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  1. I'm not subscribed to this Masonic garbologist Icke, yet his hoaxes keep turning up on my feed. Nuclear weapons lol, bombing Syria lol, Assad's a MASON as is Trump & Putin.

  2. Hi, David ,
    there will be a new media platform as a substitute to youtube in Germany from April1st:
    FreiHoch3 (freehigh3).
    The trick is that it combines different platforms. If you are blocked in one , you get switched to another one! So they can´t track you really in the end.
    The author is Hagen Grell.
    His website:
    He is some kind of a patriotic platform, but he says he is open to everybody who is sincere.
    I sent him an email , how to open it for englishspeaking people.
    Big opportunity!
    Much love and success from Germany

  3. 🎶🎶🎶 ..Going underground ,, The grey squirrel flies tonight . Why are you getting so much liberty David ? I’ve followed you for years and I’m a great believer in you, however your you tube freedom does raise the odd eyebrow.

  4. No need for more alt media there is plenty already right now here on youtube or other social media platforms. More alt media just makes us more frustrated hearing real truth however not getting action in form of an overthrow of power. Action of physical variety is needed like an arab spring of the west to oust these masonic and zionist turds from their perches however noone in the west or commonwealth is ready perhaps war needs to happen to make folks desperate enough.

  5. The alternative youtube is called dtube also on the blockchain it is part of steemit a decentralised social media site that has been going for a few years, you can also get paid just for contributing and commenting


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