't know what they're referring to?? F**king evil bastards!

  3. Thyssen Krupp AG , they still exist. I'm from Europe and I always wonder how the major German Weapon manufacturors were allowed to remain in business after WW II, Check I G FARBEN, JUNKER (made planes and stuff) , SIEMENS, BRAUN, they all produced for Hitler and they all still exist

  4. @gringodeltoro1
    VERY interesting point regarding Batman movie, (I will have to give it a watch). I recently read an article concerning thought generation using the new HDTV's sound system. Your timing is 'wild'
    Since you have jumped into the 'rabbit hole', you might want to check out the latest in HDTV 'sound sysytems, what the new bandwidths are going to be used for and by who,since going digital. AI "thought generation thru ULF and VLF experiments by CIA/OSS, US Navy.
    Its quite the ride

  5. @iceisnice61 That's like the batman movie (batman forever I think), when riddleman finds a way to sell to every households a device that would directly sends people's thought to him as they watch the TV…
    If TV is a trap, the internet is the key to this trap. I have learned so much (still learning) just from watching videos on youtube. UFO, mind control, financial system, elite, politics, war, history… I feel like Einstein compared to people in school…all at the tip of a click of a mouse

  6. @gringodeltoro1
    I could not agree with you more.
    60 years of TV has work better than the Elite could have hoped for. Turning peoples brains to mush.
    Years ago I was shocked to find out how the brain works (or doesn't) in the presence of the 'idiot box". Turn on the box and it basicly shut down the brains Alpha waves (cognitive thought). In our house, TV was forbidden during the day (Sundays exempt). At night after dinner and homework, that is when we were allowed to watch TV
    THANKS Mom.

  7. @gringodeltoro1
    sweet6, nicely said.
    Just as people look back on the 30s 40s and say 'how could that happen?" Easy.
    Its happening right now, while everybody is watching TV, and when the knock on the door happens in the middle of the night and people are taken away, they will spout "why me".

  8. why doesnt david mention 'webster tarpley' after all he's the guy that wrote the book on the bush's

    'the unauthorised biography of george Bush'
    thats where all the info about prescott, thyssen and the WW2 scam comes form.


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