David Wilcock April 15 2018 — ANCIENT ALIENS RETURN — Corey Goode 2018 #DavidWilcock #DavidWilcock2018 #DivineCosmos #DavidWilcockUFOAliens #DavidWilcockCosmicDisclosure #DavidWilcockThisWeek…



  1. At 1:00:00, David is asked why tv shows and movies show real space technology under the guise of it being science fiction. The real reason the dark forces "hide it in plain sight" is that it's the only way they can actually create it. They must use Human thought forms and emotions in order to manifest material objects and events. It's called Predictive Programming. They plant the idea of the object or event into Human minds and imaginations. From there, and ONLY from there, can it be manifested. So guess who'd been giving the Reptilians all their power? The good news is, their world is now crumbling from beneath them.


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