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  1. Did you people ever notice the charity places along with churches don't actually help those in need with REAL help ? Along with places that are to help those who can't drive or have low income ?.. These fake people aka PSYCHOPATHS get a pay check each week and will make a person struggle even more causing MORE STRESS to go on a nature hunt to look for help and have forms signed before they give you any type of benefits . They don't even help you fill them out either . Because they know people who really need it are slow and ILLITERATE . Proving they are taking advantages of people who have learning difficulties , the handicap and the mentally retarded and using them as pawn to get paid even be their slave .While they will drive their asses to work just to sit at a desk playing on the computer, SPYING on people , Stuffing their face , picking up the phones, take your forms and tell you what you are to do next . Pretty much ordering you around with THREATS.. Please explain how the freak you call that real help ? While you have people who can drive and live a stress free life having no problem getting all these funding's and donations from these charity programs ? Please explain how they are actually helping those who are in need If a real poor person who never had their licence before and can't drive or hardly has any money to get around ? They will even report it on the news how people are sleeping in the car and refuse to seek help , where you have these ACTORS trying to get you to care for them instead and saying , AWWW I feel bad for him or her .Yet don't give a shit about a person who CAN'T drive ? .. It is like you are all selfish , BLIND or should I say evil to take advantage of the slow and that is why Karma is kicking you all in the ASS where you are falling in DEBT with your religion aka traditions?


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