Alex Jones issues an emergency message to President Trump and the gun grabbing politicians on capital hill trying to push him into turning on his base so the next election slips from his hands….



  1. If Trump has been involved in adultery I do think he will lose most of his voters. Just sayin… can't trust a man who can't keep his pants on. Plus the shame for the First Lady and Baron with ALL THE WORLD LOOKING ON, I mean how screwed up is that? That isn't caring or love. I can't talk as many years ago I committed adultery, and it took me years until I became disabled to understand what I had actually done to my children and others around me. Yes, I was in a domestically violent situation, but that was no excuse. I should have got on my knees and prayed to the Lord for support and stuck my nose in my KJV Bible and followed God's Word. I do hope it is wrong and a false flag, but I am so sad at this time, so very sad and thinking of Melania. She so doesnt deserve this pile of shite AJ. Lets put it in perspective.

  2. It's Christmas for the Traitorous Gun-grabbers and Trump is a Happy/Elated Santa Clause!    

    NOTICE: HOW the Word Heading under them belies the entire Subject at hand/being spoken of at this very moment! 
    That is, WHAT does these words: "TRUMP SLAMS SENATORS: "YOU'RE AFRAID OF THE NRA"! have to DO WITH "Confiscation of not just Guns bur 'Weapons' BEFORE "DUE PROCESS OF LAW"!? 

    THIS "DOUBLE (subliminal) MESSAGE" tells me that Confusion and Smoke-screaning is involved here!  

    That is, WHICH "Message" will stick with you:  Trump "SLAMMING SENATORS" or Trump shooting the 2nd AND the 4TH Amendments in the Ass!   

    NONE of you OTHER "Thoughtful Conservatives" SEE THIS!    WTH!

  3. I cant stand Little Marco he is a traitor he was involved with McCain I don't trust him he is no different then the deep state I don't trust any of these fool hacks inside congress to write up any bill about guns none of them

  4. Maybe Hope Hicks is leaving because they caught her at something did you ever think of that, it seems the ones stepping down have to because they haven't been loyal to Trump there are so many traitors inside Washington

  5. What are you talking about with Hope Hicks. I do not believe with all the hell Trump is going through he would be that stupid to be with any woman, that is ridiculous Alex, spit it out what are you saying Alex.  you have been honest the whole way why are you saying this

  6. I don't think Hope and DJT is the thing – its her boyfriend that supposedly gave his x-wives black eyes. The left make things up and Hope did not need the crap with boyfriend then 9 hours of BS from the deep state. How much crap can anyone take?? boyfriend in the crapper then gilling from deep state. She gave enough, time to leave and move on.

  7. When will they adress fbi&cops basicslly letting events happen..florida guy able to buy guns…he said he would be proffesional school shooter annd held guns to peoples head…yet fbi knew did nothing…almost like every shooting .
    Are they letting this happen to push gun control agenda…as cops stood down…until another towns cops came and did their jobs…still sherrif isreal stood down

  8. We need a more patriotic and America First "minded" President than Trump in 2019. He is not focused on keeping his campaign promises. He is not improving America for his base voters. The wages and jobs are still favoring the globalist Owners like Trump and his globalist friends.

  9. We need gun a personal in play house shallow police put them here fight with big knife. And there said Obama wood not let them touch them broke everything here and stole thing and kill are puppy

  10. if president trump flips on second amendment there will be hell to pay. there are 350 million weapons in america. elites and communist and fascist who attempt to take americans second amendment will face a massive fight.

  11. What's the difference between Trump or Clinton? Absolutely Nothing. Clinton as POTUS would have been like ripping off band aid from a gaping gushing wound, while Trump is Chinese water torture slow drip drip drip. Both their administrations ultimately lead to same destination of total economic control subjugation enslavement of humanity via endless contrived wars for central banksters…total erosion of our freedoms and liberties…zero Constitutional Rule of Law…depopulating 5G RMF-EF Artificial Intelligence Transhumanistic Eugenics Cyborg world.

  12. I don't care who Trump sleeps with as long as the person is of legal, and consenting age. That is between him and his wife. They are probably drugging and blackmailing him anyway. Liberals passing laws taking away US citizen's God given rights with one hand, and then with the other laws allowing illegals the right to vote. Trump, do not betray your voter base

  13. There will be no gun laws passed. Trump told the ATFE to reclassify the weapons, magazines, accessories we already have. That means after midterm elections (after they're 'safe') our weapons will, overnight, become illegal without a word. They will not take them all at once but rather slowly house to house when a 'situation' arises. They will also just wait till you die, then confiscate them. It'll be illegal to pass them down to your kids. Parents don't teach their kids the reason we can get full auto 'pigs'. Red coats don't carry BB guns and they don't say please.


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