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  1. Shut the fuck up you pretentious vapid poser. If you knew what you were talking about you would get to the fucking point.

    Icke is such a fucking genius he pronounces "exponential" as "expedential". He's a grade A idiot.

  2. Well done David! , you have stood up to the test of time and have inspired many to think for themselves and reject the toxic oligarchy that survives by attempting to keep us ignorant.

  3. Over 20 years ago, I was on leave from the army, I was on the boat from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight, David came and sat opposite me, I'm so regretted not reaching out and not talking with him!

  4. David Icke is responsible for my "Ah Ha" moment. Thank you!! For the first time in my fairly long life, the Nature of Life is beginning to make sense!! The "Religion", I've basically been made to explore, NEVER felt right to me. David's information clicks with my spirit.

  5. If you listen carefully he talks about really the same thing Buddha said. Buddihism teaches enlightment to not have to reborn again and again and enfinite awareness is what Buddhism teaches as well.

  6. One disturbing element of transhumanism is it's a reinforcement that we aren't good enough as we are when actually we are fantastic. The vast majority of humanity is awesome but it's the few psycho's who are spoiling the party for everyone. Let's just get rid of the psycho's.

  7. I'm not saying that there is not a plan but creative people like writers and artists can be very prophetic. God wants these things to be revealed so will put these people in the right places.

  8. David is a genius, I have been listening to him for years. But the best part is, that his solutions are real and work. I have been working on changing and expanding my perception since 2010. It is like a snowball that is turning in an avalanche and the positive impact on my reality is incredible. I have no doubt that I am (as everybody else is) at least the co-creator if not even the creator of the reality. We do have the power as David sais, folks.

  9. I’ve been watching David Icke for a long time now. The more you put the pieces of the puzzle together, the more sense he makes. I turned off my TV a year ago and am very happy with the resulting clarity of thought. I just wish I had unplugged years ago. Thank you, David Icke, for your tireless heroism. People are finally listening!

  10. If David had been revealing this information intelligence in the 50s, 60s, and 70s he would have been shunned into oblivion…..isn't it amazing how time flies?…..time certainly reveals.

  11. Why do people treat all conspiracy theories like they're all absolutely ridiculous?

    In a word “Worldview”.

    This is the lense through which you perceive and interpret the world around you. The Worldview determines your beliefs. Beliefs don't necessarily come from your own experience. They can arise from peer groups, State propaganda, parental upbringing, brain washing in peer groups and cults and so on.

    Beliefs can be thought of as embedded programs of thinking or behaviour in a person's subconscious. There is a well known set of processes by which this occurs also by conscious application and discipline. Athletes and sportsmen are well aware of this process which involves correct technique and repetition and use also of that much underutilised faculty, the imagination.

    Once part of the subconscious any belief is very persistent. The subconscious is very powerful in your life and so you should take great care to "Feed your Mind" in the same way you feed your body – healthy and wholesome food with balance.

    Unfortunately we are surrounded by a Press that pushes propaganda and leads the agenda instead of reporting it and we are bombarded by marketing adds that bend and twist the truth to an agenda .

    What is this Agenda?

    There would appear to be very good evidence that the NWO is NOT a hoax, although the mass media would have you believe that all Conspiracy Theorists are complete loons and many of your cited illustrations are just battles in the War to enshrine the NWO. Why even the events of 9/11 are now demonstrably at odds with the “official version” and subsequent cover ups.

    Alex Jones of There's a war on for your mind! does a good job of attempting to awaken Americans to the intricacies of the "web of deceit" that aims to control and enslave the population on behalf of the Power Elite ( PE) but in fact this is a story that goes back centuries, way past the story of Adam Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati.

    Like all scientifically trained, non religious, sceptics when I was young I doubted the veracity of such contentions about Conspiracy Theory but as I have aged and observed the Politics, Economics and Social engineering at play over some 40 years now and attempted to “join the dots” I am convinced that the idiotic geopolitical decisions are not just happenstance and random but carefully marshalled.

    The marshalling initiatives have been diverse:

    The "Report from Iron Mountain" set out several objectives in the 60s many of which have been fulfilled. Carroll Quigley's book "Tragedy and Hope”, G E Griffin – “The Creature from Jekyll Island" all explain the objectives and subjugation a fiat money system controlled by an elite private banking cartel ,that is neither Federal nor a Reserve, can engender in a population – but there are many others who have pointed the finger of "collusion" by vested interests in the top 1% of American society who now control nearly 50% of the Nations Wealth or the 185 corporations that control the worlds major industries and monopolise 80% of its wealth and whose ownership structures all trace back to a number of key families such as the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties.

    Recently since 1991 there has been the rise of the Zionist Neocons or so called PNACies. ( Plan for the New American Century) which targetted 7 Arab countries for regime change with the resulting immigration wave into the West. We are living the consequences as Trump was fond of pointing out in his Presidential Campaign.

    The recent transparency of the internet has made all this information much more widely available for those that are willing to "pull their heads out of the sand". The only question remains is Who is at the top of the pyramid ? – who is engineering the NWO and to what effect?

    This is where we have to become a little Metaphysical;

    William Guy Car – a Canadian senior Army officer wrote a book in 1958 (and died a year later!) called “SATAN – Prince of this World”. In his book he begins with The Devil, the World and the Flesh and then moves on to the NWO and how the World Revolutionary Movement was transferred to Earth. Subsequent chapters detail the Luciferianism at work in all movements, politics, wars, secret societies, subversive movements leading to The Masons and Albert Pike and the take over plans on America.

    Christians are by nature, in theory anyway, Positive People and whilst we are not blind to the machinations at work, we adhere to a Covenantal Relationship with our Creator God who has dominion over State and Church and Family. No man-made construction or social order has any fear for the whole-hearted Christian since his values are unshakably based on both Scripture and the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit.

    This is an "anathema" to the so called free thinking, secular , atheistic agenda that pervades the “establishment” World View and on which all State systems are now based in the West and have turned our Nations into chaotic and bankrupt totalitarian immigration centres. Any dissenting voices are treated as loony “Conspiracy Theorists” a term which we Christians wear as a badge of honour.

    Forget everything you’ve ever learned or been told by the Mainstream Media about our reality, because it is for the most part a pack of lies, distractions, and deceptions. It has been said that truth passes through three stages. The first being denial. The second being violent opposition. With the advent of the internet over the last few years, all manners of suppressed information suddenly have a direct outlet to the general public. Quite literally, information that has been kept secret for thousands of years is suddenly spilling out within only a very few years’ time and “they” aim to stop it . Obama was passing control of the internet over to the UN so we can expect the suppression ( it is already apparent on Google and Facebook) to increase on the free exchange of views…even uncomfortable ones for the establishment.

    On the surface, the notion of a one world government might not be such a bad thing. That is until you find out the truth of who is currently pushing its agenda and who intends to run it when it gets in place. If you are a caring and compassionate human being, you will want to know the truth such that you can help your family, your neighbor, and your fellow humanity. We are all in this together.

    The “Worldview” of the Thought Leaders who engineer these geopolitical events needs to be examined carefully. That is why Religious background is an important tell.

  12. Why is David Icke beloved and respected while all other conspiracy theorists are mocked and ridiculed?

    I am not a huge fan of David Icke but I admire his courage and the strength of his convictions and for that reason I resonate with much of what he advocates. He is a lone candle in the vast darkness that encroaches on American and the World who hopefully will awaken many to the dangers.

    Like all fearless and dogged Truth Tellers he has endured ridicule and suffering. I saw the Terry Wogan show where he was reported as having conflated himself with Jesus Christ and felt that this was poorly reported spin on what really happened.

    Those of us who believe in God have understood that we live in a Spiritual dogfight on this earth and we have a belief in the transcendent. Modern Science also confirms mathematically the existence of dimensions as part of the standard model. Postulating therefore, as he does, that there exists entities that can pop in and out of our 5 sense world is not something new either to Science or Religion. Demons, Serpents, Nephilim, Angels, little greys, big greys, UFOs …and the list goes on are just manifestations of a long understood phenomena called by many names down the centuries.

    Unfortunately the David Icke “trolls” mock the “shape shifting serpents” and focus on this one aspect of his exegesis not realising that as Horatio said in Shakespeare’s play “there are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamt of in your philosophy”. Thus to pick out this one item and then use it to slur all his predictions and observations, most of which have been spot on, is to behave as many did to the Prophets of the Old Testament before those mockers were silenced.

    There is presently, in this world an overriding CONSPIRACY by the Power Elite to brand everyone that disagrees with their Worldview as a conspiracy theorist. You should not listen to them. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. Just on courage and championing Free Speech David Icke gets my vote in an era when these Freedoms are being progressively shut down by the so called “progressivists” .

    Many of the adherents to his conference talks ( I have never been to one) are first timers confused by the present mayhem and chaos and trying to make sense of it. They instinctively know something is wrong with the “establishment Worldview” but cannot put their finger on it.

    David Icke is a wayshower in the true sense of that word.

    May he continue to prosper.

  13. I wonder if the reptilian part of David Icke's prophecies will come true too. I have forecasted the next twenty years since the 70'es with fair precision without letting my feet leave the ground. It's rather easy for observing human beings. In contrast to David Icke, I can't publish books about it, as I am not Jewish. A major problem in this is, that most people seems to be more and more indifferent and adapting in stead of realizing the danger and fight back. We need tools and means to turn this damaging tendency around, and actually I don't think, that words are sufficient. We have to act in the physical world. We are in the middle of an evil and destructive war and unfortunately surrounded by grown up brainwashed zombies already mentally killed. The bookwriters should begin to write for the younger generations, which to some extend are still within reach. Babbleing along on radio shows will only lead to defeatism, as we can listen to it here. Maybe it's the purpose with this show – to drown people in good intentions without giving them means and tools – and of course to promote David Icke's newest book. People will not wake up by reading forecasts. It will not happen before the electricity fails, and then it may be too late. Prepare yourself to live in the forests and mountains. Buy clothes and food, a gun or three and a lot of ammunition. Or wake up now and speak out.


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