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  1. It appears the yank your chain game is going on, intended to make you frustrated, wear out your patience, discourage and demoralize you.Spread the meme 'goolagle' – definition: a psy–op designed to divide, isolate, and electronically censor the multitudes; patterned after soviet styled siberian gulags under Stalin. (you saw this here first)

  2. Dr.Corsi you are totally on point with the need for a Internet bill of rites and it must be implemented yesterday! I had a bad feeling years ago that it was dangerous to have the power to control so much info on the Internet like you tube does and others but at the time I believed the censorship were seeing now would be impossible to pull off well now we know the truth. Bottom line there must be financial penalties for this or it will never end and as we know they are only motivated when there bottom line is in pearl.


    Protect Your 1st Amendment Rights

    Sign the Petition

    Right Now we have until March 7th to get 100,000 signatures.

    Together we can make our voice be heard and help to protect those who have been threatened, intimidated, censored and banned.

    Sign the Petition Today to fight against Internet censorship and to Protect our 1st Amendment Rights.

    Thank You!



    BTW: I just got a ban myself. You better sign FAST.

  4. Minds, Gab, Bitchute are some places to go if YouTube goes dark. YouTube is shutting down conservative creators. There are other platforms other than YouTube that are open to conservative creators. Sue YouTube.

  5. Go to Gab and read "discord" to get the news every day and post. No worries. Dr.Corsi it could also be that the psych op being pursued is to unsteady you , to shake you up by changing your status on these pages every day or frequently

  6. this video continually loops. YouTube may have "reinstated " Dr. Corsi, but I bet they will interfere with his channel all they can…. yes gab is where I am headed with others. but still need to support the fight in stopping free speech from YouTube, et al..

  7. Theres no money on the righteous politics and wotker harder for the same pay. People should not be surprise also why idiots are set loose like rabid dogs. In hope it will miraculously turns things around to their favor since they have all the money eager beaver intel dept bots need to make it work for them.

  8. I believe this is willful and deliberate infringement on the 1st Amendment right of free speech perpetrated by contract between Alphabet, Google, Youtube and ultra-left radical organizations SPLC, the ADL and 100 other secret contracts with extremist 'trusted flaggers' is knowingly unconstitutional censorship and falsifying viewership data. We, the people (both YT contributors AND YT consumers AND advertisers) now have the power to hit the Monopolies with class action anti-trust and civil-rights lawsuits for BILLION-dollar damages for tortuous interference, denial of fundamental civil rights, etc. Just remember not to file in a court controlled by a liberal-biased jurist. Lawyer on retainer only. Please note the shift of viewership from YT to Bitchute and Dtube. The advertisers will follow the money.

  9. When we have our new platforms let there be NO MERCY for You Tube, Twitter or Facebook.let there be total EXODUS! In the meantime, search for alternatives anyway. When I get a notice for a video I just need to click on a link and I go there. However, video creators should make it easy to find on the page when I get there. Not have to look over the whole website to find it. Make it easy to view your video. And like most of us we want the latest news, 1 or 2 weeks old news is ancient in this day and age. Thanks video creators.

  10. Maybe they're hoping you'll forget about investigating Eric S. and Google, because they know you're so capable and well connected. I fully support your sentiments about the spooks and their draconian need to control us all, and I respect your offer to duke it out with ES in any venue of his choosing. BTW, as you were talking about this, your audio became "wobbly" (obvious tampering). Yes, do NOT let ES off the hook! He fully deserves to go down for his many crimes, and to lose his assets under the 12/21 executive order (DJT's gift to them on one of their pagan holidays?). All the Marxist tactics you're talking about (defamation, theft of free speech and other rights, monitoring, etc.) are things many of us anonymous conservatives are experiencing; it would be awesome to see these bad actors neutralized.

  11. Sadly we KNOW that the harassment will continue, and be switched "ON" and OFF" like a faucet – much to the irritation of everyone involved. Dr Corsi is an honourable man who displays greater morality than anyone who works for YouTube.

  12. Beware!!! This was just a test run to measure how we counter them so next time their "adjustments" will be unstoppable especially if they pull a fast one 1 month before the 2018 elections. I think trump should call all of these tech giants and demand they go to the White House were trump can order them to cease and desist all subversive actions and tell them Trump will assign OBSERVERS to make sure they do not try any hanky panky during the election.

  13. Schmidt Schumer Schiff Pelosi Feinstein Wasserman-Schultz Sheriff Scott Israel Zuckerberg Bezos Bill Gates (of the evil Monsanto) Podesta Brothers John Kerry George Bush (and family) Anderson Cooper Wolf Blitzer – the list goes on and on – what do they all have in common?
    Who owns Google Facebook Amazon Twitter You Tube?
    Who controls central banking in the Western world?
    Who owns almost all of Western mainstream media?
    Who owns and control our politicians?
    Who has their own ethno state in the Middle East where thousands of immigrants are deported (mostly to Sweden!) because they want to keep their race pure?
    Who has their own ethno state that is surrounded by a Wall and uses racial profiling and DNA testing to ensure the purity of the race?
    Who makes up only 0.2% of the world's population and yet holds over half of the world's wealth?
    Answer – Jewish Zionists
    Why do we allow Jews to run our homelands into the ground and bleed them dry and flood us with hostile immigrants, when Jews in Israel would never allow such interference in their homeland from foreigners?
    Israel has been treating wounded ISIS fighters in hospital in the Golan Heights for some time – google it, there are many links to articles on this including in the Jerusalem Post and other Israeli papers – ISrael = Real IS
    For the well hidden Jewish background of the Bush family google Tex Marrs.

  14. Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered over 50 million people in the former USSR after having murdered the Royal family. Churchill said of the Jews at the time 'the Jews have the people of Russia by the hair of their heads and are undoubtedly in control of that great empire' – yet now Jews run the power bases of the Western world through their control over almost all to do with the flow of money (they control central banking) and the flow of information , they own almost all of Western mainstream media. Therefore they own our politicians – we never learn from history. Jews committed the 2nd greatest atrocity in history (next to Communist China) and have NEVER been held to account due to their control over us all.
    Google GENRIKH YAGODA – just one of the mass murdering Jewish Bolshevik Gulag bosses – he alone was responsible for the deaths of over 7 million people and yet barely anyone has ever heard of him or any of his genocidal maniac colleagues – WHY?


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