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  1. What is everyone gonna do when a emp hits north america and takes out the power grid, technology life will be gone!!! Seems like its almost a matter of time either by the sun, or a rogue nation, when u loose access to all the tech that'll be there little carrot dangling above you saying if u want ur tech back, do what we demand or else!!!

  2. Quinn maybe you should use open source OBS studio for your screen captures.
    Maybe you don't want to, but than the text is almost unreadable.
    But like always you are not only smart but also a funny dude.

  3. Didn't Syria have the most ancient of architecture & artifacts before the war & where many could actually walk & touch where many in the books of the Bible, Torah & Koran had been? I was going to travel there years ago but couldn't swing the time or funds.
    I think the rivers Jordan & Euphrates are important too. IDK why yet, my mind isn't running on all cylinders yet today. Something to do with fertile passages & Babylon?
    I guess it just blows my mind how so much of history in not only Syria, but Afghanistan & Iraq has been decimated & now, here in the States, many want to destroy statues or move them out of sight.
    Love your work Quinn & so happy your recovery has been going well. Wish I could say the same for myself & that I had the time to catch all of your episodes. Be well!

    Notes from the sidelines.
    Is #Tyler awake? Strong, machine learning, AI software robots are pattern recognition simulators.
    Illusions, delusions and allusions.
    The Snake Rope: Essential Buddhist Teaching in a Simple Story
    by Danial Chu
    The story of the snake rope beautifully serves to highlight the key concept of ignorance (avidya) within all the various sects of Buddhist thought.

    The lesson of the snake rope story is also meant to extend even further, to the deceptive idea that there is an “I”, the self, or the ego. …
    We mistakenly believe the self to be real, something separate from the world. In Buddhism one might say the ego or self is just as real a rope mistaken for a snake, and so we are trapped in a fearful illusion full of suffering and despair.
    One need only to examine the snake and see that it doesn’t truly exist after all, that it is an illusion caused by false perception. The same examination should be done with this concept that we are an ‘I’ or ego and in some way separate from the world. To a Buddhist, to wake up from the illusion of the ‘I’ and see that there is nothing to fear after all, and that all there is, is a world in a state transition, is a form of liberation. When we cease clinging to the idea of the self, then our suffering ceases as well.
    Everlasting Omnipresent Peace
    Praise And Thanksgiving 7
    You feel separate which brings all the trouble.
    Inquire inside and wake up from this dream!
    Let truth alone shine like a bright white beam!
    By inquiry, your illusions will break;
    You’ll stop mistaking the rope for a snake”
    Excerpt from a poem by Shamugam
    Everlasting Omnipresent Peace
    About Us
    Gradually, as we truly awaken, we see that the system of all
    systems is Maya, Your illusory energy. The illusory senses are
    controlled and the monkey mind, the instigator of the
    insanity of the senses, is calmed and dissolved.

    Our suffering is caused ultimately by our impurity of
    consciousness. We can emancipate ourselves from suffering by
    purifying our consciousness of anger, lust and greed. From
    these brigands arise illusion, madness, and envy. It is a
    process of cause and effect, or in the Ancient East we call it

    Thoughts are within consciousness. Feelings come out of
    thoughts. Willing arises from feelings. Doing comes from
    willing. Suffering comes to us as a consequence of our own
    wicked doing. The more our consciousness is impure, the
    more we do wicked, selfish deeds and fall deeper into Maya,
    Your illusory energy.
    The more our consciousness is purified of the contaminating
    influences of anger, lust, and greed, the more we are freed
    from Your illusory quagmire and covering of Maya. To the
    degree this is done, we exist in our original, pure nature of
    Omnipresent, Eternal Peace.
    Awakening to One
    The Illusion: Snake vs Rope
    Q. Master, the scriptures say that this world is an appearance. It is like seeing something which is not really there. They say it is like seeing the snake on a rope.
    A. That's old and incomplete.
    Q. What do you mean by that?
    A. Those were pointers, they were contemporary pointers dependent on their place and time. That's why if you get too hung up on the words, you will not get anything from it.
    Q. What would today's pointer be like?
    A. Look at this world as a virtual reality simulation. Not only is the snake and rope that are appearing not really there, the one that is seeing the snake and the rope is also not there!
    But don't get hung up on the words. Look to what they are pointing. They are always only pointing to what you really are. ALWAYS! WHY? BECAUSE THERE'S NOTHING ELSE!
    Who looks outside, dreams;
    Who looks inside, awakes.
    ~ Carl Jung

  5. #TeamTyler go go go
    #Tyler thank you for helping.!
    Quinn, AbleDanger is always talking about THE FEDERAL BRIDGE which was used to "take-over" the United States military to allow SERCO to instigate the attacks on the New York buildings, and the Pentagon on September 11th 2001.
    This FederalBridge is the secure Communication System which controls everything from the "Red Phone" on the President's desk to the Military Communications and the Atomic Clocks, which were needed to be usurped to allow for what AbleDanger calls "death-betting"…
    Maybe this is the "Bridge" your computer-bot is searching for.

    Great Video today Quinn.!

  6. you can't change the end of the world and watch out for Satan.Don't switch sides.My warning to you stay strong and these times.I have seen Satan while in the hospital. they were reading my mind,playing tricks on the TV. Hollywood was playing tricks on me army psych ops. the AI you talk to reads my head or its just a hallucination and i did not get the mark of the beast.

  7. The matrix screen .. Nice Addition .. The way the red is showing what is being monitored is cool , now the side boxes look Drab , may should be blue and green ? .. He He .. i find the circuit boards and their relationships to Bot performance a key factor .. Indra is such a Cool Idea ..Indra lives in Heaven (Non Materialistic Area).Kinda of a Heavenly Matrix ..We are kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place in this materialistic world we are live in .. He He . Thanks for the Share B Safe " Peace "

  8. Quinn you have been an intricate resource tool in the belt, thank you brother and you have a great purpose for humanity and GOD kept you here for a reason. We all have work to do.


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