David Icke 2011 – So who do we think we are? Feat. Bill Hicks, Terence Mckenna, David Lynch,…



  1. humans are virus/parasite mechanisms….. you must agree with your host to survive not kill host…"she took in 3 measures of meal and one of leaven and folded in it/hid it in… and this is how the kingdom of heaven is like"<—Jesus…. now the yeast is destroying host…

  2. you cannot continue to offend and still live….youre all abortions spiritually speaking and its the mother being saved from you…she is restored to virgin state as it says (Bathsheba) 4 times……she is more important because she was loved/loving and not offended and you all were there……you fight her…as you realize your favorite place was your favorite because she didn't know you were there..but you were and you kill her and now must restore her 4 times…(this is final)

  3. God is love but love cant love abuse or an abuser…it will have to accept it does not love that..and sorrow as it lets it die..if it wont stop….sometimes a child has to live while the abusers die…because they wont stop…its ok for some flesh to die because its mind pattern will NOT stop…it otherwise BREAKS the heart…children and animal abuse is all day everyday all year…you cant love that…or try to separate it.. and say ok I love the person but not their actions…by that statement it goes on forever ….it needs to die…the flesh with a mind that wont stop evil…..

  4. photon light energy is that i think a love feel good energy, we could be made our souls original started off by the creator as a single photon light particle, i had fainted once and found myself sleeping in a cloude of that energy and it was so peaceful

  5. THIS is the video that woke me up over 5 years ago. 😇 Specifically at the old car new car analogy. Literally a shift in my field of vision occured where every object somehow became 1 object.


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