Forget everything you think you know about the moon! The channel that brought you Sharknado has turned their sights to the stars for a two-hour documentary special, Aliens on the Moon: The…



  1. The only threat to humanity is the nut jobs in command of the military nasa included which is essentially military if they cannot tell the truth then let ET find us if they haven’t already to go looking could end humanity depending on what is found it’s not progress it’s someone’s delusional thought process to dominate other planets …at their and our peril plus we will never have the resources to continue the quest of a chosen few.

  2. What a load of bollox! If the the so called aliens have built all these fantasy "towers" and structures and are so sophisticated how come they ain't tried anything on us yet? What's the point of travelling light years to the moon and staying all quiet and mysterious.

  3. If you only knew, how humans have evolved over the years, you would be amazed. Hidden in plain sight. Goes all the way back to the Anunnaki humans the cradle of civilization, and Egypt. My family has been accused of being from another planet. what do you think?

  4. I'm "alien". Sooo…..confirmed!!! Was born on Krypton, sent here to this boring ass plain with stupid money and stupid politics and absolutely NO FREE STRIPPERS OR HASHISH ANYWHERE!!!!!!! WTF !!!!!!!!!!

  5. a bunch of quaka-diddle interpretations of so-called professionals of blurry images, some footage of terrestrial aircraft, add some eerie music, and there you have another worthless program like many others.

  6. Please leave these aliens in peace I believe in them and trust me. They mean you no harm they just come to earth to get things from our planet to help them. Please leave them in peace I beg of you. Even if they do go back to the Moon to continue there research the aliens won't hurt you there planets are dieing and they need things from our planet I'm not crazy or anything I'm just a TRUE BELIEVER!

  7. l 1947 Rosswell to present 2018 and we are still unable to completely diagnos the main propulstion system.almost 70 years why our government will not open these ships to our public thinkers allowing our smartest minds a crack at the greatest beyond the speed of light 100 times .We could, but for a few limited thinkers, Be traveling from and star to star interplanetary friendships could be forged right now . Instead of a population of CO2 inhailing, planet warming, Sending our greatest bears ever into extinction just for the sake of a few of our most greediest beings.just so that we can be ashamed of ourselves again.our slow prospects due to a few of us whos fear is so great that the rest of our population has to wait for those few timid souls ….whos fear of fgetting their big toes wet! Whos desendants put some of our greatest thinkers onto the hangmens gallows 200 years ago wiping out any and all big thinkers so that we could spend another 100 years gathering while other populations soured into the stars and worlds spoke their names in friendship trade was established and heavy yet stable elements were trfaded and those fellow travelers rigfht now fly deeper and deeper into virgin star nebulasa as we continue to die of cancer and musclar dystropy

  8. The aliens were running reforger back in west Germany , I have seen them, they were there, I am ex US Army infantry 3rd ID A co, 1/64 armor. They were climbing our tanks, this was 1981 and M1 was just introduced, absolutely new technology, a tank with jet engine and uranium depleted hull, at the time the tank was indestructible state of the art. Aliens were tall and you can only see them thru thermal sites, or thermal binaculars, they were green outlines , they kind of walked and floated, on to tanks, and did not talk, but I could understand their thoughts, it was very strange and upsetting, I was seriously scared. It looked like they were in charge and on some kind of look and see mission. I was only 19 years old kid, and that was way above my pay grade , I should have never seen that. They're way more advanced then us, I believe they start wars here, and give technology to warring sides, think about it, All the wars and bloodshed, just in the last 100 years. Hundreds of millions dead, there is still poverty , wars, mayhem and hunger, people are not capable of all that without outside help.

  9. If these aliens are for real I simply do not understand why governments want to keep that secret, because if or when they DO turn up here, it WILL be panic now, BECAUSE it has been denied so strenuously all these years, and honestly…..What's the point ?

  10. I think it's people from the future and/or the secret space program, allow me to elaborate.

    I'm just a guy, an amateur physics theorist, but still just a guy.

    True story,

    In 2007, I joined the Army and entered as a lithographer. Offset printing press operator. We printed leaflets and flyers for Psychological Operations. During basic training, I came up with an idea for time travel. My idea involves paired nuclear explosions to generate a wormhole. Simply put, you have an explosion here today now, and then you have another one exactly 365 days from now by sidereal time, the two explosions would be close enough to the same place physically that in essence, any craft in the middle of either would be in 2 places at once because the spacetime will have theoretically stretched between them, a temporary tear in space-time. So, during the course of the rest of my 9 week, basic training and 22 week advanced individual training, where I learned my job, I wrote 13 chapters of a 3 book SciFi series about the technology and theories of how to do this and survive the transit across a nuclear explosion and then submitted it to the library of Congress. One year later, I got a certificate saying that it was my work of art and then thought nothing of it. I was then stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina, and a year later, I was deployed to Qatar. While in Qatar, I came up with an idea to improve operations around the facility by (redacted lol)  A few weeks later, I was assigned to a rotating job that we all had to do. This job was to go down to the airport at Doha and pick up or drop off a VIP. While we were on the way to the fuel point to gas up, our Command Master Sergeant, who was assigned to be my superior on this mission turned to me and said in a conspiratorial voice, "Do you believe in aliens, do you believe in UFOs?"

    I told him that I thought that anything was possible and he told me in no uncertain terms, "No! They are us from the future. And by us, I mean humans."

    I replied with all the astonishment you would expect and said wow I just finished writing  13 chapters of a book all about time travel using nuclear explosions to generate wormholes! And then basically started blabbering about how my characters in my book did it. He interrupted me a third time and said "That's exactly how we do it."

    Unbelievable but true story. He could have been messing with my head. I may never know.

    The book is called "The world next door"

    My real name is Mike Bailey,2&Search_Arg=World next door&Search_Code=TALL&CNT=25&PID=azS5JmSKgiJcuLLRl6VKP4XNIT&SEQ=20180114121338&SID=1

    For quite a while, I have been watching and rewatching the videos linked below and wondering if it is a fake because his chest doesn't seem to move when he talks. Just a few months ago I realized, that his story about how he traveled through space and time actually makes sense if you consider my theory and that he would literally have to physically travel back to the place where the earth was in the age of 1940' nuclear testing as we swirl through this big, revolving spiral along the arm of the Milky Way. He would have to travel back to the same place where the nuclear test of choice was by retracing earth's orbital spin through time with a fair amount of precision in order to make the worm holes meet.

    EBE claims he is from the future part 1

    EBE claims he is from the future part 2

    Among other more therapeutic uses, scopolamine, the drug the interrogator threatens the "gray" with can be "Slipped into drinks, on food, or sprinkled on pieces of paper, it renders its victims so submissive that they have been known to empty their bank accounts and help thieves rob their homes, reported Vice News in the documentary "The Most Dangerous Drug in the World."

    FYI: the time travel tech in my book involves 3d printed Boron Nitride Nanocrystals made in modular panels and assembled in space on the far side of the moon. It is a hollow sphere with the inner lining consisting of photocells layered with thermocouples to generate electricity from the initial and then accelerating light and heat. And transfer that energy via superconducting conduits to superconducting electromagnets which push in and manage the blast itself. Each craft is that material and layer structure but reversed, meaning the electromagnets would repel the blast with a force equal and opposite to the energy generated by the flash/heat combined. The craft would need to be moving at the fastest velocity its occupants could handle and be as close to the initial blast as possible to minimize the time in direct contact with the blast.

    One side of the giant "Wormgate Sphere" can open and vector the nuclear blast and be used as propulsion for the craft for hunting historical nuclear blasts (as I just figured out) but my original reason for this design was to send these Wormgate Spheres at high velocities with a bang and propel them one after another while they are being built towards a destination star. They would stop by turning themselves around while at speed and detonate another nuke, and do so at evenly spaced intervals. Once all were in place, the first two would go off simultaneously, generating a wormhole between them by being at the same time but different places as opposed do the time travel sequence which is to go off at different times but in the same place. From there one could hop across the galaxy. I now wonder if one long wormhole could be generated by setting them ALL off simultaneously.

    And The plot thickens

    Mind you the people who made the second video below linking Back to the Future to Roswell still think these EBE's are strictly from other planets. I think it's a mix, a whole Hodge podge of various places these craft and "aliens" come from, including military such as the TR3B.

    Original story board for Back to the Future

    Connection between early nuclear testing and "aliens"

    The following is an excerpt from a conversation on a thread that I started on the second alien interview video above:

    "wadde faq: Don't u think they can lied to us? Unknowns being said he from future. And we just believed it. 😑 Even if the video true or not. And is it true, why he warned us (the video part 1) he try to change the timeline which will affected their existence (future).

    wadde faq, I see the point of your question, if he's lying and telling us that our world is going to end at a particular point in time, what would be his motivation? This is supposedly in the mid 1960s, and obviously, he is a different, species. He even admits that much in this video. It could be something that is known as predictive programming. Sometimes when you go as far as you can against something, then you end up making it happen… What happened after our first successful wartime atomic bomb drop? We went into an all out Cold War in which nuclear weapons were created by the thousands, enough, so that we could annihilate ourselves multiple times over. You have a good point.

    The more I think about it, wouldn't it be horrible to find out that this was a successful attempt for people from our distant and unsustainable disaster of a future or possibly a genetic dead end dystopia or both; to migrate their people to our past, (one happens to be damaged by the blast and crashes in Roswell, is swept up by the Army and Psyops), and then are hidden in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) until our arms buildup blows up on us (literally) and then they come up and rebuild and take over…"

    I think it could actually be a conflict between two factions, one that wants to replace humanity and one that wants disclosure.

    Lastly, if the “gray” interrogation is fake, which it probably is, the information could be real and be a psy-op to make anyone with a crazy story like mine look foolish.


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