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  1. Sorry David. I believe what you saying but…. yo ass look like a reptilian. Hahaha and you know secretes that only people that are in those circles should know. Hmmmm just saying.

  2. I just Googled 'was william born on summer solstice', and a lot of astrological information came up which indicates the extreme liklihood of the royals being involved in magical practices.

  3. Also she was held in the tunnel because in France paramedics don’t administer first it like in other countries they carry doctors to and from accident scenes prevent treatment being prolonged….this man is mental

  4. I think there are aliens that exist that eat humans, or maybe they just drink our blood, and that's why I think Princess Diana was killed. I think I'm a sacrifice too. I think this because I remember living previous lives. I remember being killed before multiple times. I think the universe returns to nothing, and then it starts again.

    Maybe I'm wrong about how it happens, maybe we reincarnate into another reality, or the earth somehow resets, but I think we definitely reincarnate as ourselves when we die.

  5. "Royalty need blonde-hair and blue eyes to stabilize their DNA"

    *So, ah, both the princes have brunettes and I don't think there's a blue eye in sight*

    Icke does it again – LOL

  6. when the cow visit Canada,she comes to Victoria,bc because of the history,few people show up then her biggest event is in Saskatchewan(Regina–vagina),the anus of Canada where the most racist and dumbass Canadians live.


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