Experts take a look at the strategies a hostile alien race might use to conquer planet Earth in this bonus scene from “Alien Invasion”. #Doomsday Subscribe for …



  1. History, why did you recently remove this episode from your website? DM me if there is sensitive info you don't wish to share with the public at large. I am a concerned citizen who is paying attention.

  2. Powered armors of various design and sizes, gunships and starships of various sizes and weapons, combat drones, plasma shields, powerful directed-energy weapons, electromagnetic accelerator weapons, miniazturized missiles, miniaturized fusion nuclear weapons, nanobot weapons, artificial gravity weapons are needed.

    Better if humans spread first and kill every alien civilizations that is contacted.

  3. Scenerio… there is this alien race that seeks to colonize anywhere and everywhere they CAN …They have been doing exactly that for a billion years ….how would it look? I'm thinking NOT via huge armies and weapons but via the tried and true reproductive method …so a "mother ship" (one of MANY) roams the universe looking for the next place to spawn …it spots earth and immediately begins to do it's thang ….study study study plan plan plan ….no rush …learn to communicate, learn the politics the religions, the morals and then? Come in with whatever the best story concoction might fly with the ridiculously gullible humans …."our planet was destroyed by an evil race …WE are like YOU? We are good folks that just need a place to settle in long enough to do repairs and resupply…etc etc …and look we will share technology with you! Which we WOULD buy hook line and sinker..we would hand right over some big swath of real estate and enroll them, employ them befriend them ….mean while they are having millions and millions of baby aliens and carefully assembling exactly what they need to take complete control of one more planet…and overwhelmingly? humans? NEVER saw it coming…We would HELP them in every way we could I am afraid …and we would perish as the weaker foolish being

  4. If Aliens Are Real Then Yes I Can Imagine Aliens Could Attack Us And Killed Us,
    But Would It Also Be Possible If There's Would Be Any Survivors Of Us Now That's The Real Question Than We All Need Too Answer

  5. I don’t understand how some people actually believe we would be capable of an effective counterattack. Not only would a counterattack fail, but it would never even BEGIN. Any civilization powerful enough to traverse the universe would have the firepower and intelligence to wipe us out before we could even figure out what was going on.

  6. if anything the aliens should be afraid of us for sure because we sure can fight back we won't back down from aliens if we can fight against any physical threat we sure can fight aliens and win

  7. tell these guys that well the humans will win because the aliens are dumb and stupid and there are humans on this earth that have a chance to fight back that can fight back for sure

  8. my daughter told me just this morning that she dreamed about alien invasion, just like this video. she said that they fire the entire plain earth, only the center left, and then all people died, and then the earth came back, and then everyone alive….she was cryin

  9. if our technology is already high,it will be a frikkin star wars…rebel and empire teams up to fight the aliens….there will be tie fighters and the imperial star destroyers…and there will be death star that shots lazerbeam and 1 shot destroy alien ships…there will be at-at with energy shields and jedi's,humans will not extinct this time!we will counter attack the aliens for what theyve done to our peoples and end this invasion right now.."WE WILL REMEMBER THIS, AS THE LAST DAY OF THE ALIENS"copying speech from star wars the last jedi"


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