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  1. What about president did he get it seems the left liberals democrats hate trump and will kill trump if they get a chance…your not even a Christian ick..TRUMP no trump was put in office by God. All because the Christians praying for trump..the whole world is in shock..they cannot believe he got he was not selected..and now the demons know they are fighting God.

  2. It's no joke anymore .everything he says is true. All the So named Royal are fake houses who intermaried and have kids from other royale .The Queen is a maïs daughter her Father was Churchill her sister also . All royale are fake .I know Trump was the chosen one to exposé the globalist deep state .In EU the NAVO are the ones

  3. you are a man with so much knowledge Mr. David Icke and you tell a lot but you do not talk about solutions and I wonder why you never talk about that ??? do you belong to them? do you work for them? why do they tell you so many secrets about them?
    I have more questions than answers and that should not be so? Like your reaction Mr. David Icke

  4. Satan already runs the show and the president is a figure but also the whole world is ran by a hand full of select people and all world leaders control different societies in different ways based off what religion they have been shown to believe to give diversity to the world so that we are all distracted from what is true and concerned about world differences. War is a form of population control. Bin laden is not dead nor Saddam they been given plastic surgery and a large amount of money because they were just figure heads until they needed to implement there plans and once they we're anouced dead it gives people false clarity because they are simply pleased do to the teachings of Justice and then everyone goes back to work just like a lunch break and feeds the machine so to say as government do what they need for control reasons and cancer and other sickness is a man made disease in cigarettes which is why they are addictive and legal to get rid of some of the consumers each year along with what's put in water and don't forget abortions. It's all a plan, your death doesn't matter to government your a number. But honestly if I could get a job working for them and have a great life and protect my family they would have a loyal soldier. You can't ever beat them so might as well get paid, and as a x soldier I would gladly be there security. Nothing you can do talk all you want because you will all wake up, have your coffee and read the news and change nothing with your beliefs or being in the know. David your good at making money and writing books hats off to you man you got the fame you wanted though I do agree but I seriously would love to just work for them because why live with the sheep when I can run with the wolves

  5. I have been listening to David icke on a loop continually for a month!! day and night!!! What a brilliant man..I am getting stronger and feel like this is going somewhere at last.. Thank-you David Icke.. I will try and get to see him at one of his talks that will be brill

  6. This hiden hand is the hand of Satan working with and through the elites that have been deceived by the god of this world. They're worshiping Satan because of what he does for them in THIS LIFE, but make no mistake, our Father in heaven, the FATHER OF ABRAHAM ISSAIC, AND JACOB'S will not tolerate much more of this evil they have perpetrated against HIS people! Except Jesus Christ into your hearts and repent! We can see the vail being lifted. We can see the words of Bible prophecy , written two thousand years ago revealed before our eyes on a daily basis. If you're not born again please ask him into your hearts and get into a good BIBLE WORD CHURCH AND LEARN HOW MUCH FATHER GOD LOVES YOU THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY!

  7. I understand where this guy is coming from but I feel the need to point out that Trump has "inherited" a situation from which there is no easy way out! He should hold off such sever judgment until he actually comes over here and gets better information about what is really going on. Trump is between the rock and the hard place and he is NOT evil and he is NOT stupid. He's doing a lot better than most in his position would be able to.

  8. I dont believe that positions in parliament should be voted on, they are a job that only those with appropriate credentials need apply for. Get rid of this party politics arena of favours, donor agendas, lies and supposed leaks, disgraceful budgets, tax havens for wealthy, income increase for pollies, pensions and international positions for failed politicians.

  9. if David icke is right about all this stuff with the reptilians and aliens and is out there telling the truth why isn't he being warned not to talk about the reptilians, if someone else is reporting on the stuff He's talking about , they either get killed or kidnapped why is David icke get away with reporting this news. ? I question everything and I don't work for any government. your the one who I stupid if you think that David icke is on the up and up. so stop trying to make trouble, you open your eyes, any government who gives up people for experiment's is evil and greedy for power. war is a crime. stop all the killings of humans stop aiding and abiding evil. so we the people who are victim's of these evil governments, have to stick for our shelf's we the people can't control the evil government's are doing. I am against all the killing around the world, and I don't support evil or war. so if you value life stick up for the ones who can't stick up for them shelf's.

  10. What power do we truly have by simppy being aware of the corrupt system we live under?Take a look at the claims of Global Warming and Climate Change for example and we see that It Moves Forward, our 'leaders' have signed us into AGREEMENTS THAT permit implementation of environmental policies and carbon taxing us and if the climate change claims are a hoaxTHE G.DDAMN AGENDA CONTINUES TO MOVE FORWARD AS THOUGH EVERYBODY WERE BELIEVERS OF THE FABRICATED CRISIS! What power do have over the direction 'our' ''elected officials' are taking us? ? No Power is what we see ¿correct?

  11. let me ask you people.if the end of the world was coming and jesus came down and said you need to fight with the evil so you may go to heaven>well don't wait for that do it now.if you can't do it now then what makes you able to do it to go to heaven.your paridice is in front of your eye's but taken over by people that brainwash you into their own way's.your able to go to war and kill others for your country why not fight for the people that wish freedom and and free will to talk say speak and do what they wish without money having to pay and make a better life for all instead of giving your life for a country.we all can have a country and know each other betterand live the way's they do things and if you don't like it then leave or stay an go about your own way but in a manner that doesn't bother the others.learning from eachother puts 2 an 2 together to make 1.think about it but not till the time your in slavery or killed cause it will be to late for yourself and others to come in it.


  13. I have listened and watched lots of video clips on YouTube complaining about Capitalism, Politics, Silicone Valley, George Orwell and how we are all going to become just nothing. Can I now ask? So what are you doing about it? NOTHING.

    I have always been against the system since the 80s. Continued Below ……………………………

    I myself have had enough of talking to people about the subject of becoming a no person, but it is difficult to convert a person already drawn into the system.

    Without unity and leadership these talks are just thought of as corruption by the majority.

    If you want a leader to speak out then I will do this but to just talk will get nowhere.

  14. i agree, how do we get the evil ones out? who volunteers to jail soros, clintons and this ilk? the leftover deep state that trump has not rooted out yet, are creating bad situations with putin? we the people are weakened and the only hero we have is trump.


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