1. 3;50 we cant colonize mars yet we needa wait about 250-350 years. The martains there we wont be able to survive aganist them unless we make friends/allies cause they're much taller,stronger, and more advanced then us. they live under ground cause of nuclear wars they used to have back then in the 10-17 centry they had paintings of fireworks in the sky in space .

  2. I don't know if this is the one I'm watching on T.V.? Listen this guy has us evolving into grey aliens on mars, but we can't evolve on Earth to fight low back pain & sun cataracts? You don't want low back pain don't sit on your ass! Do sit ups, low back arches & plank! & when the Asians reach mars there eyes will evolve into white people's. Brilliant! I'm glad we got these theories documented!

  3. your minds are so primitive but then so is mine the truth is so in your face the greatest war ever seen happen before we where capable of building our own shelter we will all soon perish arque if u want


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