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  1. Rather than believe the reality in front of him, he defers to very shaky evidence from antiquity. I guess if you dig up some texts the only option is to believe them? Why chose one old idea over another? I love as well, the way he disavows governments and institutions – but is only happy to believe in the authority of modern-day science and latter-day gurus. Classic parasitism of real facts to try to give authority to bad ideas. This is snake juice salesmanship on a grand baroque scale. If you fall down this rabbit hole – then you're a mad hatter. He used to be a bland commentator of British snooker; L.Ron Hubbard used to write pulp fiction – he believed in aliens too – what about that idea? Why don't the Thetans and the Archons get together and enter the Eurovision song contest? Morons, they are a type of alien too… and they live among us too.

  2. I have met and known many of these entities. I don't know what they are exactly but they are pure evil. They can read your mind and they have snake eyes. My downstairs neighbour is one of them! He's a drug dealer and a rapist!

  3. Okay – let me make this very simple – David Icke is a total con artist – not to mention a delusional moron,,, making money from the other morons – who believe in reptilian aliens – wake up people!

  4. Just realized Icke is spot on that these parasites controlling the world by creating nonsense wars, wars create thousands millions of death , they use this death energy/souls to feed on.

  5. This is why these Archons are slowly turning the human race into Androids thru the Smartphone , see what zombies they have turned people into,their plans are working perfectly, and the human race are fuckin lapping it up,

  6. Always fun listening to conspiracy people until they start talking about a subject I know a something about and their obvious bs starts to shine through ):

  7. If you wish to know what it is we are all up against, then you need only skim through what wikipedia says about David Icke to realise we're all being manipulated into submission, by a very select few. And I know most of you are too scared to speak up in case it's you they come for next, but we have to do something otherwise they (the elite running the show, with only 6 companies owning virtually everything that's pumped into all media publications and broadcast) will have us in servitude to a micro chip inside a computer for the rest of time. This isn't living! They've reduced us to lab rat guinea pigs, it's happening right now. As for religion…phuh, how many gods are there now? and it's all based on whichever, wherever, whoever. the only thing i do know for absolute certain is that we're heading for an orwellian state of computer big brother hell if we don't snap out of it. maybe not completely, but certainly back to some sort of more 3dimensional reality. how many folks do you see nowadays wandering about wherever they are, whatever they're doing, staring at a 2d pixelated screen with a bunch of data and silicon chips monitoring and listening to everything they're doing. we have to look out for one another. it's a rat race and i know myself, i've been caught up in it all. it leads to envy, greed and hatred, where there should be only caring, sharing and love. possessions, your possessions possess you. everytime you turn on the tv or log into fb, or pick up a newspaper or magazine; it's the same thing; the power of possessions compels you, the need to be liked compels you, the desire to be envied compels you. it's all evil. you how much do you really need? wealth? gold? power? everything is the wrong way round. twisted, turned on it's head and designed to keep those who have all the wealth where they are and those who don't, forever chasing their tails.

  8. Oops, this ugly queen and the rothschild got caught. We are going to wake up and stop this nasty reptilians. God js here, and all the big social media, facebook youtube news channel, if you are not with us,you are a nasty shapeshifting lizard like the queen and the rothschild are. Enough is enough, see you when youre caught and locked in a cage, (not jail like humans).

  9. If people would be just little bit more intellegent and evoluted, everything would be easyer. I lived my youth in the country with no religion with ex cattolics, muslims and ortodox. No religion, no differents, no differents, no hate. I belive in good, good and good. Religion is just separating the people and provoching the wars. We human beens should unite together and love each others, and send back to hell devil, pedophils, and all similare to them. Only if we are together we can do it. Until we have different religions and different gods, thay will do everything that want with us. Wake up.


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