A Former District Attorney in Pennsylvania faces disciplinary action over her alleged “ex parte” communications with judges as well as a fake Facebook profile allegedly used to “snoop” improperly…



  1. I am wondering what the proper channels would have been for some of her staff to go through, if they thought something was "fishy" with her conduct and/or the Facebook account? Who would be the proper authorities to turn to, to report misconduct by a DA? Or, to put it another way "who watches the watchmen" (aside from the disciplinary board)?

  2. Curious as to how the text messages were recovered, and how a deleted text can still have the first 30 characters recovered. I suspect that the Respondent thought she could get away with it because she didn't think the text messages could be recovered after deletion.

  3. Wow, from what I gather…all attorneys have to abide by the same honor code as a West Point cadet. To not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate others that do. The good judges and lawyers make for certain everybody under them act accordingly. it's the ones who think they can game the system, or cover their tracks that's a problem. Ultimately no matter what they'll get caught and suffer the consequences.

  4. I'm not a lawyer, just a curious person who likes learning about the law. This brings up questions I have always wondered about….ex parte communications: by their very nature, it doesn't happen in the open, so how does one suspect and then prove ex parte communication has occurred? Does it occur under the radar fairly often?
    Any lawyers out there who can shed some light on the subject? Or maybe know of some resources where I can learn more?
    Thanks! Love the show!

  5. well im a bit confused. if a stupid criminal puts a rape he or she committed on his or her facebook am i not allowed to report it?. am i breaking the law every time i view a facebook profile?

  6. It's called 'Marxist Feminism'. I've noted many of these in municipal services and growing since the 70's. Arrogant, outraged, bitter, unable to separate their personal feelings from their jobs, and they usually have a coven of other Marxists they can reflect off of in their offices and interdepartmentally. Currently I am dealing with such a bubble, in my city govt. They'll take a champion, support her elevation in the department at hand and echo her sentiment one to the next until the system gets bullied into a new shape of interaction with people, they don't like. In years passed it was called 'corruption', now days it's called 'systemic sexism' and is de facto in tool many states… look at Governor Brows of Calif. and Oregon… the epitome of this… corruption.

  7. all criminals are stupid. the ones who get away with it have the damage they cause fall on ignorant or lazy people( i don't mean the victims, i am referring to the authorities that have the jurisdiction to act)

  8. The willful disregard for the rights of the public frustrates the heck out of me, but the fact that she was caught and is being brought to full Justice gives me hope.

  9. I wish I could say this surprises me. Sorry but I have had DAs lie not just about me and what was said but do it in court. This one ADA wanted to win and thought it was okay to lie to me about the entire situation and when asked it this was agreement I should have a lawyer help me with said I had no need for a lawyer. That is why after I got screwed for looked to learn about the law. That time it was about money but I started learning the law to it I had to defend my freedom!

  10. Stacy Parks Miller's troubles were known before the election, so why she even ran is a puzzle. She lost the election, which is convenient for the taxpayers.

  11. I'm a retired cop from Centre County where STACY PARKS MILLER wrath was unleashed.. COPS here hated STACY PARKS MILLER. Our local FOP actually endorsed her challenging candidate BERNIE CANTORNA instead of her (the incumbent). She lost BIG TIME. The citizens in Centre County had seen enough! Stacy has cost our county hundreds of thousands, Sued our county council members, Bernie Cantorna and many citizens in her quest for vengence!! She is a psychopathic raging narcissist who has ruined many innocent lives here. Judge Lunsford was made an offer he couldn't refuse by the Judicial Review Board. He was allowed to retired with his pension. Judge Grine was given a letter of reprimand by the Judicial Review Board and is still a sitting judge in Centre County. Our President Judge Thomas Kistler had a DUI last Fall – struck a crossing guard and kept going! He was only charged with DUI and was still hearing cases while his case was going through. I heard he got ARD because he was not charged with leaving the scene of the accident or failure to render aid. He retired but still will be judging cases when his ARD is completed. THIS COUNTY IS THE WORST IN PA. STACY PARKS MILLER deserves to lose her law license permanently. Nothing short of that will satisfy the residents of Centre County.

  12. Unfortunately, with the chummy relationships between lawyers and judges, this probably happens more often than one thinks. Sadly, I've personally witnessed misconduct from the bench where things like this were obviously happening.

  13. What the hell did this woman think she was doing? Seriously? Holy crap, that is some massive misconduct and may open the county to lawsuits.

    Now I want to know what ultimately happened to those judges who violated their offices. Lundsford should lose his pension and/or retirement from the county.

  14. You should make a weekly "news style" video where you make a summary of stuff like this!! I'm sure it would be a success.. I am curious about the story and want to know what happened, but I don't have de time to watch a 51:00 long video haha. I'm sure I'm not alone. Think about it!

  15. You don't have to be a genius to be a lawyer, but this woman seems surprisingly dim to be a DA. She seems to have an unusually fragile ego and a poor grasp of … everything. Worst of all is the name "Britney Bella," which sounds like a porn star name. Didn't anybody ever tell her not to lie about things if there's proof that contradicts your story?

  16. That truly sad part, is that while this instance is on the extreme end, variations of these things are so common as to borderline on cliché. Prosecutors, District Attorneys and Judge, and often even Court Appointed Council, engage in all manner of Ex Parte shenanigans on a regular basis. One of the most common examples in my home state is Judges, Prosecutors and Court Appointed Deffense Council negotiating "Plea Agreements" outside of the court, without the knowledge of the Defendant. It's a common practice used to "trade off" case load. It keeps Convictions up and Court Expenses down.


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