Humanity is not just genetically comprised of Annunaki and primate/homo-erectus. There is much more diversity within us than that, spiritually and also genetically. This includes before the…



  1. The alien races seeding earth Gigi talked about is also being discussed by a whistleblower named Corey Goode where he revealed 22 races were created, and the information came from beings living under Antarctica. Interesting stuff. Also the golden hue or glow of humans is discussed by Alison Coe and the many QHHT hypnosis sessions she is reporting on, including a possible event happening in March 2018 that will shift all of us into this golden state. Again, interesting to find overlaps from unrelated sources. Cool stuff.

  2. This was great.. I am just waking up to all this so it was good to hear your ideas… on a side note I have a very very similar mirror and console that I see behind you! 🙂

  3. GiGi, You need to invest In a quality microphone, and do sound checks before you start dear. This one came through as hollow and distant. hard to define words. Good Hunting.

  4. It is damaging, and a disempowering message if we choose to accept it. Human beings are amazing and powerful and have a compilation of DNA from the most magnificent ET beings. We are only slaves if we choose to be. In truth, we are sovereign, free, and powerful creators!

  5. Spot on. Are you of Scottish descent? You are a beautiful soul. I'm Scottish/ French Canadian and do to my vivid visions believe I'm also connected to the pelaidians. I have the rare 0- blood which is copper based and not connected to the earth realm. Would love to chat and pick your brain. What is your thoughts on the RH- blood lines ? Some think they are divine and others extraterrestrial.

  6. actually the creators are all about themselves as well. leaving self out of the picture is in no way better or righter than doing it for self gain. It's not some sort of disconnected process. Think of growing a plant in your own house. You tend to it so it would be ok and also would be ok for you to have it in your own house. With living, conscious beings it's more complex but just as easy. What's good for one, is good for everyone. There are no different levels of care or love… you either care or not. You either are living being aware of your connection to everything and everyone or you live in illusion of separation and conflict, struggle, work, war, etc. anyway, if you create something you don't leave yourself out, but you do your best. to create something with love. anything else would be like, being a robot, or like having a relationship where in fear of being demonic you reduce yourself to nothingness. Such a way of being is not universal, though it can plague many planets, it is a plague. Still in recent times… it's unique to human education, conditioning which is very demonic.

  7. zacharia stitchin was one of those masonic guys who took some ancient knowledge and perverted it for western audience for their own gain. Look up their great work of ages, which is basically converting humans into disconnected, mercantile, demonic society. so what such a guy, who has no education about ancient languages can say about… what was

  8. 25.00 ..Jesus Christ…that just came to me yesterday> ,,that other planets are more simple (or can be more simple ,just like you describe it ..a desert planet an ocean planet a forests planet etc whereas earth is all together.. Is not just the topography but the animals they sustain ..say ..lizards versus rabbits ..totally different concept , which is why earth seems a mess and a paradox at least to me

  9. Totally agree with most of what you are saying. I also do not feel we were made to be slaves when we have the ability to be so much more… I have a question: Are the Annunaki and Reptilians the same? I hear some theories say that they are, but what do you feel?

  10. See the documentary Ancient Aliens Debunked. This fable about the Annunaki began w failed journalist Zachariah Sitchin. He claimed to be able to translate Sumarian, but has since been found to have been a fraud. The content and English translations of the Sumerian tablets are now available for free on the Web. The concept of Annunaki having descended from the sky is another Sitchin misfire. Annunaki actually means of royal blood or "princely" blood. Which makes sense as Anu was the sky god. So his descendants (as usually ancestry claimed to shore up legitimacy to rule) could claim divine right or heritage. Finally, and to Gigi's point about the search for gold, this may be Sitchin's most harmful lie. This concept is mentioned NOWHERE in the actual Sumerian tablets. Zippo. None. This concept is so prevalent today, because for many years there were not many Sumerian scholars and those that had that expertise were not wasting time w Sitchin as he essentially was a just a random yahoo. By the time the "truth caught up with this lie" this myth had worked its way into Ancient Alien theory and what Gigi describes as the Collective (consciousness). This may be hard to believe so please do not take my word for it. Search for the truth yourself via the internet. Be sure to look specifically for the views of ACTUAL Sumerian scholars. Also I can highly recommend the documentary I cite above. It has 6.5 million views and is really great at debunking many of the lies that this TV series peddles, unknowingly (by not verifying claims) and knowingly by stretching the truth. It is important to base our understanding in this area on as much personal and collective truth as possible. It is tough neigh sometimes to figure out what is going on without throwing fraud, and the naked pursuit of money into the mix. Cheers!


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