Luis Elizondo, a former military intelligence official who ran the Pentagon’s secret UFO unit, says it is his personal view given all the evidence he’s seen that we may not be alone.



  1. This video just makes the Fermi paradox more confusing.

    What is science and technology? -It's understanding and manipulation of nature (in short).
    Should we expect them from other life in the galaxy? Absolutely. At least a small % of them.

    Well, humans exist for only about 200 000 years.
    -In the *last 7000 years*, we had more scientific and technological advancement then in the previous 193 000 years.
    -In the *last 500 years*, since the renaissance, more advancement has been made then in the previous 6500 years.
    -In the *last 150 years*, since the industrial revolution, more than in the previous 350 years.
    -In the last 50 years the same thing, with the Internet, electronics and whatever.
    -In the next 15 years we should expect incredible advancement, because it's becoming more and more automatized.
    So the conclusion is, the growth of science and technology is exponential -in the big picture. Instead of linear.
    Should we expect this from other life in the galaxy? Absolutely. At least a small % of them.

    So if we're *almost able to create self-replicating robots or organisms (like life is), and let them into space, and they multiply on their own… You know, If they just doubled every year, consuming matter or energy, they would be EVERYWHERE in the galaxy in as little as a 1000 years. And a 1000 is nothing compared to the time of the existence of the galaxy. So signs of other life should be everywhere. Not life, but signs of life. And they're not everywhere. We don't see any signs or life, officially.

    So, these are the options:
    1. This reality is a simulation within the "real" reality.
    2. There's something that destroys every civilization at some point, which is unavoidable.
    3. Earth is like a zoo, we're being manipulated and watched by aliens, our memory is erased etc.
    4. Earth is very very unique and special, and life is extremely rare in the universe.
    And a few others…

  2. Bottom line: if we were advanced enough to travel to other planets that's what we would be doing and that's exactly what they're doing because they are that advanced and they are exploring the universe just like we wish that we could

  3. I do know that we're not alone, and most likely we've been visited in the past and in the present. There is also a chance that ETs in the past may have helped in our evolution. It is a very compelling and interesting theory that is backed with scientific evidence particularly in the study of our DNA. HOWEVER, I am very much displeased and appalled looking at some of the aspects of the UFO community which consists of really stupid elements and some that are kind of sinister, which include right wing conspiracy theories and even some ting of racist theories that are embraced by white nationalists (ie the "tall whites, and that the Nordic people were the true natives of America theories etc). I even seen frightening white-washing of the Nazis, saying that they were not that bad because they had contacts with ETs and they gave us all this technology and that Hitler was right about the Aryan race (who came from Mars?). UFO guys, I wan to support you, and I could care less about being ridiculed by the likes of Nye or Neil Tyson, but as a non-white I am apprehensive about it.

  4. If I knew about a destructive race was getting closer to space travel, and knowing they possess weapons that can destroy a planet… I would use every means to ensure they can't threaten other planets. What do you think we would do if we found another planet rich in metals and minerals we value? We are a narsistic people who believe our way is the only way. We take and give reasons to do so. The universe got the message loud and clear when they seen the flash of nuclear explosions, over and over. Is anyone naive enough to think there isn't a police type existence to protect other planets from a race like us? We strip our only home of all its life and kill in the name of a god that doesn't approve of killing. We, unfortunately, are a psychotic race that is addicted to death and we are a scary people to start to populate other worlds to spread like a virus. We will most likely be spanked and policed like children until they see us change. We are the new kids and the elders are worried. Use your common sense and look past your inability to perceive reality for what it is. The only way they will deal with us is when we stop killing everything and advance to a higher place on the totem pole. Hell, we are still cavemen in comparison.

  5. Perhaps it's real or disinformation, who can say. There are indicators however to suggest UFOs are real and not of Earth. First their ability to traverse water and air easily, suggesting there may be a bubble of some kind around their ships in some way protecting them. This is what we'd expect an interstellar craft to have because of debris and other possible problems like micro meteorites in space. Having solved that problem it is clear they're designed to be used in space. Next we have reports they are telepathic, however anecdotal they might be. The reason this is so disturbing is I've developed a theory that only a species that is telepathic would be able to solve the problem of faster than light travel, etc. because their society would be completely different than ours and allow for a more unified goal such as that to be discovered. It's quite possible non telepathic species can't develop FTL because of how their society would be developed. Just a few things to think about

  6. Who ever said we are alone? CNN pushing everything from a "nothing evolved to fish that evolved to intelligent humanoids" perspective. We are not alone, God made other things, but I'm sure he didn't make other humanoids and let them contact us.

  7. I'am I the only one who is wondering: Why the hell is everyone else believing such an OBVIOUSLY BIG ASS OF A LIE !! The object they are "filming" looks 100% identical to the alien cartoons !! Please people, you have brains, so use them !!!

  8. This guys full of shit there’s nothing out there he’s just after a pay cheque those videos are a fake there’s nowt out there we would have known by now if there was. wake up get a job and live life as it’s too short to watch shit like this

  9. When people argue the existence of UFO's do they understand how fucking retarded they sound? UFO's EXIST!!! It is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object, which means we don't know or were unable to discern what exactly the object was, you can believe that there is no intelligent life out there if you want to but if your a rational person who understands the english language then there is no debating the fact that "unidentified flying objects" do exist.
    There have been sightings of "UFO's" all over the world for literally 1000's of years. Anything you see in the sky and are unsure as to what exactly it is, is a UFO, point blank period. This is in no way me saying that is direct proof of aliens, flying saucers or spaceships as that is yet to be determined, and regardless of my opinion on that topic I'm saying; "U.F.O.'s" exist. Ignorant people get lost in the semantics and associate talk of ufo's with flying saucers and whatnot. If we can determine that it is a spaceship or a flying saucer or fucking weather balloon then it is no longer a UFO !?!? There should be absolutely 0 argument about UFO's existing because they do. Extra-terrestrial life existing or not, on the other hand, is a whole different discussion of it's own.

  10. This video deserves wide spread coverage. If this isn’t proof of aliens being here then I don’t know what is.

    They’ve been here a long time.. you have to research into this and use your best judgement not just dismiss this type of stuff right away.

    It all started with President Truman

  11. Dutch newspapers reported that on August 7 1954 Captain Jan P. Boshoff (in the book his name was spelled Bos) of the SS Groote Beer, who was a very respected captain with 41 years of experience at sea, saw a strange, flat, “moonlike” object rise out of the ocean, eighty or ninety miles east of Cape Cod. Through binoculars, he saw clearly illuminated ports on the rim. The object then moved at a "fantastic" speed. In vertical motion and flew above the meridian. Disappeared in some clouds vanished at14.000km. Boshoff was not the only person. His crew and many passengers saw it. He even was on American TV when he docked. He said he never had seen such an event in his life.

    Book: UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973
    Author: Richard M. Dolan"Richard+M.+Dolan"&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjO_sv8taXZAhUBEVAKHV01CDoQ6AEIJDAA#v=onepage&q=Groote&f=false


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