1. icke…..WRONG. Trump a puppet??? whats Hilary? Trump is ok its the deep state and beyond. Dont forget, EVERYONE HATES TRUMP< EVERY COUNTRY< POPE <EU….LEFT THE RIGHT< EVERYONE. ICKE on the wrong path…sorry CUCK

  2. Wow! As a huge trump fan I feel David is still right or else trump would b doing the things every conservative given the chance would do, today I feel like if trump he were to do what he said he would do he would have to go full dictatorship, the left won't let anything good happen but then I wonder if it's all meant to b this way

  3. Pretty much everyone realizes North Korea is dangerous and tyrannical, as they shoot missiles into the sky and say they're gonna "get us," but because they're on some sort of "list," it proves that Trump is "owned." Sorry David… I see where you're going with that, but there really isn't enough to draw that conclusion. And the only thing regarding Iran is the absurd Kerry deal being revoked.

  4. I do not agree with everything Ikes says but I do agree what he says about Trump. He was just put into office to give Americans hope and keep them calm until the Satanic globalist are ready to take America totally down. Never has there been so much hate on TV with news media and actors toward any President. Especially one who is trying to do everything to make America prosperous and safe again. It's all an act.

  5. No ma bru…on this one you missed it completely. Trump is a HUGE enemy of the evil forces. He is one for the people cause he is one of the people…David you must repent and find Jesus…

  6. You are wrong about Trump. So long Icke. You were a bad ass but not any more. You've slid away from the truth. And because you still blame the good Americans for supporting Trump I bid you fare well

  7. They delete my comments or hide it concerning the artwork in a bank regarding lots of sinster things about trmp and an Eclipse on the artworks to. I got kicked out for months before. They deleted a video about it which had lots of interesting facts I never knew before I had a chance to finish watching it. Evil I have no doubt trmp is part of some agenda they are using him for. They are all jesuits.

  8. Most of these guys are fr33masons.. Icke for sure is.. just at look at his hand signs.. all run by the joos..there are no such thing as aliens it’s just the joos…ffs

  9. Dislikes from 'patriotic' people too obtuse to see the facts. Remember Trump saying all the bullshit of "draining the swamp"?? well the swamp is actually the elite, the same elite he's working for. Just watch him with a fucking kippah in fucking israel kissing that stupid wall… what a fucking joke.


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