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  1. Alex if you drank more water you voice would not have that sound like you are talking on vocal cords I am a singer and it makes me nervous to hear this no one wants nodes on their vocal cord IMHO

  2. The Young Turks are actually defending George Soros. Unbelievable. They can't be that stupid. They are just traitorous scum bags..

  3. Alex great show you are right. I have the full interview saved where it has soros saying how he stole from the jews and he had no remorse because if he didnt someone else would of. And yes Hitler did team up with Islam.

  4. On this one, Alex, you are off-base–over exagerating and forgetting Trump is a negotiator… you need to let to see how things reall do pan out in terms of "gun control," Politially his back is against the wall–he has to nutrialize all these false flag attacks–or the deep state will keep doing them, and TRUMP knows this. The deep state is holding the populace hostage–and that is a difficult place for TRUMP to be. He has to work his way out of that spot–or guess what??? MORE FALSE FLAGS.

  5. Alex, I am looking forward to delivery today of my 3-month supply of emergency food from InfoWars. The price was excellent and I didn't even compare shop because I know the product is the best! Everyone, please know the banks are in trouble. Get your InfoWars food shipments now while the trucks are still rolling. And buy Ethereum. I'm 63 and live on SS but I bought Ethereum early which means I am no longer in financial trouble. I hodl my stack because in a few years, I'll be set for life. Trump is not going to do anything about our guns. See Franz Glaus comment below mine.

  6. Cenk Uygur is so stupid doing that video. He just put a huge target on himself for all Nazi Hating Patriots around the World to funnel him out and hang him by the balls. Let's see how he sings Soros praise then.

  7. Q: What do you think of Muslims?
    A: It's none of your fuckin business.
    Q: What do you think of Christians?
    A: It's none of your fuckin business.
    Q: What do you think of Russians?
    A: It's none of your fuckin business.
    Q: What do you think of Fags?
    A: It's none of your fuckin business.
    Q: What do you think of Democrats?
    A: giwudh idudh qwdh udhi qwd hqh q dhdqud qdid qidhqdhuq Shyt!!!

  8. Sometimes to remove a stake well sunk into the ground you need to shake it, move it left and right to make some room then pull it out in one shot. Trump is getting the ground reading for a major swamp clean.

  9. If we make this "right vs. left", we have half the US people against us. If we make this "the people vs. the satanic globalists", it is 99.999% vs. 0.001%, and we will win. There is just as much evil in the Republican party as there is in the Democratic party. The higher you go up the pyramid, the more evil there is. We need to take out the top, and reform the bottom.

  10. Finally! Hey Alex, told you so, I wish I could say Cruz was the answer as I supported him in primary! But Cruz is swamp as well because of his vote for that debt bill! Don't vote GOP ever again!

  11. It is awful to feel hate for people but I am coming to the point where I despise dems because they are no different than communists. I am sick of their lies and their propaganda and all i can say is when they finally push good people too far it will be their blood flowing in the streets and they would have asked for it.

  12. Due process? Take people to court to prove something BEFORE they are punished? WOW! That sounds great! Trump just said act first and THEN think about due process! I don't care how you spin that, it is wrong and Trump had BETTER come forward to explain himself about THAT statement! I have tried to overlook a lot of his faux pas, but this one is different. I am beginning to think Trump is the mother of all false flags. I hope I am wrong.

  13. I choked when I heard the disinformation about Texas history. Look, the facts are clear and history cannot be rewritten with an 'ends justify means' mentality. This is not meant to discredit the great state of Texas, just to put give history (and FACTS) their due. Alex makes me sad, I want so much to support what he stands for, but often he emulates the very dark forces he claims to be conquering. The sad truth is power (and fame) corrupt to the degree they are held.


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