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  1. The US public should organize a huge CLASS ACTION suit against the media giants for producing a DANGEROUS and DEFECTIVE PRODUCT. Why should the media be immune for lying to the people and damaging the citizens? If tobacco companies settled a suit (for a product labeled as hazardous) for 200 Billion, the Media should be sued for Three Trillion!

  2. can you verify what you mean by "Government" if you talk of Google and Youtube, reporting directly to the "Government"??? I was of the opinion, that Donald Trump is the Head of "the Government"!? What do you mean, how do you sort this out?

  3. Corsi is correct. We the People own the back bone of the internet, have paid for and invented the technology (through publicly funded grants) that is used by these ISPs and Cable monopolies. We the People also have the legal right to dictate the terms of how we regulate the corporations that we allow to be chartered. We the People hold all the keys, and all the locks, and only the ideologues of the libertarians and Communist/Globalists keeps We the People from seeing and realizing the power we actually hold. YES! A mandate to extend the Bill of Rights 1st and 4th Amendments (or all of it) to the PUBLIC SQUARE is the solution to the Leftwing fascism. Make it so!

  4. People think Google is an "American Corp." ….
    Look at what & how they've been shaping/helping China's internet access systems ……..
    wake the fuck up – the world is a NWO/CORPORATE run system , NOT nationalities

  5. Look, we have these asshats dead to rights on the Parkland shooting. But, we have to push back and demand a proper investigation. We have to pull on that thread to unravel the story line and expose the deep state to the rest of the world. We have a teacher on Good Morning America that states one of the shooters was wearing full body gear, helmet and face mask. WHERE IS THAT EQUIPMENT???
    Additionally, we have a few swat outfitted people carrying a heavy duffel bag out of the school immediately after the shooting and throwing it into the back of an UNMARKED pickup truck and we can not only see their faces but we see the driver throwing a couple of bags out of the cab and onto the sidewalk which is picked up by another of those men, most likely evidence to be planted at the crime scene.
    This has all the markings of a private paramilitary operation. WHERE IS THE INVESTIGATION? See, they have changed the narrative on the internet by this past weeks effort by facebook and Youtube to censor the channels of those talking about this. Now we can see that we collectively have moved the conversation over to censorship when IMO, we should stay on the topic that got everyone censored to begin with. That is what the black hats are trying to censor and cover up! We have a chance to blow up the whole narrative surrounding 2nd amendment issues and we are not pursuing it.


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