A few years from now as this object gets near us watch the weather, the earthquakes, when this starts happening planet X or Nibiru is going to be affecting our weather, Hurricanes of possibly…



  1. These idiots sound like Robert Maxwell. They brake down words and force it back to us as fact. I'm sure Robert Maxwell and zacaria sitchen are being guided by the same dark entities, Maxwell admitted in a interview he got visited by entities in his house and he was scared shitless of them. Very interesting is the fact That David iyke had the same kind of experience and both felt a sence of dread when in the presence of these dark beings. You have to question why something would decide to visit these people and more or less force them to share there info with the world.

  2. Check this too the grays are said to be biological robot entity's… Let's build a robot a frame (skeleton) wires taking power to the hydraulics, (veins to muscles) cover the frame (skin) (brain) or CPU…heart or pump… Etc…. Are we biological robots but with a soul? It's a theory.

  3. I'm sorry, but evolution in the Material Sense is actually Hybridization or GMO. We were engineered by the Elohym from 12 aspects of Races that are part of the Zodiac. Evolvement is when the consciousness has become full of Self Awareness and knowledge that it can remove itself from time and space to return to source. The Elohym use the Material world to imprison those who desire to experience limited senses. We are all of the All, and all are equal in the Garden with the Tree of Life. It wasn't my Father who created a Law to be broken, that was the False Alien Gods. Do not let the Angels and Aliens near you in the Afterlife. They want you trapped in their meat suit. You don't need it. Dont kill and you can pass through the Flaming Sword at the East, and eat of the Tree of Eternal Life. The System Lords of Karma are liars, don't truth them. The Stargate is open to all of us!

  4. intellectual evolution in an animal? you can reject it as human and not evolve and your descendants will stay the same. if you thirst for knowledge or choose to evolve intellectually, you change, your dna change, your descendants change. different species, there you go. could certain apes have refused intellectual evolution? could they have possibly refused the forbidden fruits, so they stay in a different place then us with no knowledge of good and evil? maybe?

  5. I got to differ a bit, Neanderthal should be considered another race of modern human. Their brain volume was as large as ours today which is just over 1400 cubit centimeters for a male. And furthermore some 35% of Neanderthal DNA is present in some modern day man. But I believe 20,000 years ago the modern human was more modern and perfect than it is now. The older human male had a brain volume over 1500 cubit centimeters. On average they were taller and healthier as well. But where did those men come from??? they just arrive, and we have been lied to concerning their origins, I think those healthier smarter versions of ourselves may have been from Adam and Eve. And latter a polluting and mixing of our bloodlines took place, first with Neanderthals, then with the watchers, prompting the flood of Noah, and after that, the modern human began flawed as it is.

  6. sir…plz read hindu scriptures….i m pretty sure that it has better explainations for human origin…dont read the stories in it…read the books written in Hinduism as vedas n other scientific scriptures like bhardwaj shastra

  7. "they look like upright walking primtaes" would you look at that, oh wait were also upright walking primates…….yep that's all I had to hear to know this man has no idea what he's talking about.

  8. I agree with that but it's funny and truth all their story's then ironically jesus claims to be one to from heaven then the fight with the fallen and Satan wish to be king but never says of what n who then a woman as Venus stock amongst these god's plus apocalyptic war, why would God punish a woman for bed seven King's or Jerusalem If he stood for Mary magdalen? Then most woman's bed more than seven man's even some do it in a week or every Fridays in club's. Strange all these Angel's n god's story's the Bible as lot's of missing link's too!

  9. Christ said , in these last days all secrets would be revealed, and I see them coming to light, yet, he also said, the worldly could and would NEVER get it, as God has blocked the understanding. case in point, this video. Darwin said it was a theory, he would role over in his grave if he knew what would come of it…….

  10. WRONG, Very Wrong. Every living being that was DNA swapped/crossed was always very disastrous, they failed miserably. What they have "human wise" are horribly disfigured, in pain, short life spans. This is nor an OK by nor from God. Your soul is on the line.

  11. He's got a very good point. With the exception of the Neanderthall all of those hominids that scientist claim we evolved from look NOTHING like us. They look more like apes. You'd think if we slowly evolved from them we would have found some skeletons of our intermediate changes but there are none. That's quite peculiar isn't it? How do you explain that scientists?

  12. If there is literally 12 physical/semi physical living gods and not just some kind of metaphor… 1. hopefully they don't "All have the same personalities" 2. We need to find the Aquarian one LOL +Stars are Souls … I know how Aquarius thinks… because I am one lol and I know that if there is a Pure "Aquarian" Annunaki Living God [ a Real not theoretical one ] It's most likely the one that gets called Prometheus in mythology/stories… and this " God " or whatever it is… won't be petty and will help all life-forms….

    OF course it's most likely just a reference to the zodiac and the 12 divisions of the psyche that we can all exhibit [even if we aren't inclined to exhibit them]

  13. This theory… my goodness.. I've never really been into the whole "Annunaki" in the typical sense perhaps even AT ALL.. but I suppose it could be a "Why not" but what I do know is that the Zodiacal traits are a very legitimate provable phenomenon THAT DOES NOT VIOLATE FREE WILL which always makes me wonder when the number " 12 " Is used +Stars are Souls

    Also the Prometheus mythology always sounded like an Aquarian figure [same with Lucifer knowledge stealing from the gods  to give as a gift to humanity ] I found this http://thezodiac.com/prometh.htm

    What I don't get is assuming it could somehow be true– WHY was zeus such a dick… if he's associated with Sagittarius [which has a giving, generous, self-less, altruistic nature… similar to Aquarius but distinct ]

    Note 30 days are relatively a month… 12 * 30 = 360 degrees [no coincidence ] = full circle

    and yes people are mixed usually.. example I'm primarily Aquarian/Arian/Sagittarian/Leo/Gemini like… Aquarius sun, Aries moon, Aquarius mercury cazimi

  14. At the beginning of 6:126:21, there is a man holding, what looks like a large nail, to another figures head.  Up above the figure in which has the nail to his skull, is another figure which appears to have a form of a face, with a chin, nose, and what looks like a forehead. do you have this scene as a whole?  What is this chip about?

  15. Hey! HEY!! You guys settle down…if I have to pull this car over, we're going back home and you can all forget about ice cream t'night! And where do you kids pick up that kindo' language anyway? You keep it up I'm tellin' your mother! I'm serious! Knock it off!

  16. Duh! Sumaria was NOT the first culture. Vedic civilization (up to 9000BC!) was the oldest known culture(As per research and available accounts). Of course, there could have been much older inhabitants of this planet; who is to know.

  17. this video is made for the uneducated. if one takes a world civilization class in college you will learn all about the civilizations these so called historians are talking about. people please educate your self. im not saying intelligent live in other world does not exist if it exists here why not some where else in the trillions of galaxies. we must remember the earth is only a few billion years old. in the universe there are billions of galaxies which are older then our own which could lead to a group of advanced civilizations who might have visited earth but, to believe these guys is simply silly. 

  18. how is it that in todays man, ,every bonehead  theory can become a fact when repeated enough ?As much as I like Pry ! he is putting the Anunnaki in the wrong time frame. Since Sitchin's  book the 12 planet, ,which I have read! with the form or cuniforms becoming assessable to more people! it is presently understood the ANU was only a royal family in Sumer ,his sons were princes of the Royal household,,Enik,,Enlil were not aliens from Nibiru! I also read divine encounters a lone with some of his other pieces of the earth chronicles series that he wrote ? with all respect for the dead ,but Sitchin has turn out to be nothing more than charlatan with a active imagination, playing on people's innocent enquiry! and the need to know more about the meaning of life as we know it at this point of our existence  ????????????

  19. These guys are full of it.  They use just enough fact (Jason Martell @ 2:51) to make this arguable, and not be completely laughable.  They do not understand evolution, culture or even proper science, as they are expressing opinion as fact over and over.

  20. Where is the proof for this??this is a joke that some will believe because hey I seen it on the web,most people are not even aware that they took one tooth and made up a human skeleton n said here is proof we evolved n another one when someone took a orangutan n human skull and put them together n said we found proof we evolved.Wake up Sheeple.

  21. All of this garbage has been THOROUGHLY debunked. If not by logic and research, then by time itself. 2012 was a TOTAL NO SHOW! Stichin was a lying little yard gnome! Put this nonsense away and begin the road back to reality today!

  22. This is ludicrous delusional fantasy.

    Mitochondrial DNA does tie us to the apes as our genetic foundation.
    It's Science. Provable Science, not fantasy like this crap.
    Is there other life in the Universe? I don't know. We haven't found unequivocal proof either way yet, but, it seems pretty likely to me, in light of the sheer quantity of planetary bodies we actually have found so far, which are in the 'Goldilocks" zone that other life has evolved and does exist out there. 

    The known Universe is vast and it seems we have only begun to scratch the surface of it.

    We don't need fantasy to explain or justify our existence.

    The truth, real provable truth is more amazing and interesting than delusional fantasies of individuals with an agenda other than knowledge such as that presented here have to offer us.


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