“Did Ancient Aliens Visit Earth? Is it possible that we have been visited by aliens, but in our ancient past? A massive thank you to our super fans who have supported us on our Patreon page….



  1. there was a theory of inertia and how impossible the Aliens could overcome it by speeding far beyond warp speed. but what if these guys are so advanced as to just tear the fabric of Space and time and just walk through their Universe into ours as easily as we walk through puddles??!!

  2. I think that was a stupid question. this is their planet we are here on their behalf to learn from us how to long for us to survive in a world they had problems with. but now the answer has arisen and we must face facts that we are in big trouble. Taking the rainforest was a big mistake caused by Greed. taking the Trees causes global problems. such as the Icecap and to the freeze that many people will die. but that is Not their concern their concern is the planet and with the Ocean Rising something had to be done before we are doomed to the Ocean that happened in the past histories before. I have to smile at yangsing1 saying who believes in this Seriously. I wish I could say the same but when life. from knowhere and look you straight in the eye you're going to believe it. as nothing on this earth could ever move so fast as this plus using Telekinesis for translating to it was real and not a dream I can tell you that. with proof too but for a reason, it came to me holds only for the reason of speaking out knowing to myself. who on earth is going to believe me but I did anyway. and of the cause ignorance did Take place and now my words have ended and it's up to them what must be done and for us to find that out whenever it comes to us all but I do know ancient Gods has a lot of bearing with us all and are we ready for more Earthquakes yes there will be a few.?

  3. I think its possible because the universe is so big, so many planets. They can't all be barren wastelands of lifeless death, no water, trees or oxygen. There has to be some other places like earth out there with either people just like us or at least some kind of intelligent life. But in all honesty, nevertheless, beware the misinformation of shady coverups and their intent on controlling the masses. Such things are just useless propaganda, lies and a total waist for anyone.

  4. You know in Asia, in South Asia there is a country, you might have heard about that country probably. This channel name is Alltime Conspiracies… yet I find no video about that country which holds the key to all the answers. Kindly do some research about that country, before that forget the past 3000 to 5000 years of that country's history, go past that period. You speak about aliens, there people are still in contact with them

  5. Aliens DO exist, this universe has about 200 billion galaxies each with hundreds of solar systems, how many worlds could there probably be? Ofcourse most planets in our solar system don't have life on it. But that doesn't mean the other countless solar systems are all lifeless. And yes, we can't know exactly since we're not capable of visiting them, yet. But since our universe has a countless number of planets why couldn't there be a chance that there are a huge number of planets out there with intelligent life on it, and/or non intelligent. I am pretty sure we weren't the first intelligent species in this universe since the big bang, and pretty sure that by now we aren't the only ones. Think about it, think logically, we can't be the only ones.

  6. In 1864 aliens visited the earth in there space ship that looked like a giant triangle with an eye on it.when the aliens landed they made a group called the illuminati.then they gathered up the worlds most evil people.These People were none other than Justin Bieber,Shia Labeogh and Ronald mcDonald!!

  7. It is a possibility that aliens have visited Earth but deemed us unintelligent and bothered not to make contact. They may know of our presence but feel it is best to leave us be so our society doesnt panic like the ants we are. Who knows, maybe there is some kind of galactic government where one of the laws is to leave lesser civilizations be, such as ourselves. Or the less fortunate side of this, there are hardly any aliens out there and the universe is nearly empty, that makes me sad.

  8. Half of the aliens skulls are human,Ancient Africans Molded their heads to look like them when they were born and sometimes it would change the skull structure of their head completely

  9. There are many reasons why Aliens Never Visit Our planet.
    Violence, Discriminations, dancing hologram singers, haters everywhere on computers, Twerkings, New Flying Spiders, created a weapon that can destroy a entire city, JB, Fridays, A person hanging on a wrecking ball naked, More twerking, A man that is totally a woman, etc.


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