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  1. Timothy Alberino does a great job with his postulation that these may have been the 'earth' (home planet) of previous creations of Jesus. The cool thing and part of the reason for jealousy of satan is that never before did God create 'Male female" counterparts nor did he create "Man" in his image. If satan is a lingering entity from a previous fallen existence from before our time began and the intervention of the 'serpent/lizard' caused our Adamic race to break our Spiritual connection with God then it is actually an incredible loves story between God and his creation by sending his own son to save us and give us the Holy Spirit. (open our 3rd eye) to know God and finally know peace even in the midst of these demonic hellish times.

  2. Out of all the nutcases out there David Ike is the craziest one yet!! Hollow moon, holograms, claiming to be the second coming of Christ, the Royal family are reptiles. 🤣🤣🤣 the crazier the stories he knows the more money he earns lol.

  3. The Lizard and reptilian are the Transgender, (i judge no one, not my place), Mr. Icke talking about.Old old stuff trying to go tru "New Age" Space.  I woke up with a truth. I see the devils work in this network tru The V, straight to Vatican. Help your self tru opening you mind and see the real world..Magic is upon you, eyes , dark. Light them up! Love

  4. Saturnalia.. (Christmas) so many don’t know this! I have felt that Saturn (Satan) is the gateway for souls.. the soul net.. the sounds of Saturn sound like that! Saturn worshippers (Sun worship) also the metrons cube (the hex) at the North Pole of Saturn.. Saturn is the matrix! coincidence I think not.. moloch is also represented as MLK as ‘milk’ in tons of movies and advertising! Right in our faces! illuminati satanists.. what David is speaking about here I’ve found in my research over the last 3 decades too..

  5. We can't even get out, we can't send anything out, so all this 'research' about what Saturn does, looks like, sounds like, etc and beyond it, is just feeding into the disinfo lie that we know anything about space.
    We are quarantined.
    The 'pictures' are well known NASA CGI images and paintings.
    'Space' doesn't exist in the way it's described and made up.
    This is man's egotistical obsession with needing to puff out his chest and pretend to know about shit he doesn't, so to cover for it, he makes it up.
    If you still rely on 'Hubble' and Never A Straight Answer, you're deluded.
    Alien bases on flat discs that are 'planets' including the moon?
    Oh please.
    (Planate Veritas has videos on this and even called out certain experts on the phone who don't know jack shit about their jobs- they just analyze data)

  6. Ok when he said that was hours in his boat… he lost me with the SATURN SHIT….that was kemetic god RA.. on his boat.. let's me know .. he don't know fully wjat he talking about

  7. Someone has too much time on their hands. Everything isn't connected to everything and one single thing at the same time and everything isn't actually all the some other single thing. That's just asinine and laughable. Everything isn't linked together and God isn't the devil. I mean come on….


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