David Icke talks about the nature of reality ( extract ) to Margi Clarke. Produced by www.logicreality.co.uk Davids new book ‘Remember Who You Are’ available from www.davidicke.com.



  1. I wonder if David ever considered that perhaps he might have got the bag of reptilians all wrong. Granted, I do believe the idea of hybrids distupting the real plan of assiting in the birth of the human species from her mother. But, there are concepts I am not certain that David has considered. I wish I could have a few hours with David to reveal what I have learned. David might very well be talking purely about the hybrid scenario gone bad. How does one get in touch with David?

  2. To Jeffman3003, Hi just wanted to reply, i read your comments and i love what you said, you seem to resonate with me! I figured out for my self! that 'they' spray those chemtrails to cover the sun… how pathetic. But i asked myself, why would they do this? Now, we are made of the same things stars are made of. Sun is > life giver, and is raising earth's + /HU(light)man's vibration: therefore, i conclude the sun is a god-like so we need to open up & receive it's energy, our intention wins! <3

  3. @shearerson unfortunately in this world without money you can not live. How you think that him was done all the books, shows, maintein web site and of course live?. With money like every else.

  4. @shearerson There are loads of FREE information on the web. He's been doing research for 20+ years, most of which builds on the past. You need a foundation before you can leap to the next "truth". Once again, he is just one man and has one version. There are many "truths", but I would argue he has every right to make some money off the vast resources, dedication and hard work he puts into this. It's not easy to bring this to light, especially in the face of such ignorance and fear.

  5. @shearerson This interview was conducted whilst David was writing 'Remember Who You Are' last Summer. It would have been unwise of him to disclose the ideas before they were fully formed.


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