Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins Alex Jones live via Skype to reveal why he’s worried about President Trump initiating a trade war with economic and political powers across the world. Help us spread…



  1. There are sectioning stalkers police stating and physically trafficking people in my area of Lincoln Nebraska all the way to near ohio. They have been drawing my name in the clouds , Gangstalking and plotting / spotting/ stalling my life. All while convincing me its not okay to fight for my life. There are people stealing my identity and torturing my family in Nebraska city USA and the cia fbi nsa every one of the above are just allowing this massive infiltration of securuty to the point where actual Post points are being noticed and people are being human trafficked into their societies and murdering civilians with technologies only our military can apply. Using spy tech to torment and torture shouldnt get this dark or far.

  2. If goods and trade don't cross borders then army's will but fuckem they put tarrifs on us then we have none let's get fair trade not free trade for other countries

  3. Question off video topic. Dr. Pieczenik, and Mr. Roger Stone are at a difference in Reporting concerning the Mueller investigation. Which is it? Pieczenik has implied that Trump and Mueller are actually working together while Roger Stone implies that Mueller is after Trump, which is what the majority of videos relate to. Confusing, and more information would be appreciated from anyone that might know.😎

  4. Trump is going to crush the economy and all you poor peasants are going to suffer. On the bright side, If you have a 9 to 5 miserable job, you won't have to do it anymore.

  5. Well living in Britain, it’s on us to get our house in order, if we need to rely on America post brexit, we should have thought about that, besides Obama cane over and said if we voted brexit he wouldn’t trade with Britain at all, asshole, point being, presidents can change, I’d be disappointed if trumps help was pivotal, though support is definitely welcome and appreciated, British steel seems to have had other problems in recent years

  6. I don’t believe governments should eat involved at all in these trade matters, if you really really believe in capitalism you should just let the markets run, I don’t think it matters like it used to though, putting tariffs on things that is, it’s a larger world than it was in the 30s, more buyers and sellers it there

  7. we put 25% on steel import to the u.s ANY WHERE. They will add 25% to the steel to compensate so it will kill many JOBS its that simple. if i lose my job nobody gets my vote people are losing faith in the two party system. The tea party will have a wake up.

  8. This is interesting, to say the least:
    -a metal tariff would allow local metal-manufacturing industries to finally compete, but would also result in a likely cost increase whether short or long term (which is ironic considering how dems criticized Trump for once using imported steel and now bitch about him preventing that from ever happening again)
    -however, this also makes manufacturing ALL goods problematic due to a lot of companies relying on cheap imported metal to make things, meaning that local industries would need to drop prices FAST to avoid a wide-scale cost increase in most goods.

  9. What nonsense,Trump is bringing on a trade war!!! That war started years ago… thus we have few factories left, massive trade deficits and crap jobs. Our products can't be sold overseas because of FOREIGN TARRIFS… our decent manufacturing jobs were offshored to the advantage of the elites who wish to take us down. Tax the crap out of the Chinese junk! Buy American.

  10. A tariff war would bring this country back!!!
    Dr. Pieczenik is in over his head.
    National Security and American Industry don't come back without American Steel.
    Inflation will happen BECAUSE OF ENDLESS MONEY PRINTING…

  11. A tarriff war will only arise if the other countries retaliate by raising their tarriffs. But given that they have had some excellent deals at Americas expense Trump knows that they need America more than he needs any one of them. Checkmate!

  12. Globalist interdependence is already established. It took decades for the current economic system to be established and reversing it would be extremely painful and slow. A domestic economic recovery based on national independence would take much longer than any one President’s term, and that would be the case even if the rest of the government were on board with the nationalist agenda. The globalists have us by the balls. OTOH, it’s nice to know that Goldman Sachs are good guys, now 🤪

  13. Sorry, but the doc is correct on the affects of this tariff. What Trump is doing is raising the price to something closer to what it would be if the foreign competition weren't subsidizing the steel industry. So, yes, that will raise the price of steel, period. That's inflation. Still needs to be done.

  14. Lol Steve got Alex to shill for Goldman Sachs, "Goldman Sachs isn't so bad if it works for the country" no alex the Jews are a parasite to America and your kids are slaves to them lmfao. 100 trillion in Jewish usury.

  15. Oh come on Steve the secret service and FBI are so great they let the school shooter off after getting multiple calls about him?! They failed , they are so greedy and nasty that they allowed children to die and it makes me sick. I think anyone in that office is despicable just because of that and I used to respect them . NEVER again. I don't trust them and I have zero faith in them sorry . If they allow children to die because of politics and sell out Americans to line their own pockets they are sickening human beings . They do not work for the American people they work for the banks and the globalists and have betrayed our trust like everyone else in Washington. The only thing I trust anymore is God and they will all have to answer to him for what they did.


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