1. in 2018: PROBLEM: deadly flu!!! REACTION: People are in fear and willing to do anything to avoid it! SOLUTION: Everyone must get a vaccine!!!! "Pathetic mainstream media, instead of investigating the official version, instead repeat it to the people, and the people react with outrage, fear, they say 'something must be done! What are we going to do about it?' Those who created the problem, get their reaction, offer the solutions to the problems they have themselves pervertly created. Those solutions are changes in society which advance the centralization of power so the few (elite) can have more power over the many by centralization." Hello New World Order.

  2. It's ironic, there are a lot of sir's around, king of atheism "Sir David Attenborough" for example who's taught Darwin's theory of evolution as fact , scoffs at the possibility of there being a higher entity or God, and isn't happy when asked how to explain where time came from? I'm not trying to make any one go to or stop going to church etcetera (I don't) but atheism does have an effect on society, Attenborough will probably tell you there's no freewill , thus using his freewill to do so, anyway! The people who run the world and decide who gets a knighthood are Satanists, knighthoods are given out for outstanding bravery or outstanding service to the people! Look how they've treated David icke!!! David icke is one of the best and bravest people that has ever lived!!! He's fought so hard and so long for the benefit of his species… He Deserves a knighthood!! And the people who give them out hate him! And are kicking themselves for going for ridicule instead of death!!! Mr Icke is a "Living legend"

  3. Exactly and people say Icke's nuts. Seem's like he's spot on none of these groups do shit to anyone but the public, watch russia, watch iran, watch the syrian governments 'actions' with no evidence, watch and learn, don't say we didn't warn you because we did, for years.

  4. Religion is all about mind game and creating a false reality: the Bible is just the first instance of the Problem, Reaction, Solution, see there is evil everywhere BUT in the Church and its fellows…

  5. Mr icke,I salute! and bow to you!,in this short (eaven with the wire coming out bit left in) clip you show the human race how to see, "crystal clear",how to see straight through the illuminati, god bless you mr icke


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